open your own nanny agency

Learn How to Start Your Own Nanny Agency and Whether it is the Right Fit for You.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who enjoys working with children, and also their parents – helping them navigate the challenges of parenthood. The individual looking to start a nanny agency should also enjoy working online, conducting research. In addition, those who enjoy connecting and interacting with people will find this type of work enjoyable and rewarding.

Through our experience over the years, we have amassed a wealth of necessary and useful information on this subject to help you succeed professionally. Taking this course could save you an enormous amount of time, effort, and money as you learn that knowing what not to do can be as valuable as knowing what you should do.

Join our new online course covering everything you need to know to establish a profitable and successful agency, including

  • Choosing a business name
  • Planning a business model and setting fees
  • Making a business plan
  • Branding your business
  • Creating a website for your business
  • Your legal responsibilities and following the rules and regulations
  • Finance to get started
  • Setup costs / Insurance
  • Recruiting and interviewing nannies
  • Acquiring clients

This is a one-day online course.

To register for a course, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time.

Based in London, our governess & nanny agency is personally owned and managed, and we are totally committed to the satisfaction of the families we serve.

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