open your own nanny agency

We are now offering the following course online:

Welcome to London Governess’s Nanny Agency course. This course will give you all the insights into setting up your own nanny agency. We’ll cover everything from finding clients and nannies, all the way through to details such as the right images to use on your website. The course is in three parts.

£500one and half hour session

Topics covered on the course:

The first part covers what will be at the core of your business – your website, your target market, your brand, and your business plan.

The second part covers the things that are going to keep you busy on a day-to-day basis: recruiting and interviewing nannies, checking their details, agency fees, your daily activities, legal responsibilities, and marketing your business. 

The third section looks at clients, this is where your income will come from. We look at how to communicate with them and to learn what they really want. It discusses salaries and other benefits for nannies and also covers working contracts between the clients and the nannies you supply them with. In this part we also look at trial periods for nannies because not all clients are ready to hire someone on the basis of only an interview.

All the information has been compiled from our years in this business. We never had a guiding hand and had to learn everything by trial and error. We’ve thought long and hard about what to include and have anticipated what questions you might have; the intention is to give you absolutely everything.

    Please complete this form and we will contact you to discuss your individual requirements. We will then provide a selection of top quality candidates to choose from, and discuss with you your preferred interview arrangements.

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