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Due to popular demand we are now offering Skype courses, for those who wish to attend our courses but who cannot be there in person. The online courses are exactly the same as the face to face courses, you have the opportunity to ask questions and candidates receive certificate following the course. All courses include practical session and can be arranged at times to suits you.

We are offering the following courses online:

British Etiquette and Modern Manners, the course to help you feel more at ease socially and in a business environment

£200 – 3 hours of general etiquette workshop

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Our Etiquette Training Course is ideally suited to those wishing to learn more about British culture, manners, rules and customs. With our relaxed introduction to British manners and protocol, you will learn how to meet and greet people appropriately on different occasions, how to entertain and be entertained, how to dress correctly, and how to deal with common social situations with ease.

Our etiquette training is perfect for anyone who would like to improve their social skills and confidence.

Good manners and following the correct protocol are important in British society, but can often be confusing for those unfamiliar with British etiquette.

Course content:

Etiquette Course London
  • Introduction to British Etiquette
  • Social Graces, introductions and conversation
  • Social Etiquette
  • Correspondence, invitations, writing letters and stationery
  • The Season (Important British social events)
  • Dress codes and types of dress
  • Black Tie, White Tie, Morning Dress
  • Highland
  • Lounge Suits and Smart Casual
  • Hats and when to wear them
  • Country Wear
  • Formal Dinners and Events
  • Dining and Table Manners
  • Formal and Informal table settings
  • Flower arranging and candles
  • Being a host & guest

The course takes place at a central London location and is run in small, informal groups. It is perfect for overseas clients who want to gain awareness of British culture, manners and etiquette and will benefit anyone who wants to improve their social skills and confidence.

Our courses are available in the UK and overseas to adult individuals or groups. Suited to anyone who wishes to improve their social and business skills and can be adapted to individual requirements. Courses can run from three hours to three days. The longer courses include a number of experiences, such as afternoon tea at a central London hotel, to really enjoy this quintessential British experience.

Candidates will be provided with a certificate and book on British etiquette on completion of the course.

Our trainer has taught clients all over the world and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses.

We offer private and group tuition both in the UK and abroad.

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