Sizes of A Baby During Pregnancy

The journey of a pregnant woman is an overwhelming one. It is quite an awesome experience whether it is for a new mother or one with several other kids. It is always great welcoming a new being into your life, and the feeling that a new life is growing in you is invaluable.

Most women would want to walk the journey with the bump growing inside them. Thus, a step by step outline of the sizes of a baby during pregnancy will greatly help. Read through and walk into the pregnancy adventure step-by-step as you gather more insight into the baby’s development using our amazing fetus-to-fruit comparison.

Baby Size: Week Four

At week four, the fertilized egg is a ball of 32 cells that are the size of poppy seeds. The pregnancy may be detectable by a home pregnancy kit.

Baby Size: Week Six

The little bump is now tripling in size. It is protected by amniotic fluid and has now grown to the size of pomegranate seeds.

Week Eight

The baby at week eight is really growing. It is now slightly over half an inch long. The size is of a kidney bean now. The baby is constantly moving and shifting.

Week 10

Week ten knocks and the baby is now about the size of a kumquat. The baby can now spread its spine. The eyes and eyelids are more developed. Eyebrows start growing too.

Week 12

Now the baby is almost three inches from head to bottom. The size is of a plum now, and the fingernails, bones, and toenails are beginning to form. A fine layer of hair begins covering most of the body.

Week 14

You’re now entering your second trimester, and the baby is the size of a peach. All the internal organs start forming.

Week 16

At week 16, it sounds amazing now. The baby is now the size of an avocado. They can now make a fist and suck a thumb.

Week 18

At week 18, the baby is really growing. It is now about the size of a big sweet potato. Their tiny fingers are developing fingerprints.

Week 20

Week 20 comes, and the baby hits about 6.46 inches. They are now the size of a banana and may have thin eyebrows. Some hair is also sprouting on their head.

Week 22

Papaya is big, right? That is the size of your baby at around day 150. The lungs are now developing rapidly and beginning to make a protein referred to as a surfactant. The protein helps the baby breathe independently once they are born.

Week 24

We are in week 24, and the baby is as long as an ear of corn. The nostrils start opening to help the baby start practicing to breath. As they go through the motions of real breathing, however, they will be inhaling the amniotic fluid instead of air.

Week 26

Are we in week 26 already? Yes, and the baby is now almost the size of a zucchini. The eyelashes and eyebrows are well-defined. The baby is also featuring some hair on their head.

Week 28

You love Japanese pumpkins, right? Rush to the market and buy one and that’ll be the resemblance of your baby’s size in the womb. Their eyes are now trying to open and blink.

Week 30

At week 30, the baby is almost the size of a large cabbage. They have already developed sleeping and waking cycles. The baby may also give you a kick after a cycle of 30 to 90 minutes to announce their waking up.

Week 32

The baby is now taking up more space. They are probably weighing around 3 ¾ pounds with about 16 ¾. It is the size of a Napa cabbage or jicama.

Week 34

The melon-sized munchkin is now weighing 4 ¾ pounds. They are about 18 inches from head to heel. The bones at this stage are fully developed, the baby can turn their head, pirouette, and move the body from side to side.

Week 36

Welcome week 36 and the baby is now big. They are the size of a head of the romaine lettuce. The wrinkly suit of skin begins falling out, and the baby starts getting plumper.

Week 38

It’s week 38 now. The baby is probably measuring 19.61 inches and is the length of a stalk of rhubarb. The brain is now forming some connections. The connections are responsible for the swallowing and better sleeping once they are born.

Week 39

At week 39, the baby is weighing as much as a small pumpkin. They have now shed most of the creamy white vernix as well as the fur-like hair known as lanugo.

Weeks 40-42

Hurray! You’re almost through with the wait. The wait has been worth it as the baby is now almost watermelon-size. Around this time is when you expect to welcome the bundle of joy.


The journey of nurturing a soul inside your womb is wonderful. It is full of variations in moods, emotions, feelings, and even bodily changes, apart from the size which is obviously meant to change. With the idea of what is happening inside you now, you can walk the journey with a big smile all through.