The Advantages of Hiring Male Nanny (Manny) in London

Since a rather iconic episode of Friends, in which Ross and Rachel hired a male nanny, the name “manny” was born. More and more men are choosing to dedicate their career to childcare, and this is a wonderful progression in general.

Despite that, it is still quite common for parents to look towards a female caregiver when interviewing potential candidates for the job. If you’ve been thinking about the possibility of hiring a male nanny instead, then there are many advantages of haring a male nanny (manny) in London in particular, and we’re going to explore some of those in a short while.

First however, we need to point out that the person who gets the job as your child’s nanny should simply be the person with the best qualifications, the most relevant experience, and the person who you “click” with instantly. Whether this person is male or female shouldn’t really come into the equation, but it is also important to go with who you’re comfortable with, and who you know your child is going to click and trust the best.

The interview process should, therefore, be the same regardless of whether you are interviewing a male or a female for the role of nanny for your child.

The London area is packed with different childcare opportunities, and mannies are certainly on the rise. We’ve already mentioned that this is a great thing in terms of progression and gender equality and recondition, but what are the actual advantage of hiring a male nanny (manny) in London for you and your child?

The Advantages of Hiring a Male Nanny in London

Every family is different and that means that every child will trust a specific person and probably not another. Maybe your child is someone who trusts men or clicks with male figures in their lives better than females, or vice versa. If that is the case, then opting for a male nanny in the London area is a great way to ensure their comfort and also to encourage them to continue on with their development, without hinderance or having to get used to a different dynamic that they aren’t comfortable with at first.

A manny is good way to give your child a consistent male presence in their life. If you are a single parents, perhaps a single mother and your child’s father isn’t on the scene, then whilst a manny is never going to replace that bond, having a male role model in their lives could what they need to provide that sense of balance that they may otherwise be missing out on. That’s not to say that every child needs a male presence in their lives, but if you feel that your child does, a male nanny is a great way to tick that box, in a way which provides consistent and high quality childcare, and a person you can trust.

If your child already has a male presence in their lives, e.g. their father, step father, other family member or close friend, hiring a male nanny could be a great way to provide them with a pseudo-older brother figure. This is particularly useful if your child is male, and they don’t have an older brother to look up to and guide them through life. Again, this isn’t something which all children need, but it could be something to think about if your child seems to need that older brother figure in their lives. It’s a truth that boys tend to open up and relate far better to men, especially those who are there to care for them and act as a mentor in many ways. In this case, your son is far more likely to listen to the male nanny and not “act up” or protest when they are asked to do something they don’t really like. Again, that’s not to say that every male child is going to relate better to a man, some prefer a female figure, but that’s something you will understand from knowing your child best.

Another possible reason for hiring a male nanny in London is that most mannies tend to be more active in the activities they plan. Without wanting to offend or generalise, most men are able to play rough active games without struggle, and this might be something that your child needs. By doing this, your child will be exhausted by the time they go to bed, giving them the exercise and running off of steam that is required for them to rest and get the active workout they need to maintain their weight, and perhaps run off extra energy they may have pent up inside.

It’s very important to ensure that your child gets enough exercise, especially as we live in times when child obesity is on the rise. Without that in mind, a more active lifestyle is a great choice, and something your male nanny may be able to provide.

The debate over whether a child is safer with a male nanny than a female one is not something we’re going to touch upon too much. Female nannies are more than capable of keeping your child safe, and just because a Manny is therefore male, doesn’t make them a greater protector of your child’s safety and welfare. What we will say however, is that men tend to be natural protectors and if that helps to make you feel more at ease when you’re not with your child, that’s an advantage of hiring a male nanny in London for you.

We’ve covered a lot of ground there, so let’s sum up quickly the main advantages of hiring a male nanny (manny) in London:

  • Provides balance for your child in terms of a male presence in their life
  • Can act as an older brother figure for boys who may be lacking this and need it
  • The possibility that a male nanny is more active in terms of activities, which is great for health and wellbeing, as well as keeping weight in check
  • You may personally feel more at ease knowing that your child is looked after by a man, but this is a personal thing which will vary from family to family

Knocking Down Childcare Stereotypes

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to hire a male nanny is that you are battling against stereotypes and you’re also showing your child that any gender can do any job. This is a great way to develop your child in an open minded way and knock down walls which have been built up over generations.

For many years, childcare was a typically female role, whilst men were encouraged to do more hands on, practical jobs. As times have developed and changed, we’re encouraged to simply do whatever job we feel we are suited to. Many men have naturally nurturing and protective natures and this lends itself wonderfully well to the nanny role. By hiring a male nanny you are therefore allowing your child to see first hand that these gender stereotypes are extremely outdated, and that they can also do whatever job they want to do when they’re older, and that they don’t need to do something simply because society tells them they have to. That is probably one of the biggest lessons you can teach your child, and you’re able to do that first hand by hiring a male nanny.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a male nanny (manny) really shouldn’t be a contentious subject or something we need to talk about in terms of advantages versus disadvantages, but unfortunately we aren’t quite yet at the total acceptance state we need to be in this day and age. We are getting there slowly however.

A few years ago there was the same debate over male nurses and male midwives and these are now completely accepted into society and excelling at their roles. It is hoped that male nannies will also be equally mainstream in the very near future.

Whether you feel your child is better suited to a male caregiver or a female is a personal choice and one which you need to weigh up carefully. If you still feel that your child is better suited to a female nanny then that’s entirely fine and you’re not shunning progression in any way! You’re simply hiring the person who your child clicks with best. If however that person is male, then why not go ahead and hire a manny?

There are many male nannies across the country, especially in the London area, and that means a range of personalities and skills to interview and choose from. By identifying which nanny suits your child best, you’re giving them the best person to help them to develop into the young adults they’re soon to be become, keeping your mind at ease whilst you’re away from your children, perhaps at work.

Whichever option you go for, always put experience, qualifications, skills, and personalities first, regardless of their gender.

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