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The Best London Playgrounds For Kids

The Best London Playgrounds For Kids

London with kids is totally do-able in fact, it’s a very big do indeed! There are many things to do for all the family, and not all of them have to cost the Earth. Of course, there are activities which can be costly, such as the London Eye or the London Dungeon, but there are equally as many which are low cost, or even free.

London is packed with huge open spaces, which is very surprising for those who don’t know much about the city. We’ve all heard of Hyde Park, but there are countless more besides, including many adventures playgrounds and regular playgrounds for kids to run off some steam, before continuing with a day of sightseeing and general merriment.

London’s huge range of activities means there are plenty of places to visit if you’re heading to the capital for a weekend, or perhaps even longer. There’s no denying however that London is a tiring city, so it’s certainly worth factoring in some relaxation time – what better way to do that than let your kids run around a playground for an hour or two, whilst you sit back and soak up the sun (hopefully). If you’re travelling with your nanny, you can rest assured that your child is safe and looked after whilst you’re chilling out, and if you don’t have a nanny, perhaps this is a good nudge towards trying it out for yourself? Our nannies have years of experience, leaving you with a total amount of peace of mind.

Many of London’s playgrounds are large affairs, and many are accessible for children with disabilities too. From high ropes to tunnels and climbing frames, the imaginative play opportunities are endless. A good travel tip to bear in mind however – check opening times before you head off, as some playgrounds may be seasonal (e.g. open in summer holidays), or may have different opening times during the regular school holidays. Certain playgrounds don’t allow adults to enter into the play area also, or require an adult to be accompanied by a child in order to enter.

So, let’s check out some of the best playgrounds London has to offer.

Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill

One of the most famous parks in all of London, Regents Park is large, at 410 acres, and has been open since 1811! There is plenty to see and do here, as well as a large rose garden, an outdoor sports area, a boating lake, and it even houses London Zoo. As you venture further into the park you will come across Primrose Hill, with stunning views, and a very large playground for your kids to enjoy. There are several cafes, so you don’t have to worry about food and drink.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

Built in memorial of the late Princess Diana, this large playground is fantastic fun for your little ones, and will give them hours of entertainment. Set in Kensington Gardens, shaded by the trees, the playground takes its inspiration from Peter Pan, and it has a huge pirate ship, supposedly belonging to Captain Hook! There is a beach section, many sculptures, and teepees set up around the playground, and the overall feel is imaginative and fun.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is large and sprawling, and encompasses Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, which is a definite must visit for the small and big kids alike! Located in the south of the city, the park has a riverside promenade which you can have a wander along and enjoy, as well as fountains, boat rental on the lake, and the Peace Pagoda. The zoo itself features several play areas and playgrounds for the kids to run off their steam. Your nanny can take over supervision duties, whilst you venture off to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake!

Greenwich Park

You can educate your little ones with some history at Greenwich Park, as this is the oldest Royal Park in the city, and standing at 183 acres. The park has a small herd of deer as its inhabitants and sits on top of a hill, so you get stunning views across the centre of the capital. Let your kids spot the landmarks in the distance!

The Prime Meridian Line runs through the park, which is another educational spot for your kids to pay attention to, as well as the Royal Observatory. Within the park is a large adventure playground for your kids to enjoy, and several cafes, for mid-afternoon snacks and drinks.

Holland Park

If your kids love wildlife then Holland Park is a great spot to visit, and right in the heart of Central London too! You’ll find large woodlands with many types of birds, insects and different mammals for your children to try and spot and learn about, and you might even see a shy peacock running around! There is a Japanese garden to visit, as well as sports courts, and of course, a large playground for the kids to spend an hour or so enjoying.

These are just a selection of the best playgrounds in London. Most of these parks are also very central, and even the south London choices are only a Tube ride away! Your kids will love running around in the open spaces, meeting other children, and basically having a great time, whilst you take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment. There are several other parks of note too, and it is impossible to list them all! Check out James Park and Victoria Park if you are staying close to either one, as these also have large playgrounds and recreational facilities to enjoy.