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Things to Do in London With Pre School Children

Spending precious time with your young or pre-school kids is one of the most awesome things for a parent. Probably you have been away from home for some time, and now you’re back missing them badly. The best idea would be to take them out and enjoy the day or weekend with them around London.

Apart from making them feel the warmth and love brought by their patents, spending time with them out will strengthen your bond. It will also make you appreciate their presence in your life – not that you weren’t doing it when you went to work away from home, but since it will be in a special way.

So, what are the top-most amazing things to do with your kids in London? Read through the post.

  1. Top Play Fountains for Kids

London offers several play fountains. You can start their day by making splashes in the 1080 fountains found at the Granary Square. This is an attractive courtyard found in King’s Cross.

Alternatively, you can take them for a refreshing dip in another famous fountain. This is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain located in Kensington Gardens.

Lastly, the kids can enjoy cooling off in or around the fountains of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The park is near ArcelorMittal Orbit and would thrill the kids too.

  1. Museums for the Kids

After they get enough of the fountains, the Planetarium Astronomy Centre will be waiting for them. You can visit the Royal Observatory Greenwich and let them enjoy the thrill of touching the four-and-a-half-billion-year meteorite.

The kids would also be wowed by the ground-shaking sensation of earthquakes at the Natural History Museum.

Better yet, they can spend the day at the Science Museum and ogle at the Command Module of Apollo 10. This spacecraft went around the moon in 1969 and had remained to be a tourist attraction up to date.

  1. Free Things to Enjoy with The Kids

If the kids are looking for something different, walk them along the London streets. They can pass by the Covent Garden and have a moment enjoying the street entertainers do their thing.

How about you take them to the National Army Museum? Here, they can practise assembling assault rifles and play as soldiers around the museum for free.

After that, all of you can take a journey through the history of London. London’s past is held at the Museum of London, and if they are curious enough, they might find the past thrilling about their city.

  1. Travel with Them Around

If you prefer travelling around the city, you can soar above the river Thames in the Emirates Air Line cable car. The soaring makes it amazingly easy to enjoy the great views of London at heights.

There is also a driverless Docklands Light railway. You and the kids can sit at the front and let them mock driving the train in turns. You won’t be surprised you have a train attendant or a motorman in the making among the children.

Also, you can climb the classic Concorde and let the kids enjoy a virtual flight. This is at the Brooklands Museum.

Lastly, have the kids rest their feet aboard a hop and hop off bus tour. They can in the process enjoy an eyeful of the city’s top attractions.

  1. Movie Experiences and Film Locations

With a guide to Harry Potter’s London, you can let the kids explore what they have been watching or reading about. They can visit the locations depicted in the Harry Potter books and films with the guide.

Also, you can as a team explore some of the capital’s top film locations. Get to enjoy the world’s most immersive film and movie experience with the kids at the Science Museum’s IMAX 3D cinema, or check out Shrek’s Adventure London! The latter is an indoor walk-and-ride tourist attraction drawing its inspiration from the hit film.


There are more than 101 activities that you can take part in, either with your kids or let them do them as you watch. They are fun-filled with an assurance of blowing your kids’ minds off. The next time they are home for the school holidays, and they demand to take a tour of London, you know what to go for. Go for it and make your people happy and thrilled.