Top Nurseries in Central London

If you want to give your child the very best start in their education, it’s important to begin as soon as possible. That means choosing the best nursery for them to attend. 

The fact is, there are countless nurseries in Central London, but there are some which are better than others in terms of performance and how they teach your child. Once upon a time, you could venture into a nursery and fill out some forms, and boom! Your child would start their first day the following Monday. Those days are gone. 

These days, you’ll need to fill out plenty of paperwork and probably have to sit in a waiting list. Then, there will probably be an interview to attend. So, it’s best to be aware of what to expect beforehand.

If you’re unsure of where to start looking for your child’s first venture into early years education, let’s check out the best nurseries in the Central London area. Our nannies can also contribute to the selection process

Chelsea Pre-Prep Nursery, Park Walk, SW10

Chelsea Pre-Prep Nursery is one of the most popular nurseries in London and has achieved an outstanding rating by Ofsted on a continual basis. A new sister nursery has also recently opened, called Kingsland Pre-Prep, with the same high level of early education. 

The nursery has some of the best facilities in the city and the huge play area outdoors is perfect for helping your child to not only run off some steam before they return home, but to explore active play too. 

The Kensington Kindergarten, Kensington 

Another of London’s best nurseries is without a doubt The Kensington Kindergarten. Accepting children from the age of 2, this nursery is large and bright, while also achieving high levels in Ofsted. Rather than focusing upon learning for the sake of it, this nursery aims to build a love of learning with your child, so that when they move on with their eduction, they’re best placed to succeed and fulfil their potential. 

The Butterfly Preschool, Wimbledon & Clapham 

The Butterfly Preschool is a seriously in demand nursery, probably because it was featured in Tatler in 2019! There are two sites for this preschool, one located in Wimbledon and another in Clapham and they accept children from 2 years upwards. This nursery is Ousted approved and is one of the leading nurseries in the area. 

The huge outdoor play area helps to stimulate imagination and play, while staff are focused upon helping to set your children up to reach their early years learning goals from the very start of their education. 

Gardens Montessori, Iverna Gardens 

Out of all the Montessori schools you’ll find in the capital, Gardens Montessori is often regarded as one of the best around. Dating back to 1989, the nursery is family-run and set in beautiful surroundings. Of course, the Montessori focus is to help your children turn into independent and confident adults, with a focus on enjoyment of learning. 

This nursery also has many extracurricular activities to enjoy, as well as holiday camps too.

Miss Delaney’s, Walmer Road, W11

Miss Delaney’s is an exclusive and very popular nursery which has grown in popularity over recent years. Located in a spacious house with a private garden, the nursery is modern yet has a cosy feel that your children will be extremely comfortable in. 

Nursery sessions are split into two sections throughout the day – mornings and afternoons, and each covers a range of learning areas. Music, computers, nature, arts and crafts, cooking imaginary play, the list goes on. Miss Delaney’s aims to give children the very best start to their early years education and accepts children from 2 years of age. 

The Maggie & Rose Nursery, Chiswick, Islington, Kensington

The Maggie & Rose Nursery has three separate locations and all are extremely popular. Focused upon learning by doing, their Cook and Count classes are some of the most enjoyable around. Basically, your child will learn how to count by cooking delicious snacks! This alternative approach aims to show your child how enjoyable learning can be and how you can connect basic skills, such as maths, into every day activities. 

Each location has a different theme also. For instance, the Chiswick version is themed like a village and the Islington location has a huge soft play section for children to enjoy. 

The Redcliffe Pre-Preparatory School, Redcliffe Gardens, SW10

This private nursery is one of the most sought-after in the SW10 area and it constantly performs in Ofsted ratings. The nursery itself is modern and innovative with a huge outside play area and a large climbing wall. Classrooms cater to different subjects, including dance, drama, and sports, to name just a few. 

This particular nursery has small class numbers, which allows teachers to dedicate more time to individual children. There are also several extra-curricular opportunities which children and even their parents can sign up to. 

Phileas Fox Nursery School, Maida Vale

For parents who are keen for their child to learn languages, the Phileas Fox Nursery School is a great choice and also a very popular one indeed. This is multi-lingual nursery that, although teaching in English, helps children to start learning Russian, Chinese, or French. They will also learn about the cultures in those countries and their traditions too.

The earlier a child starts to learn a new language, the easier it is, and that is the view of this particular nursery school. With the world opening up and more need to speak a second language than ever before, sending your child to this nursery school could just se them up for life. 

The London Acorn School, Morden Hall Park, SM4

Many nurseries in London accept children from 2 years of age, but The London Acorn School will accept children as young as 6 months old. That means you’ll need to register before your child is born. Located in a huge amount of parkland, this school many seem small but it packs a punch in terms of quality and popularity. 

Taking a slightly alternative approach to early years education, the school is located in a cottage and places great importance upon nature, curiosity, and encouraging creativity and  independence.  

Pangbourne House Nursery, Pangbourne Avenue, W10

Accepting children from 2.5 years’ old, Pangbourne House Nursery has been awarded the outstanding rating from Ofsted several times, which reflects its quality and focus upon the best early education for your child. 

Pangbourne House Nursery view each child as an individual and accept that no one child ever learns the same as another. That helps to bring out the best in every student and builds confidence before moving into their full education. This is a Montessori school and as such, is a popular option for parents in the Central London area. 

Miss Daisy’s Nursery, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park, Brook Green, Chelsea, and Belgravia

With locations across Central London, Miss Daisy’s Nursery somehow manages to maintain a small town feel, right in the heart of a very busy metropolis. This helps your child to focus, relax, and enjoy learning through play. 

Miss Daisy’s Nursery are famed for their desire to help children learn and grow into independent, caring, empathetic, and happy adults, always remembering manners along the way. 

Little Forest Folk, Wimbledon

If your little one has a love of nature and the Great Outdoors, this is a fantastic choice of nursery for them. It even comes highly rated by Sir David Attenborough itself! 

With several locations across Central London, including Wimbledon, Twickenham and Wandsworth, this nursery is focused upon learning through doing, and spending plenty of time outside – all classes are held outdoors, unless the weather intervenes. 

Marmalade Schools – Four London Locations

If you’re looking for outstanding Ofsted nurseries in London, then the four Marmalade schools should be on your shortlist. The nurseries all have different names including Marmalade Bear, Marmalade Owl, Marmalade Cat, and Marmalade Caterpillar and all will help your child to develop their essential skills before taking the leap into full education.

Children attending these nurseries can learn all manner of subjects and skills, including French language, yoga, and music. Accepting children from 2 years of age, Marmalade Schools are particularly good choices for children with disabilities – the headteacher has a degree in special needs and many years of experience. 

Ready Steady Go Nurseries – St John’s Wood, Primrose Hill, Fitzroy Road

With three separate nurseries across Central London, the Ready Steady Go group has consistently received the outstanding rating from Ofsted. Each location caters to slightly different needs. For example, the nursery on Fitzroy Road is ideal for mornings only options and it is open just three days out of the week. The Primrose Hill nursery is available from 3-5 years of age and is open all week, with a huge outdoor play space for children to enjoy.

The St John’s Wood nursery is available for 2-5 year olds and has both part time and full time sessions available. 
These are all extremely popular nurseries so pre-registration is advisable to avoid disappointment.   Our highly qualified governess can contribute to overall process