Travel With Children – How a Travel Nanny Could Help

Travel With Children – How a Travel Nanny Could Help

Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, taking the kids away with you can be stressful. Of course, on the flipside, travel with children can also be an enriching and fun experiences, provided you’re organised, and you have enough pairs of hands on the job!

If you regularly travel with your children, have you ever thought about hiring a nanny to take the trip with you?

Before you cast the idea aside, think about it rationally. Whenever your child has a tantrum, and you’re in the middle of an urgent business call, your nanny could take over and calm the waters. If you’re off on a family holiday, and perhaps you and your partner are celebrating a special occasion at the same time, your nanny could babysit for the evening, leaving the two of you to head off and enjoy some child-free time.

There are many plus points to having a nanny travel with you, not least lowering the stress levels! Here are a few tips on why having a nanny travelling alongside you, is a great idea.

An Extra Pair of Eyes

Whether you have one child or seven, there are never enough pairs of eyes to take care for those mischievous little ones! Being in new surroundings can unsettle children, and even though they’re excited and ready to head off and have new, fun experiences, this can cause overtiredness and mischief. You only have one pair of hands and one pair of eyes, so the extra safety measures involved when hiring childcare help on the road, in the form of your nanny, is a great help indeed.

You Get a Little Time Off

We gave the example earlier of a business trip or a family holiday trip, but either way, having your nanny on board gives you a little time off from mum or dad duties. If you want a night out with your partner, you can do that without guilt or worry, and if you need to head off to a business meeting, you can concentrate totally on what you need to concentrate on, without having half of your mind somewhere else, wondering what the kids are up to.

Your Child May Settle Better

Your child needs as many constants as possible when they are away from their regular and familiar surroundings. Having you there is one constant, but having their trusted nanny there as well is another bonus. This will hopefully cut down on those temper tantrums, will help your child sleep better at night, which cuts out overtiredness, and basically makes everything easier all around.

Ideal if You Have More Than One Child

If you have more than one child and they are quite different ages, having your nanny there is a good go-to. This means that you can adapt the activities you do to their particular ages and interests, without having one child having to do something they don’t really want to, because another one wants to do something different! Fr instance, if you have an older child and a toddler, you can take the older child to the museum they want to go to, whilst your nanny can take the toddler to the park or playground. Then, you can swap the following day, so you get to spend quality holiday time with every one of your children.

A Safer Option

We mentioned having an extra pair of eyes is always a good idea in the face of mischief, when away from familiar surroundings, but overall this is a major safety boost and a lot of peace of mind coming your way. Whether you’re trying to take care of just one child or more, it’s difficult when you’re not familiar where you are, perhaps you’re in a country that doesn’t speak the same language as you, with slightly different rules. For that reason, having your nanny by your side should help you feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and overall that means everyone will have a better time as a result.  

Overall, travel with children should be something you hold dear to you. This is when memories are born, things you will keep with you forever, and travel overall is a fantastic way to breed well-rounded and open-minded children. Allowing your children to experience new cultures, to learn that every single person on the planet is different, can believe different things, speak a different language, and like different things, yet live together side by side, peacefully, is a lesson that is truly invaluable. There is probably no greater lesson.

Avoiding travel because of the stress is a huge mistake, but it is one which is quite understandable when you put into perspective the safety issues, the stress, and the worry that goes alongside it. By travelling with your nanny, you can help alleviate a lot of that stress, whilst boosting safety, and overall enjoyment. Many nannies are used to travelling with families in the past, and here at London Governess, we have a large number of nannies on our books who are able to travel with you.

Just because your nanny is with you, that doesn’t mean it takes away any of the personal time you will share with your children, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t make those special memories. Your nanny doesn’t have to be with you 100% of the time if you don’t want them to be, but at the same time, it’s a great way to allow your child to bond even further with your nanny, by allowing them to make memories at the same time.

For stress busting travel however, this is one of the best ways forward!