6 Tips For Travelling With a Baby

Travelling with any child can be challenging, but a baby can pose more of a challenge due to that hard-earned routine you have managed to get them into! When you first have your baby, you’re more concerned with baby names and how wonderful your life is going to be together, rightly so, and you don’t give much thought to the challenges of the normal things in life, such as travel. Never fear however, there are many tips and hints you can learn to make your journeys much easier on both you and your baby too.

Of course, the most important thing to remember if trip planning. Surprises do not bode well when you have a baby in tow, in fact a baby or toddler for that matter! It’s not that you need to know everything in advance, but having prior knowledge of the important things will help you figure out the tools or resources you need to take with you, as well as the important items that will make life more simple overall. Shopping around for your baby travel gear is vital, as this will help you find the best products for your needs, at the best price – travel is expensive enough as it is, without spending more than you really need to!

Many parents choose to travel with their nanny, and this is a great idea. Nannies can help you when your baby simply won’t settle, and can give you a welcome break when you need to sleep after hours on the road or long-haul travel. In addition, you and your partner can have some welcome couple time, to enjoy your travels and make memories of your own.

Let’s check our six top tips for travelling with a baby, to help you plan your next trip.

Always be Prepared With Extra Supplies

Yes, you want to travel light, but you also don’t want to run short of clothing, diapers, or anything else which your baby is going to need whilst you’re travelling. Of course, if you do run out of diapers or wipes, it isn’t the end of the world, as you can always find a store which sells them, but what if your baby has a specific type, due to a skin condition, for instance? Identify the items which are vital and make sure you take a few extra. In addition, pack a couple of changes of clothes in your hand luggage, just in case of any accidents or messes whilst you’re moving from A to B. Of course, having your nanny with you also means and extra pair of hands for carrying the luggage!

Prepare a First Aid Box

It’s vital that you have a first aid box with you, including any medicines that your baby might need, or which they regularly take. In addition, think about antiseptic creams, bandages, plasters, medicine for fevers, and think of yourselves too, with antihistamines, painkillers, and tablets for stomach upsets. You can never be too well prepared when it comes to the health of you and your baby.

Pack Plenty of Toys And Entertainment

There are going to be times when distraction is the only way forward, and in that case you need toys and entertainment. Charge up your tablet, remembering to pack portable charges, and load it up with the films and TV series that your baby loves to watch. In addition, remember their favourite toys, such as cuddly animals and the like. Try not to go for anything which makes too much noise, as your fellow travellers might not be too impressed! It’s a good idea to write out a packing list, so you don’t miss anything out, and tick things off as you pack. Entertainment and toys goes for travelling with babies and toddlers, as sometimes the only thing which will make them settle is taking their mind off the boredom of getting from A to B.

Remember, your baby is out of their usual surroundings, and that could make them a little jittery or more difficult than usual. Your nanny can help you here, playing with your baby and helping to settle him or her down.

Planning is Everything

We mentioned planning earlier, but it is a tip you need on your list. You can’t plan everything of course, but as far as possible, plan out your route and the times you’re going to arrive at your hotel. This means you can fit your travel and baby’s routine in the best possible way, without throwing them out of routine and upsetting everything when you return home. Surprises can throw everything off course, but being aware of how things are likely to be beforehand means you can control the situation somewhat.

Keep Sleep Time as Routine as Possible

The one thing you need to try and keep in routine is sleep time. Make sure you take with you the toys which your child associates with sleep time, and the same bedding if at all possible. This will help them settle down and reassure them, which is vitally important when not in the same surroundings as usual. If you are going to use a travel crib or baby carrier, try and familiarise your baby with the crib before you leave. All of this will help get your baby to sleep much easier, without any fuss. If it is usually your nanny who puts your baby down, make sure this trend continues, to stay in routine.

Try Not to Travel For Longer Than Six Hours

Sometimes this isn’t possible, but if you can, try not to travel in blocks of longer than six hours at a time. This will allow your baby the time for a break, and you too. This is much easier to do if you are travelling in a car on a road trip. If you are flying, try and break up the journey by walking up and down the aisle with your child on a regular basis, and perhaps look at indirect flights with lay-overs, to break up the travel.

The pros and cons of travelling with an infant need to be weighed up, but the slight downsides certainly shouldn’t put you off! Your baby is likely to get a little grizzly at times, but this is normal, and totally manageable, especially with the help of your nanny.

If you’re thinking of hiring a nanny, either for just travel or on a longer-term arrangement, give us a call today, and let us pair you up with the ideal choice for you and your family.

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