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Why Do You Need a Holiday Governess, Tutor, or Nanny?

Every family is different, and within each family, every child is different. That means you’re always going to have different needs to those of your neighbour or your school friends. 

Childcare arrangements are just as unique. You may have multiple children, you may have one, but the arrangement needs to suit every single part of your lifestyle. The idea of any childcare arrangement is to make life easier and to ensure that your child is comfortable and supported at all times. Of course, you also need to make sure that you are happy with the arrangement and that you trust the person you’ve employed. 

Most childcare arrangements take place during term-time or within your own home. But what if you need someone to help you with the children when you’re away on holiday?

After all, there are many reasons why a family may need to go away. It’s not always for leisure; perhaps you need to go away for work, to see family, or you really do just want to get away from it all and enjoy some time with your family. In that case, your childcare needs can still be fulfilled. 

After all, you want the very best for your child and we want you all to feel relaxed and able to enjoy your time, regardless of where you’re going, what for, and how long for too! 

What is a Holiday Governess, Tutor, or Nanny?

We have a huge range of different childcare professionals on our books, and that includes holiday governesses, holiday nannies, and holiday tutors. 

A holiday governess, tutor, or nanny does exactly what a regular governess, tutor, or nanny would do, but they do it when you’re away on holiday. This is a childcare professional who will travel with you to wherever you’re going and take care of your child in whatever guise you need. 

For example, a governess is likely to work with older children, a nanny with babies and toddlers, while a tutor can work with any age group, helping them to stay abreast of their educational needs while you’re away for however long you need to be away for. 

The truth is that some children simply don’t enjoy being away from home and when they’re out of their regular surroundings, they need a little piece of home to help them feel more comfortable. It’s about being away from their regular routine, but a familiar face and the establishment of a regular routine as much as possible goes a long way towards helping them settle in better. 

Why Might You Need Childcare While You’re Away?

It doesn’t matter what you’re going away for, maybe you simply want your child to feel more settled. However, it might be that you’re going to be working for some of the time and you want your child to be looked after and to have peace of mind. 

Every family has a different situation and if you’re going to be away for a while, having the right childcare in place is important. It’s about peace of mind for you and for your child. 

Of course, while you’re busy, your childcare professional will be able to take your child out and about and show them the local area. They will be able to learn so much more than they otherwise would, and they might even pick up a few words of the local language!

The bottom line is that you are all comfortable and everyone has the peace of mind they need. There are a million and one reasons for a family needing to go away, but even if you’re just going for a holiday and to spend some time seeing a new region, having someone you trust beside you can take the pressure off and allow you to bond as a family in a much more relaxed and enjoyable way. 

Of course, your professional will also be able to work flexibly, which means they can look after your child during evenings if you need to go out, or when you’re heading off for long day trips. 

Flexibility is key! 

What Does a Holiday Governess Do?

In general, a governess helps an older child, usually around the age of 6 years upwards. The main role is to support the child in their education and social development, while also fulfilling general childcare requirements. 

A holiday governess will do exactly the same as a regular governess, but they will fulfil their duties during your holiday period. The plus point of having a holiday governess with you during this time is that your child will stay in routine. If you’re not able to be with your child all the time, because of work, etc, then your holiday governess will be a familiar face to help keep your child calm and settled. 

Even slightly older children can feel out of sorts when they’re away from home and not surrounded by their things. This can cause a child to start to act out of character or retreat back within themselves. That isn’t something you want to happen, so having a governess with you means that they can continue to focus and develop during your time away. 

Whether you’re away for a week, two weeks, or even three months, a holiday governess can help you during this time. In fact, one particular duty of a governess generally is to teach a child resilience and independence. When a child is out of their regular surroundings, they may find it hard to do the things they normally would, such as go to the store and buy something or head outside for a walk. They become nervous and reserved. A holiday governess can prevent this from happening by encouraging your child and giving them the confidence to explore. 

Your holiday governess can even accompany your child out and about as they explore the region they’re visiting, learning a few words of the language, and understanding more about the culture. 

Overall, it’s peace of mind that your child is cared for and supported during your time away, whether you’re there or not. 

What Does a Holiday Nanny Do?

For younger children who require more general childcare assistance, a holiday nanny is on hand to support them. This could be for a baby or a toddler and often includes feeding, changing, bathing, playing games, arranging activities, and any medicinal needs. 

During your holiday, you may want to go out with your partner or enjoy some alone time. That’s perfectly okay, and your holiday nanny can look after your child during those times. If you’re going to be away for a longer period, you know that your child will become familiar with your nanny and feel extremely comfortable in their presence. That’s a huge load off your mind! 

We all know that small children can have tantrums very easily when they’re not comfortable in their surroundings. This is particularly the case when they’re out of their regular routine and somewhere they don’t recognise. However, your holiday nanny will be able to help reduce and even avoid those tantrums with their high quality care and the fact that your child will trust and enjoy their company. Of course, children of this age can also become quite clingy when not where they usually are, and if you need to go out and do something, perhaps some work or see a family member, that can make your life a little difficult. Your holiday nanny can solve this problem for you. 

Again, it doesn’t matter whether your break is for a short amount of time, or it extends into the months. We can arrange these types of contracts very quickly and easily for you. We just need to know your requirements and from there we can work our magic. 

What Does a Holiday Tutor Do?

Finally, what about holiday tutors? 

Your child’s education is extremely important and if you’re going to be away for a slightly longer amount of time, or you’re having to take your child out of school for some particular reason, a holiday tutor is a great idea. 

This is a highly trained childcare professional who is also a trained teacher. As such, they can help your child stay up to date with their school work and even learn new subjects while they’re away. 

A holiday tutor can also teach your child about the new environment they’re in, opening their minds to new languages and cultures, while keeping the focus on learning in a fun and interactive way. 

Of course, a holiday tutor is also someone your child will become familiar with and who can be trusted to keep them safe and supported during your time away. They can travel with you for extended amounts of time or shorter periods, but having someone your child trusts and learns from easily means that they won’t fall behind in their school work and their efforts will be boosted! 

Let London Governess Help You

Regardless of whether you need a holiday governess, nanny, or tutor, we can help you. 

We can arrange contracts such as this very easily and we just need to know your specific details, e.g., how long you’re going away for, where you’re going, what you need, and the preferences you have. From there, we can match you with your ideal childcare professional in the shortest amount of time. 

All of our childcare professionals are of the utmost quality and can be relied upon to excel in their role. Many of the professionals on our books have travelled with families in the past and have even lived abroad. We could match you with someone who has extensive knowledge of the place you’re going to, and that way your child can learn more from them and gain a lot from the travelling and exploring they’re going to be doing. 

We are also very aware of how huge it is to place your child in someone else’s care, no matter how long for. We take the responsibility of finding your ideal childcare professional extremely seriously and as such, we only have the very best on our books. All of our professionals are vetted and rigorously checked before signing with our agency and have the highest standards and criteria they must meet. 

Our holiday tutors are all trained teachers with the very highest qualifications, and our governesses and nannies have the best qualifications within their fields. All of our professionals have years of experience, and many have even worked for families of high social standing. As such, discretion is to be expected and you need not have any worries when choosing one of our top quality professionals to accompany you on your holiday time away. 

We’re Waiting For Your Call

So, if you have an upcoming trip and you’re considering having a childcare professional with you for the duration, all you need to do is reach out to us. Tell us your details and specifications and we can get right down to business. We can then provide you with a shortlist of professionals to choose from and have everything set up and ready to go quickly. 

After all, time away with family is just as important as work and time at home. If you want everything to smoothly and for everyone to enjoy the break, having someone there to ease the load is the perfect choice.