Permanent Governess

At London Governess, we understand the importance of finding the perfect governess to educate your children. That’s why we insist on the highest quality candidates, and have consultants with the experience and insight to make the perfect match. We will guide and advise you throughout the process, from interviewing and selection, up until the moment your governess arrives, and beyond.

What makes London Governess different?

We are the only UK agency that specialises in providing international clients with British-educated and qualified governesses. All of our candidates have a minimum of five years’ childcare and teaching experience. They use a variety of teaching methods and techniques, and can teach your child any subject. We only recruit candidates who come highly recommended, and are recognised for their ability to support social, cultural and emotional development along with providing a first-class education.

What will a governess do for my children?

Your governess will typically work five days per week. She will be experienced in teaching children aged between three and sixteen, and will modify her teaching methods to ensure that your child thrives. It isn’t just the curriculum that your child will learn, either. Your governess will teach your child key British attributes such as courage, independence and self-reliance, and help them to develop their own personality. All of our governesses can tutor English, and some are also fluent in second and third languages. We can provide candidates capable of teaching musical instruments such as the piano, and additional skills such as swimming and tennis.

Our consultants will listen carefully before selecting the best candidates for you. You will then be provided with a variety of Curriculum Vitae to read and consider, and will have an opportunity to speak with and assess each candidate individually, to ensure that they suit your family. From our extensive database, you will find a candidate with each and every skill you require.

Is employing a governess from the UK complicated?

No. Once you have settled on a governess we will arrange a working schedule, and are experienced in the practicalities of placing our governesses both locally within the UK and internationally. Our professional staff can be placed on a short-term or long-term basis.

At London Governess, we will help you take a slice of Britain abroad with you, and provide your child not only with a first-class British education, but also a strong British role model.

Temporary Governess

Our governesses bring a wealth of experience to placements. They are particularly skilled at teaching, motivating children to progress academically, and to acquire life skills and develop good manners. For children whose first language is not English our governesses will assist with mastering the language, as well helping the child to understand British cultural expectations and etiquette.

I only need a governess for a short period. Can you still help me?

Yes. Reliable, trustworthy and highly qualified short-term governesses are available to meet the needs of your family. Our flexible service is designed to suit all situations, including emergency, travel, or holiday placements, whether at home or abroad.

In addition to recognising the importance of education, we also understand the need for children to get on well with their governess. Therefore we only appoint candidates who are child focused, have plenty of energy, patience, and tolerance, and a passion for their work. Our friendly, skilled and safety-conscious governesses are available to meet the emotional and practical needs of your children, either working alongside you or when you are away from home. Depending upon your personal situation, the duties of a governess can include teaching, home-schooling, engaging children in educational play, and organising child-focused activities.

International services require a minimum of a two week placement, and rates can be negotiated to meet your requirements.


What are the advantages of using London Governess?

London Governess is a unique agency in that it offers native English speaking governesses. In placing these British governesses abroad we apply strict standards to ensure that our clients’ children receive a proper UK education.

A British governess’ duties include:

  • Educating children in their homes
  • Helping children to develop their social skills
  • Teaching proper etiquette and manners.

A qualified British governess possesses the following attributes:

  • A teaching background, higher education in childcare, and five years’ of childcare/teaching experience.

Additional qualifications create more opportunities. These include:

  • The spoken and written command of more than one language (bilingual)
  • The ability to teach a musical instrument or sport.

How much will a London Governess cost?

A governess is often placed with clients abroad. She frequently lives with the family and works five days a week, for up to ten hours a day, often alongside a nanny. The requirements and responsibilities are substantial, but a suitably qualified British governess can expect to earn a salary starting from between £700 to £1500 per week. Remuneration increases the greater the experience and education of the individual.