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London Governess places highly qualified governesses, nannies, and tutors with families around the world, as well as other household staff. Whether you require a governess, nanny, or maternity nurse to look after a new baby, a tutor to strengthen particular areas of your children’s education, a house manager, butler, cook, or domestic couple, we apply the same rigorous standards to all the staff we supply.

Through personal interviews backed by our own skill and experienced judgement, we pay particular attention to finding the governess, nanny or other staff member to best suit your family.

How does London Governess stand out from other agencies? 

With our extensive international experience, London Governess has a unique understanding of the needs of VIP and high-net-worth families around the world. We appreciate that your time is precious, and that you are entitled to faultless service.

You are looking for childcare and household staff who are skilled, honest, respectful, discreet, and reliable, and we do everything possible to meet your expectations. We then make the hiring process as smooth as can be, with flexible interview arrangements and all the advice you need.

To be considered for the positions mentioned, our candidates must have excellent qualifications and references, and at least five years’ experience. They also need to be smartly presented, well-mannered, professional, completely respectful of your privacy, and able to adapt to new cultures and environments.

What kind of positions does London Governess offer?

The Governess/Nanny vacancies we have are the following:

1) Full-time Governess/Nanny

2) Part-time Governess/Nanny

3) Live-in/ Live-out Governess/Nanny

4) Temporary Governess/Nanny

5) Holiday Governess/Nanny

6) Bilingual Governess/Nanny

Governesses are mostly live-in nannies; they are expected to teach children and to modify their teaching methods to suit individual children, ensuring that they thrive. Requirements for governesses usually include the following: to be able to teach your children key British attributes such as courage, independence, and self-reliance, and to help them develop their own unique personalities. All of our governesses can tutor English, and some are fluent in a second language. Jobs for governesses at London Governess are always in high demand, demonstrating client satisfaction with the quality of our business.

Nannies – Our main standards of choosing a nanny are as follows:

  • English language skill – native English-speaking nanny or fluent English speaker
  • Education and work experience – honoured UK qualifications supported by years of experience 
  • Reliability – dedicated nanny with a  high sense of responsibility
  • Caring and outgoing personality –  pleasant with a genuine interest in children and their well-being.

List of nanny types we offer:

  1. A live-in nanny is responsible for the complete care of a family’s children. Getting the children up, feeding them, keeping them engaged and active, taking them to the park or doctor’s appointments, cleaning their rooms and play areas, and washing and ironing their clothes are just some of the many tasks a live-in nanny would be required to do. A nanny of this type usually has a separate apartment or at least a room with a separate bathroom.
  2. A live-out nanny is also a person who provides childcare in her employer’s private home but in this case for fixed hours in the day. The family does not need to provide her with accommodation for the period of her employment.
  3. A temporary nanny will assist a family for a few days, weeks, or months. 
  4. A holiday nanny is one who goes with parents intending to have a relaxing vacation with some time just for themselves. 
  5. A bilingual nanny is a nanny who teaches children to speak or master a new language. Some of our nannies are native speakers of French, Russian & Spanish. This kind of service is more than welcome if parents have just moved to, or plan to move to a new country, so the children can adapt easily.  We send our nannies almost everywhere in the world!

Maternity nurses are required across the UK and worldwide. We are looking for both English or French nurses, as well as nurses of any other nationality who are fluent in English, experienced, and ready to work. Our maternity nurses are all highly trained, well-educated professionals with extensive experience, valid references, and have warm, loving, attentive personalities. We used to meet all prospective candidates in person, these days we interview by video call (Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.) because we like to see everyone, and not just rely on information by email. We thoroughly check all professionals to verify their working history, check references, and complete full DBS checks.

If you want a tutor or a teacher for your children to learn French, English or any other language over the space of weeks, months or years, we supply excellent private teachers and tutors. We offer a teacher companion for those who need to perfect their English or other skills. From students to busy executives, a teacher companion provides skilled tuition in a convenient way. Lessons can last a day, an hour, or any length of time between, and can take place anywhere that suits you. On the other hand, tutors are generally self-employed and hired on an hourly basis. A tutor can also be hired full time, especially to cover holiday periods and other occasions when children need intensive support, such as when preparing for exams. Our outstanding clients ask for tactful, properly trained, knowledgeable, and honest employees, and we are ready to provide exactly that.

London Governess helps those who deserve the best find secure, proficient care for their families. We bring you the most qualified governesses, nannies, and tutors with the specific experience required. Whether you want a governess or nanny full-time, part-time, live-out or live-in, we – as the best nanny agency in London – are proud to supply you.

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