I had only just given birth to my first son when a family emergency called me away from the country for the week and I needed someone to take care of him. You were so quick in finding a professional maternity nurse to care for my son. When I returned home I found everything as I had left it and my two-month old son happy and well cared for. I really can’t thank you enough and will be using your agency in the future if I need to.

Valerie Nagot, Nice, France

Your Own Nanny Agency course was magnificent!  Thank you for all your advices and sharing your knowledge.  I feel ready to start my new career.

Susan, Manchester, UK

I just finished my "Governess course" and I have to say, had the best time ever!!!!
Amanda was a fantastic tutor to me and I really enjoyed the course.
It is truly based on experience with working for VIP families and knowing their way, but at the same time understanding what they want and need as a future employer.
Loved it and would recommend anyone who wants to help their career to grow.

Jarmila Phillips

Highly recommended, fantastic staff, high quality care and a delightful experience. Best service I have ever had – after years of looking for a reliable nanny I have finally found one. Thanks to you I have been able to find the perfect fit for my family without having to worry.

Sandra Livingston, Geneve, Switzerland

Our maternity nurse is very knowledgeable, educated and responsible. She helped us in every aspect of taking care of our new born baby son.

Latifa, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Elena Tiurnikova for her help in finding a nanny in Greece and Austria. Professional approach, high-quality selection, and only the best candidates were offered to choose from. Quick response to requests and changes, keeping in touch 24 hours. In a few words, both my Boss and I are very satisfied. We will work only with you in the future! Thank you.

Diana Sofina, Moscow, Russia

It was a very useful and good nanny course. Thank you very much and please thank Amanda too.

Alison, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Hi Vesna! I did the Nanny Agency course with you back in June. I have my first client.. yay!


Best agency I have ever dealt with, you were with me every step of the way. Your friendly and helpful staff made sure that I knew all the facts about the process before I started. You were quick to organise interview times and gave me all the information on the people I was interviewing. If it wasn’t for all the help that you provided I am sure I would have been lost in the process. Six months later I am so happy with your service and the governess I employed. She is a jewel! I would recommend you to any of my friends and family without hesitation.

Yang Zhao, Hong Kong, China

London Governess is amazing. They helped us find the most wonderful nanny for our son. Our nanny loves our child and treats him like her own with affection, caring and safety always in mind. London Governess helped us through the entire process of finding our first child this loving woman. I have had such a wonderful experience with London Governess that I have referred several of my friends and they are just as pleased.

Richards, Dubai, UAE

We hired part time governess for our two children in Chelsea, London. Homework and all projects are not only completed on time, finally I can rest :)

Margaret, London, UK

We found out about London Governess through a web search. Mrs. Godart provided us with a very personal experience. All of the candidates that she selected for us were great, so we had many options to choose from. We have had our nanny for six months now and she is wonderful. There is nothing more important than your child and the comfort of knowing that your baby is in good hands.

Noor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I felt the governess course was fantastic value for money and I can’t think of any other opportunity when I would ever meet and be taught by an experienced Norland nanny. It is a big regret of mine that I never applied to be a Norland nanny as I believe I would have enjoyed the college course very much. So the fact that we all got to meet and learn from such a highly trained professional was amazing. The beginning of the session, before the governess training, was also very useful as we learnt exactly what clients do and do not want, as well as how best to approach new roles and families. It was very interesting to learn about the different cultures and how they view British governesses – I never knew our positions ranked so highly in certain places! All in all, I would definitely recommend the governess training course to anybody wishing to gain a better insight into the world of VIP childcare and teaching. It will give anyone who takes part a real insight into how different cultures work with their governesses and how to present themselves in the best way possible.

Isolina, Reading, UK

I want to express our complete satisfaction of the services London Governess has provided to assist our family in selecting a governess who has met and exceeded our expectations. We found your service very professional and organized. Through our interview process, which was extensive, Mrs. Godart supported us every step of the way. We highly recommend London Governess services to other families. Once again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism!

The Crafoord family, Washington, USA

Governess Course gave me a much needed confidence for applying for an international roles. I always wanted to try living abroad and now I am ready for it.  Thank you.

Chloe, Lille, France

Governess Course was very informative, educational and full of practical details.  Thank you Amanda!

Ann, Swansea, UK

Governess Rebecca is just great. Thank you again!

Mrs. Zabolotny, Moscow, Russia

I am absolutely thrilled! I could not more highly recommend London Governess. Thank you!

Mrs. Collins, London, UK

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the Nanny Course that I took today with Amanda was brilliant. She was very good at explaining and making it easy to understand. She's kind and supportive and gave lots of great advice. 
I would recommend this material to individuals in similar positions. 


We are extremely satisfied with the temporary governess you placed in our home. She has met all our expectations.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis, New York, USA

Thank you so much for placing Maddy with us – she was absolutely wonderful. It’s not easy to fit into a new family immediately but Maddy managed it and was incredibly sweet and fun with Ellery and understood and kept to our schedule with him perfectly. She made us feel very confident and comfortable in leaving him with her as sole charge and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better nanny for our little man! We had a fabulous break and only wish that Maddy was in London – I’d snap her up as a full-time nanny immediately! Many thanks

Seema, Dubai, UAE