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Welcome to the London Governess

The London Governess is a premium governess and nanny agency located in Kensington, right in the heart of Central London. Register as a client to hire the best childcare providers in the UK and globally.

Premium Governess Agency Located in Kensington, Central London

Established in 2011, the London Governess has consistently catered to some of the most high-status, influential, and distinguished families in the UK and abroad. We pride ourselves on our roster of 1000+ top-tier childcare providers, exceptional customer service, and strict security procedures. 

Whether you’re looking to hire a traditional British governess for your little ones or a Native English-speaking nanny to travel with your family abroad, we’ll partner you with a candidate who ideally suits your individual requirements.

Our Process

Security and Quality: Our Meticulous Vetting Process

We understand that inviting a stranger into your home can be a big step, regardless of how qualified or highly rated the individual is. This common concern is precisely why we have a strict vetting and security process in place, guaranteeing that the most reputable childcare providers join your family with immaculate references and records. 

Every candidate applying to work at the London Governess undergoes an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, which thoroughly investigates the individual’s history. This allows us to ensure that all our candidates are genuine, top-tier professionals in their fields. 

Likewise, our team of experienced consultants also verifies previous childcare work experience, qualifications, and references. For total peace of mind, we provide all clients with former employers’ contact details so you can contact them personally and ask any questions.

In addition, we also meet all prospective candidates either face-to-face or via video call to ensure their personal qualities and values meet our expectations. Clients are free to request any further background information if they wish to do so. 

This meticulous vetting process allows the London Governess to guarantee that each candidate meets and exceeds all security and qualification requirements, ensuring that your chosen childcare provider is honest, respectful, discreet, and dependable.

Our Services

  • Lelya
    The interviews went exceptionally well. Congratulations on the selection; all four candidates are impressive. As you noted, Lauren stands out as the strongest candidate. She sets a high standard. She is kind, boasts an impressive curriculum, and her proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish will definitely make our life easier.
  • The Crafoord family, Washington, USA
    I want to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by The London Governess. The agency assisted our family in selecting a governess who has met and exceeded our expectations. We found the service very professional and organised. During our extensive interview process, Mrs. Godart supported us every step of the way. We highly recommend The London Governess services to other families. Once again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism!
    The Crafoord family, Washington, USA
  • Sandra, Geneve, Switzerland
    I highly recommend The London Governess. Fantastic staff, high-quality care, and a delightful experience. This is the best service I have ever had. After years of looking for a reliable nanny, I have finally found one. Thanks to you, I have found the perfect fit for my family without worrying.
    Sandra, Geneve, Switzerland
  • Noor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    We found out about London Governess through a web search. Mrs. Godart provided us with a very personalised experience. All the candidates she selected for us were great, so we had many options. We have had our nanny for six months, and she is wonderful. Nothing is more important than your child and the comfort of knowing your baby is in good hands.
    Noor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Margaret, London, UK
    We hired a part-time governess for our two children in Chelsea, London. Homework and all projects are completed on time. Finally, I can rest. Thank you!
    Margaret, London, UK
  • Richards, Dubai, UAE
    The London Governess is amazing. They helped us find the most wonderful nanny for our son. Our nanny loves our child and treats him like her own, always keeping affection, care, and safety in mind. The London Governess helped us through the entire process of finding this loving woman for our first child. I have had such a wonderful experience with The London Governess that I have referred several friends, who are just as pleased.
    Richards, Dubai, UAE
  • Seema, Dubai, UAE
    Thank you so much for placing Maddy with us – she was absolutely wonderful. It's not easy to fit into a new family immediately, but Maddy managed it, and she was incredibly sweet and fun with Ellery. She understood and kept to our schedule with him perfectly. She made us feel very confident and comfortable leaving him with her as sole charge, and I genuinely couldn't have asked for a better nanny for our little man! We had a fabulous break and I only wish that Maddy was in London – I'd immediately snap her up as a full-time nanny! Many thanks.
    Seema, Dubai, UAE
  • Yang, Hong Kong, China
    Best agency I have ever worked with; you were with me every step of the way. Your friendly and helpful staff ensured I knew everything about the process before I started. You were quick to organise interview times and gave me all the information on the people I was interviewing. If it hadn't been for all your help, I would have been lost in the process. Three months later, I am so happy with your service and the governess I employed. She is a jewel! I would recommend you to any of my friends and family without hesitation.
    Yang, Hong Kong, China
  • Mr. Willis, New York, USA
    We are extremely satisfied with the two weeks  temporary governess you placed in our home. She has met all our expectations.
    Mr. Willis, New York, USA
  • Latifa, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Our maternity nurse is very knowledgeable, patient, educated and responsible. She helped us in every aspect of caring for our newborn baby son. Thank you London Governess!
    Latifa, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Valerie, Nice, France
    I had just given birth to my first son when a family emergency called me away from the country for the week, and I needed someone to take care of my baby. You quickly found a professional maternity nurse to care for my son. When I returned home, I found everything as I had left it and my two-month-old son happy and well cared for. I can't thank you enough and will refer to your agency in the future if required.
    Valerie, Nice, France
  • Diana, Moscow, Russia
    I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Anita for helping us find a nanny in Greece and Austria. Professional approach, high-quality selection, and only the best candidates were offered. Quick response to our requests and changes, keeping in touch 24/7. In short, both my boss and I are very satisfied. We will work only with you in the future! Thank you.
    Diana, Moscow, Russia
  • Mrs. Collins, London, UK
    I am absolutely thrilled! I could not recommend The London Governess enough. Thank you!
    Mrs. Collins, London, UK
  • Mrs. Zabolotny, Astana, Kazakhstan
    Governess Rebecca is just great. Thank you again!
    Mrs. Zabolotny, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • PA Anne, Singapore
    Debora was wonderful last month. The parents and the children loved her. She was extremely efficient and great with the children. I know she is looking for a permanent position, but until she finds one, I would love to have her again next time the family is in London. Thank you for your excellent service.
    PA Anne, Singapore
  • Isolina, Reading, UK
    The Governess Course was fantastic value for money. At the beginning, it was also very useful to learn exactly what clients do and do not want and how best to approach new roles and families. It was very interesting to learn about the different cultures and how they view British governesses – I never knew our positions ranked so highly in certain places! Overall, I would recommend the governess training course to anybody wishing to gain a better insight into the world of VIP childcare and teaching. It will give anyone who takes part a real insight into how different cultures work with their governesses and how to present themselves in the best way possible.
    Isolina, Reading, UK
  • Susan, Manchester, UK
    Your Nanny Agency Course was magnificent! Thank you for all your advice and for sharing your knowledge. I feel ready to start my new career.
    Susan, Manchester, UK
  • Sumaiya, London
    The Nanny Course I took today was brilliant. I would recommend this material to individuals in similar positions.
    Sumaiya, London
  • Anika, Dublin

    Your governess course was very informative and covered many topics and real-life situations. It reiterated and solidified handling various dynamics and responsibilities with careful planning, patience, respect, open communication, and good conduct. I will definitely be returning to it.

    Anika, Dublin
  • Rebecca, Windsor
    Hi Vesna! I did the Your Own Nanny Agency Course with you in June and now have my first client. Thank you so much!
    Rebecca, Windsor
  • Ann, Swansea, UK
    The Governess Course was very informative, educational and full of practical details. Thank you, London Governess!
    Ann, Swansea, UK
  • Alison, Tunbridge Wells, UK
    It was a very useful and good Nanny Course. Great material, useful real life situations and thorough preparation.  Thank you very much.
    Alison, Tunbridge Wells, UK
  • Chloe, Lille, France
    The Governess Course gave me much-needed confidence for applying for international roles. I have always wanted to try living abroad, and now I am ready. Thank you.
    Chloe, Lille, France
  • Jarmila, London
    I just finished the Governess Course, and I have to say, I had the best time ever! I enjoyed the course. It is truly based on experience working for VIP families, knowing their way, and understanding what they want and need as future employers. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help their career grow.
    Jarmila, London

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How is the London Governess different from other UK-based governess and nanny agencies?
    The London Governess is the only agency in the UK that specialises in providing local and international clients with British-educated and qualified governesses. All the candidates we hire (and match with clients) possess at least five years of experience in childcare and teaching. Our governesses are skilled professionals with their own unique teaching methods, but they all share a commitment to quality and honesty. We only hire highly recommended and recognized candidates for their ability to support children’s social, cultural, and emotional development while providing excellent education. We ensure applicants have all the necessary skills before adding them to our database. We check their training qualifications, like first aid and UK childcare qualifications, ensuring that all qualifications are up-to-date. Likewise, we conduct thorough DBS checks to meet all security standards. Each candidate also possesses respected qualifications in areas like managing challenging behaviour, working with children with special needs, food safety, nutrition, and other health and safety topics.
    2Can I take my governess, nanny, nurse, or tutor abroad with me?
    You certainly can. Whether you’re looking to hire a temporary holiday nanny or someone to accompany you abroad long-term, specify this in your requirements, and we’ll pair you with the ideal candidate. The best part? Regardless of the location, our childcare providers will continue to work with your children in a traditionally British manner and interact with them in English to ensure that they grow up to be fluent English speakers.
    3Does a DBS check cover all background information?
    A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, formerly known as a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check in the UK, covers an individual's criminal record history. It involves searching for any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings they may have, as well as any other relevant information held by police forces and government departments. DBS checks are necessary for working with children or vulnerable adults and are divided into three types: Basic DBS Check: This check reveals unspent convictions and conditional cautions. Standard DBS Check: This provides details of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings held on the Police National Computer. Enhanced DBS Check: This includes all the information in a Standard Check plus any relevant information held by local police forces considered pertinent to the role being applied for, such as details of arrests where no conviction was obtained, information about whether the applicant is barred from working with vulnerable groups, and other relevant information deemed necessary for safeguarding purposes. Our team of skilled consultants carries out an enhanced DBS check for all applicants to ensure maximum security and safety.