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Outstanding Maternity Nurses for Hire in London

Whether you've recently given birth or your due date is just around the corner, hiring a maternity nurse is an excellent option to recover from pregnancy and childbirth while learning more about newborn childcare.

Hire an Experienced Maternity Nurse for Your Newborn

Having a baby is a wonderful experience but can also be equally overwhelming. Whether you're due to give birth to your first baby, expecting twins, or simply feeling like you've got too much on your plate with a newborn in the home, an experienced maternity nurse will help you relieve the additional stress. Take some precious time to rest and bond with your new baby. Our skilled and loving maternity nurses will take on routine tasks such as feeding, bathing, and changing - all while sharing helpful tips with you.

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What is a Maternity Nurse?

Also referred to as baby nurses or baby nannies, maternity nurses are qualified childcare professionals who specialise in infant care. They usually live in the family home and attend to all your infant's needs, ensuring your newborn baby stays clean, fed, bathed, healthy, and content.

Hiring a private maternity nurse helps new mothers recover from pregnancy and childbirth during the first few weeks, allowing mums to show up as their best selves for their newborns and enjoy precious bonding time. A maternity nurse attends to the baby day and night and helps establish routines best suited for you and the baby.

Likewise, the right maternity nurse will be eager and capable of teaching you how to care for newborn babies, which is an excellent bonus for first-time mothers.  

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About Our Maternity Nurses

At London Governess, all our candidates undergo a meticulous vetting process to ensure we only hire the best childcare providers in the country. Maternity nurses are no exception. Our knowledgeable consultants conduct thorough background checks, including DBS checks, qualification assessments, individual skill evaluations, and reference checks from previous employers. 

Likewise, we interview every candidate to ensure they're a great fit. Due to our extensive background checks, we are able to provide our clients with the region's most qualified, experienced, reliable, and pleasant maternity nannies. 

Aside from possessing excellent references and extensive experience in newborn childcare, our maternity nurses are also genuinely passionate about infant childcare and supporting new mothers with their little bundles of joy. Our baby nannies are ready and eager to help you learn more about infant childcare, allowing you to learn from only the best. 

Hiring a live-in maternity nurse is an excellent option for new parents. It allows for full physical recovery, eases the post-partum experience, and, most importantly, frees up more precious mother-baby bonding time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I choose a maternity nanny?
Parents choose maternity nurses based on several factors, including individual expectations, estimated working hours, night nanny requirements, home size, budget, and more. We'll work with you closely to define your requirements and offer only the best candidates for your unique circumstances. Likewise, if you're due to have twins, this can add to the pressure since you're taking care of not one but two newborn babies simultaneously. In that case, we'd suggest hiring a full-time maternity nurse.
2Why should I choose your maternity nursing agency?
We only represent maternity nurses with all the necessary qualifications, skills, and references to ensure our clients are delighted with their choices. Our full-time maternity nannies work six days a week and take on the necessary hours required for new parents to adjust to their new life. Our candidates are very professional and ensure that all childcare duties are taken care of promptly and thoroughly. Likewise, our maternity nurses are a joy to work with and are always ready to give expert advice regarding newborn childcare, including (but not limited to) breastfeeding and nursing advice, feeding and sleep tips, correct cradling positions to support your baby, and more.
3Should I hire a baby nurse in advance?
Hiring a baby nanny in advance is preferable since choosing the perfect candidate for your needs requires some extra time. Moreover, maternity nurses are highly sought-after, so it's best to register with London Governess before your due date if you're looking to hire a private maternity nurse in the UK. However, if necessary, you can also register or contact us on short notice, and we'll see what we can do for you.
4Can your maternity nurse also work as an infant night nurse?
Of course. Most of our maternity nurses are live-in companions (although you can choose a live-out arrangement), meaning they will also attend nightly duties, such as feeding, changing, cleaning, and soothing the baby. Our full-time nannies work six days a week and will be present to attend to your newborn while you're sleeping and recovering from childbirth. Likewise, you can also opt for other arrangements, including a temporary maternity nurse, a shift maternity nurse, or a night nanny. The arrangement is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that our maternity nurses only attend to newborn babies, and their services don't include looking after other children. We have an excellent selection of governesses and nannies for hire if you need additional childcare assistance.
5What should I pay attention to when hiring a maternity nurse in London?
Safety and reliability are two crucial aspects you should pay close attention to. Make sure only to hire maternity nurses from reliable and respectable agencies, and find out if your chosen agency runs extensive background checks.

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