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Hire a Male Nanny

Hiring a male nanny is an excellent choice for families looking to invite a respectable and reliable male childcare provider into their home. Choose from a selection of the finest nannies in London.

Gender Stereotypes Are Out, Male Nannies Are In

Whether you're looking for a qualified and responsible male nanny to take care of your boys or feel like your children need a positive male role model in their lives, hiring an authentically British male nanny is an excellent option to fill these requirements. Choose from an extensive selection of professional and reliable male childcare providers, ready to cater to your individual requirements and develop a genuine bond with your little ones. Our unrivalled childcare professionals are prepared to take on all routine tasks while extending a positive influence onto your children, giving them consistent positive reinforcement and a solid masculine influence.

What is a Male Nanny?

A male nanny is a male childcare provider responsible for caring for one or multiple children. Although male nanny roles used to be scarce, gender equality has provided a fresh perspective on the benefits of hiring male childcare providers. Mannies offer several unique benefits and are just as skilled as female nannies when it comes to catering to your little one's needs - physically, emotionally, and socially.

Male nannies are currently highly sought-after due to their unique benefits, including high physical stamina to keep your children occupied and active during the day while providing plenty of positive reinforcement.

Register with London Governess today and choose the perfect, fun-loving manny to look after your little ones and act as a healthy male role model.


About Our Male Nannies

All our male nannies possess extensive experience and top-tier qualifications to attend to your children's needs in the best possible way. Whether you're looking for a full-time nanny or someone to accompany your little ones on play dates, our wide selection of male caregivers allows us to promptly and successfully choose the best nanny for your individual needs. An excellent option for both boys and girls, our mannies are genuinely passionate about childcare and forging long-lasting healthy bonds with your little ones.

Regarding safety - there's nothing to be concerned about. The London Governess runs extensive background checks on all potential candidates, including thorough DBS (disclosure and barring) checks, qualification evaluations, skill assessments, and reference requests from previous employers. Rest assured that we'll provide you with the finest, safest, and most reliable mannies available in the country.

Interested in Hiring a Male Nanny?

Hire a traditionally British male nanny and integrate a healthy male influence into your children's lives. Register below to become an official London Governess client and choose your manny.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What's the difference between a male nanny and a female nanny?
When it comes to fulfilling childcare obligations and daily nanny duties, there is absolutely no difference between males and females in this field. However, male nannies are an excellent choice for those looking to bring a positive male role model into the family and provide their children with healthy masculine support.
2Why hire a male nanny?
Hiring a male nanny reaps many benefits for single moms and parents struggling to juggle a demanding career, household duties, and childcare. Manny services can be particularly beneficial for young boys since boys sometimes resonate better with male caregivers. Men tend to understand certain needs better than women, especially when it comes to keeping up with very active little boys. And if you are raising two boys, or two children in general, you should definitely consider hiring a male nanny who will be able to keep up with your little ones and provide them with all the exercise and guidance they need.
3What can I expect when hiring a male nanny?
Expect all childcare duties to be performed to the highest standard, including meal supervision, washing up, cleaning, accompanying the kids on playdates, dropping them off and picking them up from nursery or school, and generally spending quality time with your little ones. Parents can be confident that our top-tier mannies will get the job done promptly and efficiently. Also, expect your manny to attend to other key areas, such as instilling confidence in your child, guiding them through life, helping them develop healthy self-esteem, and so on.

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