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Working as a nanny

When you decide to apply for this position, you should go through this guide first to better understand the requirements of both our clients and our company (including qualifications, duties, and attributes) as well as to be more familiar with what you can expect from your future employer. The description of different types of nanny positions are stated here so you can check which suits you best. Finally, you can find a detailed explanation of the application procedure.

As it is already known worldwide, the nanny’s role is to look after one or more children of a single family, usually for a period of a few years. Concerning your qualifications, it is usually necessary to have a degree, or training in a child development field such as Early Years, Child Psychology, or the Montessori method, as well as a first aid certificate and recent DBS check. Our London-based nanny agency wants to provide the best candidates to its clients so we will do all the necessary checks and ask you to send proof of all stated qualifications, recommendations, certificates, and diplomas obtained.

Our general standards of choosing a nanny are as follows:

  1. English language skill – you should be a native English-speaking nanny or fluent English speaker
  2. Education and work experience – you should have respected UK qualifications supported by years of experience in the field
  3. Reliability – you should be a hardworking, dedicated nanny with a deep love for your work and high sense of responsibility for your employer’s family, as we guarantee a superior, professional service to our clients
  4. Caring and outgoing personality – you should be pleasant with a genuine interest in children and their well-being

What should you expect from your employer?

There are many London nanny agencies but they cannot provide you with what our agency can. London Governess clients are VIP and high-net-worth families in many distant and often exotic locations, which means you will receive many benefits in return for your hard work and dedication.

  • On-time competitive salary
  • Accommodation and food (for a live-in position)
  • Respect of your agreed working hours
      • A chance to travel around the world
      • Visa arrangement (if needed)
      • Four weeks’ paid vacation each year

What will parents expect from you?

Firstly, professionalism and commitment are the most important values expected from our candidates. A nanny’s duties mostly consist of these tasks:

  • Getting the children up and dressed
  • Supervising children’s meals
  • Washing and ironing children’s laundry
  • Keeping children active and engaged
  • Arranging play dates
  • Taking the children to the park or zoo
  • Creating art and craft projects
  • Reading to the children
  • Accompanying children to music or dance lessons
  • Taking the children to doctor’s or dentist’s appointments
  • Tidying play area at end of the day
  • Keeping toys clean and organised
  • Bathing the children and preparing them for bed

London Governess will look favourably upon those nannies able and willing to help with house chores, preparing meals and teaching another language.

Types of nannies

Our nanny agency in London offers nanny positions around the globe, so you can choose to be a nanny in any part of the UK, as well as many international locations. You will find the terms and conditions are more than satisfying.

For your convenience, the list of nanny types we offer to our clients can be found below. After choosing the right type, you will be fully informed and ready to apply:

  1. A live-in nanny is responsible for the complete care of a family’s children. Getting the children up, feeding them, keeping them engaged and active, taking them to the park or doctor’s appointments, cleaning their rooms and play areas, and washing and ironing their clothes are just some of the many tasks a live-in nanny would be required to do. A nanny of this type usually has a separate apartment, sometimes referred to as a “nanny flat” in the house of the family she serves, or at least a room with a separate bathroom.
  2. A live-out nanny is also a person who provides childcare in her employer’s private home but in this case for fixed hours in the day. During her working hours, a live-out nanny will assume all of the responsibilities and duties that a live-in nanny would. The family does not need to provide her accommodation for the period of her employment.
  3. A temporary nanny will assist a family for a few days, weeks, or months. If the parents need to attend an important event, or their permanent nanny is taking a vacation, whatever the reason be, our temporary nannies will be there to provide the best childcare for the time required.
  4. A holiday nanny is one who goes with parents intending to have a relaxed vacation with some time just for themselves. Apart from being a helping hand to and from the destination, this nanny should also plan educational and cultural activities for their children, and all in all, make their stay in a new environment enjoyable.
  5. A bilingual nanny is a nanny who teaches children to speak or master a new language. Some of our nannies are native speakers of French, Russian & Spanish. This kind of service is more than welcome if parents have just moved to, or plan to move to a new country, so the children can adapt easily. Such a nanny will not only teach the children a new language but also the customs, history and traditions of a specific country. We send our nannies almost everywhere in the world!

How to apply for a nanny job position?

We would like to guide you through every stage of the process so you know what will be expected from each party throughout this period:

  1. The first stage is to fill in the form on our website – our HR department will reply to you and request you to send relevant documents (CV, cover letter, DBS check, first aid certificate, education diplomas and certificates, and references) as well as to arrange an interview with you. Please do not omit any details because those seemingly little things can make all the difference, and bring you one step closer to finding the perfect employer. You can apply whether you have seen an interesting job position or want to be included in our database and considered for all future suitable vacancies.
  2. After this, we send your CV to our clients and, if successful, arrange an interview with a possible employer.
  3. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to meet a family before you make your decision. A trial could be one day or one week – just long enough for you and your prospective employer to get to know each other. Trials are fully paid.

The last stage is when the client and you make your final decisions. Both of you should take your time to consider all the aspects.

We are a British nanny agency you can trust!

    We have a select number of roles in the UK and overseas, please see our job section for details of current vacancies. Please note that when selecting candidates for interview, clients often give priority to those who have attended our training courses.

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