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Register as a nanny with London Governess and receive a premium job opportunity. We offer top-tier local and overseas nanny jobs for experienced, reliable, and enthusiastic candidates across the UK.

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Our agency is seeking experienced, qualified, and reputable individuals to fill local and overseas nanny positions. By registering with London Governess, you'll have access to the top nanny vacancies in the region, including high-paying nanny jobs abroad.

Gain the opportunity to work with some of the world's most reputable and influential families, including business executives, industry leaders, politicians, and even royalty. Experience the finest working conditions available to childcare professionals and secure a temporary or permanent position with a distinguished family.

What Do We Expect from Our Nannies?

How to Apply

To apply for local vacancies and nanny jobs abroad, register as a candidate via the link below and fill out the application. Once you've included your details, attach your CV and submit the form. We'll carefully review your application and contact you for an initial interview if your qualifications meet our requirements.

The registration process is free of charge, and you are not obliged to continue further if plans suddenly change. Make the most of this opportunity and register as a nanny below.

Sign Up for Our Nanny Training Courses

While registering for our Governess Training Course is not obligatory, many clients prefer candidates who have successfully completed the program. The course encompasses all subjects directly related to The London Governess, and candidates receive a certificate upon completion.

We encourage you to enrol in the course to increase your chances of being matched with suitable clients. However, participation in the course is not mandatory for your application and will not impact our hiring decision.

About London Governess

London Governess is a renowned and premium childcare agency specialising in governesses, nannies, and tutoring services. Our client base consists of high-status families and influential leaders from around the globe. We are known for our outstanding service, high client satisfaction, and esteemed reputation in the UK and internationally.

We represent a dedicated team of professional consultants and childcare providers who have consistently elevated industry standards since our establishment in 2011. Trusted by the world's most distinguished families, including business executives, industry leaders, political figures, and royalty, London Governess has established itself as a reliable name.

Over the last decade, we have enrolled over 1000 highly accomplished candidates, each bringing unparalleled skills and an authentically English childcare approach. Our adherence to traditional British standards for nannies is a significant advantage for our clientele.

Most clients seek more than just the perfect nanny; they desire a native English speaker capable of instilling core British values in their children, such as courage, self-reliance, discipline, and excellent manners.

By registering with London Governess, you align yourself with our reputation and image.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What are my duties as a nanny?
    Nanny duties include supervising the children and ensuring they are woken up on time, washed and dressed, fed, and attended to their educational and extracurricular responsibilities throughout the day. Recreational activities, such as going on walks, reading, and arts and crafts, are also included.
    2Am I required to do housework as a nanny?
    As a nanny, you won't be required to do any housework unless it's directly related to the children. Nanny housework may include tidying nursery spaces, doing laundry, and cleaning up after the children.
    3Can I apply as a part-time or short-term nanny?
    Of course! Part-time and short-term positions are always available. Specify your requirements in advance, and we'll match you with clients searching for your particular schedule.
    4Do I have to complete the course to qualify?
    The course is not a mandatory application requirement, but it can help with better client matches.