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Our clients hire teacher companions from London Governess to perfect their English or other skills. If you are willing to teach out of classroom, this is a perfect opportunity for you. From young children to busy teenagers, a teacher companion provides skilled tuition in a convenient way. Lessons can last a few days, few weeks, or any length of time between, and can take place anywhere that suits the client and you. London Governess provides teacher companions to help its clients improve their English or cover a wide range of other subjects. Teacher companions are perfect for keeping children occupied, informed and educated, all at the same time.

Work in a park

Why not work as a teacher companion to accompany our client’s children on a day’s shopping or sightseeing? In this way, our clients can be sure their children are safe at the same time as improving their spoken English in a fun, relaxing way. Furthermore, if they have just moved to the UK and need assistance in a supermarket, pharmacy or shopping mall when speaking with salespeople, this is a fantastic chance for you to help. This is a perfect way for our clients to learn British language, culture and manners without stress as well as you to learn more about other cultures, business and manners.

Our teacher companions are all highly trained and experienced teachers with supreme patience, excellent communication skills, and true depth of knowledge in their chosen subject. Whether our clients are readying to sit an exam, practising for interviews, or just keen to progress in a particular field, a teacher companion makes it easy to improve their skills and knowledge. Flexible and convenient, teacher companions will prepare lessons that are appropriate to the age and experience of the students, and will adapt to their needs. Our companion teachers have almost the same role as home tutors who provide help in various subjects. The difference is that our private teachers accompany our clients to different places away from the home. You should make their schooling, working and learning as easy and relaxing – yet fruitful – as possible.

Our teachers can teach their students English as a Foreign language, construction terms, specific legal lexicon, or simply improve conversational English. Also, they can prepare the children for school exams and interviews.

The cost of hiring a teacher companion

As a teacher companion, you can be hired full-time or by the hour.

Hiring a teacher companion full-time for a 35-40 hour week costs between £800-£1300. More experience and more impressive, wider-ranging qualifications will command higher rates.

When hired by the hour, a teacher companion costs between £30-£80, again depending on experience, qualifications and subject.

How do we choose our companion teachers?

In the same manner as London Governess private tutors, nannies, governesses and all other candidates – through the thorough examination of your documents, arranged interviews, and constant communication for additional information.

What can be expected from our companion teachers?

Our general standards of choosing a private teacher and tutor are the following:

  1. Native British language skill (or fluent English – diploma/certificate required)
  2. Education and work experience (our candidates have respected UK qualifications supported by years of experience in the field)
  3. Reliability (our tutors and companion teachers are hardworking, dedicated teachers with a great love for their work and high sense of responsibility – we guarantee a top professional service to our clients)
  4. Caring and outgoing personality (candidates must be pleasant with a genuine interest in students and their well-being)

How to apply for a teacher companion job position?

We would like to guide you through every phase of the process so that you know what should be expected from each party during this period:

  1. The first phase is to fill in the form on our website – our HR will reply to you and request you to send relevant documents (CV, cover letter, DBS check, First Aid Certificate, education diplomas and certificates, references) as well as to arrange an interview. Please, do not omit any details because those seemingly little things can make all the difference, and bring you one step closer to finding a perfect employer. You can apply either if you have seen an interesting job position or wish to be included in our database and considered for all suitable future vacancies.
  2. Then, we send your CV to our clients and, if they like it, we will arrange an interview with a possible employer.
  3. We often recommend a trial because it is very important to see a future employer before you make your decision. A trial could one day or one week – as long as the employer and yourself deem it necessary.
  4. The last stage is when the client and you make your final decision. Both of you should take your time to consider all the aspects before embarking on your future collaboration.

We really hope that you like the description of a teacher companion and that you will register shortly after reading it!


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466 and + 44 7740 462 463

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