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A full time live-out nanny needed for a 5.5 months old baby. Working hours from 8am until 6:30pm, 6 days a week. The nanny will need to perform all typical nannies duties. No driving required. Start ASAP

The family need someone located in Dubai.


VV​​IP Qatar family is looking for a Live-in lady’s maid/butler. The candidate must have good experience in wardrobe management and inventory. The position is 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. Driver is a must, a car will be provided on and off duty.

​One bedroom​ flat will be provided – all bills covered.
Interviewing now.​

Salary £50,​000 per year​.

Start: ASAP.


A family is looking for an experienced live-in nanny/housekeeper, fully fluent in English, to look after their two children and help them more broadly across all aspects of running their household – primarily childcare, but also help with organising the house / errands / laundry / tidying the house (two working parents). They will hire a cleaner twice a week. The children are aged 6 and 8 so are in school all day. Separate bedroom and bathroom will be provided. Occasional travelling with the family will be required. Driver not needed. Long term contract.

Interviewing face to face in London now.​

Salary negotiable​.

Start: September 2018.

TEMPORARY LIVE-OUT NANNY, South Kensington, London​​

A family is moving from Hong Kong to London this summer and they need a temporary, native English speaking nanny to look after two children aged 6 and 8. This is a live-out role, 5 working days a week, from 8am until 5pm. Typical nanny duties (the nanny will prepare lunch for the children). The family will stay in a temporary serviced apartment so no housekeeping will be requested. Driver not needed.

Interviewing face to face in London now.​

Salary negotiable​.

Start: 24th July 2018 until end of August 2018.

(closest tube station Knightsbridge)

A family is looking for an experienced live-in nanny, fully fluent in English, to look after their 7 months old baby boy. 5 and a half full working days per week. This is sole charge role and the nanny will be responsible for all duties regarding the baby. No housekeeping duties – the family employs a housekeeper. The nanny will share the room with the baby and when the sleeping pattern is established separate room will be provided. Travelling with the family will be requested. Driver not needed. Long term contract.

Interviewing face to face in London now.​

Salary negotiable​.

Start: August 2018.

LIVE-IN NANNY, London W2​ & ​Montreal, Canada

The Saudi family will stay in their house in Sussex ​G​ardens W2, London from 29th July until 27th August. They have twins​ (​1​ year 4​months old​)​, a boy and a girl.
Th live-in nanny will work 6 full days per week and will need to perform all typical nannies duties. Accommodation is provided.

From 28th August, the family will stay in their house in Montreal, Canada, for approximately 5 to 6 months. The nanny will have separate bedroom and bathroom​ provided​. Nanny will work 6 full days per week, and provide all typical nannies duties.
The nanny will have to be fully fluent in English and have UK, USA or ​EU​​ passport, also ​to ​be ​a ​comfortable driver.

Their own local nanny will travel with them, so help ​on daily basis ​will be provided.

Interviewing via WhatsApp ASAP​.​

Salary offered: £900 per week​/+​.

Start: 29th July 2018 until end of January/February 2019.

ENGLISH TUTOR, Sardinia (Porto Cervo), Italy

A tutor of English is needed for an 8-year-old Russian girl, who will be on holiday with her family in Porto Cervo (Sardinia) Italy. The girl speaks fluent English (attends a school in London) and is very artistic (drama, singing). The family has a driver and nannies so only tutoring is needed to provide daily English lessons + general development. Working 2 hours per day.

The family need someone located in Porto Cervo.

Dates: from 1st August – 31st August 2018

LIVE IN NANNY, Central Istanbul, Turkey

A VIP family with 3 children, boys aged 3,  7 and 10 months old baby girl, is looking for a live in nanny with international experience. Minimum of two checkable references required. 10 months old baby has her own local nanny and the only  responsibility will be the two boys. The 7 year old is going to school from 6am until 5 pm, and 3 year old is going to the kindergarten. Nanny will need to be able to preform all typical nannies duties. The nanny has to be a native English speaker, second language is a bonus. No driver necessary. Fully staffed household. Beautiful accommodation in central Istanbul will be provided​, separate bedroom and bathroom in a huge villa with the swimming pool​. 5 and a half or 6 full working days per week (to be discussed with the family). Travelling with the family will be requested during school holidays. Family will stay in central London in August for three to four weeks, and this is going to be a paid trial for the nanny. They are arriving 5th, 6th or 7th of August (separate bedroom and bathroom provided). Salary ​£1,200 – ​£1,600/week​. Interviewing now via Skype.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Mayfair, London

English native Governess needed for a lovely 10 year old girl. Supporting her educational needs, help with homework/projects. Live out role. No driving required.  Travelling with the family is expected, mainly during the school holidays – extra bonus when travelling £200 net per week.

Monday – Friday 4pm – 10pm, 1/2 Saturday (approx 11am start, to be arranged with the family)

(Family is going to Italy on a summer holiday from mid July until end of August.  Governess can join them, and this period could be a trial – if successful, then Governess will commence her full time role from September. Salary offered £850 w/+).

Location: Mayfair, London

Start: September 2018

Salary offered: £ 44, 500  gross per year (£856 gross per week)

(The above) Russian family is going to Italy on a summer holiday from mid July until end of August.  Family is after English native candidate.  Accommodation provided.
Candidates looking for summer job – perfect opportunity!
Start: mid July – end of August
Salary: £850+/week

LIVE IN NANNY, St Johns Wood, London

The family is looking for a highly qualified special need Nanny, with experience in dealing with ASD, for two special need boys, age 10 and 8. Both boys are very pleasant and well mannered. Nanny will need to be able to preform all typical nannies duties. The requirements will include setting goals, making slight changes in the child’s environment, providing developmentally appropriate activities, that will help the child feel capable and avoid activities that can be done only a certain way, building up child’s confidence, providing opportunities and activities to support child’s strengths to help him feel successful and capable, teaching problem solving skills, dropping and picking up from school, responsible for their room/clothes, out of school activities, lunch boxes/bath and bed time. From 9am – 3pm boys are at school and nanny will perform some very light housekeeping duties. The family employs a cleaner and a driver. Driving licence is essential. Live-in separate bedroom and bathroom provided.

Interviews:  Face to face now

Working days: Monday – Friday (approx 50h – 55h per week)

Salary offered:  £600 – £800/week gross

Start: End of July 2018

GOVERNESS, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Client is in Barcelona now:

They are going to spend all summer in Spain, Switzerland and France – Client prosed that this could be a trial before going to a Saudi visa process. Requirements during the holiday slightly changed, as in Saudi role would be around 7 and 5 year old, but holiday will also include 2 year old. No driving required. Six working days per week/ 12h a day.

We believe, it is an excellent opportunity, as one will spend some time with the family and know what is expected in a long term role, before committing for a full year contract.

Salary offered: £1,000 – £1,200/week

Date: 2nd July – 27th August 2018

A family is looking for an English native speaking Governess, to help with three children (boy 7, girl 5, boy 2). Separate accommodation provided, en suite, close to the family. The family employs local nanny, housekeepers, drivers, etc. – fully staffed household. Working 5 days per week, 10 hours a day. Children are into Music, Horseback riding, Tennis, Painting and Swimming.  Occasional travel with the family.  Salary offered £700 – £1000 per week. Interviewing on line.

Start: Beginning of September 2018


A VIP Dubai family with 3 children, boys aged 12, 8 and 5, is looking for a native English speaking nanny. The role could be live in (separate bedroom and bathroom provided in a beautiful villa), or live out, if you are based in Dubai. No driving is needed, typical nanny duties. Fully staffed household, plenty of help provided.  Six working days per week, Friday off.  Occasional travel with the family, during school holidays.

Interviewing now.

Salary: To be negotiated (£ 800/w+)

Start: ASAP


Russian family needs a bilingual governess, Italian & English. They have two boys aged 5 and 3. In Moscow working days will be 6 days on/1 day off and when the family is on holiday 7 days on 8-10 hours a day (at least 1 hour break on the middle of the day). Rota system, 28 days on and 28 days off. Accommodation provided. Salary depends of qualification, for highly qualified and motivated up to £350 per day.

Typical governess duties:

Assisting in all aspects of the children’s education

Creating weekly plans that schedule lessons and development co-ordinating with any other child carers’ existing schedules

Giving regular feedback to the children’s parents regarding the children’s progress and development

Providing all necessary nursery duties including keeping the children’s bedroom bathroom playroom and toys/equipment tidy and clean

Keeping the children active and stimulated with creative play and activities as age appropriate

Accompanying the family on weekends or vacations as and when required

Organising play dates and activities for the children and their guests as appropriate.

Providing an exemplary model for the children to follow

Interviewing now.


Start: September 2018


A ​VVIP Qatar​ family is looking for a head nanny/governess and junior nanny to help them with their four children, aged 5, 4, 3 and 18 months. ​Candidates should be very strong and resilient ladies who are well experienced at formulating a structure to allow sleep. House is fully staffed with chefs, drivers and housemaids. Fully furnished, accommodation is provided in a private apartment off site. 6 days a week and up to 12 hours a day is required​​. The salary will be in accordance with ongoing market rate. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Dubai, Islamabad & London

Fully fluent English speaking governess required for two girls aged 7 1/2 and 4. Family employs team of nannies. Fully staffed household. They are after an educator and a mentor, governess who is qualified and highly knowledgeable of British curriculum (girls are currently attending British school in Dubai). Both girls love ballet, swimming, netball and drama.
Governess will have her own bedroom and en-suite bathroom provided, all expenses paid for. Five days/week (8h per day) or six days/week (7h per day), negotiable. References are highly important – please apply only if you have minimum three checkable references. One year contract.  There is also a four months old baby boy, but he has his own full time nanny.
Interviewing now via whattsapp, successful candidate will travel to Dubai for a trial (three to four days, maximum a week).
Offered salary £1,000 – £1,400/week, depending on education and experience.

Start: January 2019


A governess, fully fluent in English, is needed to work with four boys, aged 1, 5, 8 and 10. ​Local​ nanny will help with the baby. The governess should have positive attitude, hardworking and flexible personality, experience in academic and social development of children, be a confident driver and a swimmer. French is a bonus. Traveling with the family will be required. This is a live in role, with accommodation provided. 6 working days per week, free day will mostly be Friday. 8 working hours daily,​ from 2 pm – 10 pm. Offered salary £1,000+, accommodation provided, 30 days of annual leave, ​flight ​tickets paid. Long term contract. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

​NANNY/GOVERNESS​, ​Doha, ​Qatar

A ​VIP Qatar​ family is looking for a governess to help them with their four children, aged from 2 until 9. ​N​anny/​governess will work in a team with another nanny.


Fully fluent in English​ (​French or Spanish are beneficial​, but not necessary)​
Strong swimmer
Sporty/active ( horse riding experience is a bonus)
Confident enough to teach children a new sport
Loves animals
Well traveled, versatile, can teach children about different topics around the world
Previous experience in a school setting as a teacher or assistant teacher
Can create a programme in various subjects to engage the children and teach them in an informal and formal setting, example​:​
​S​cience week / create projects experiments​,​
Art​ week – ​ learn about different ​a​rtists​.​
Can work in a team but also work alone, has a can do attitude, flexible regarding work hours
Has knowledge of certain etiquette how to act in a formal setting
Previous experience working for ​h​igh profile families​.​


Tutor the children in specific subjects
Oversee nursery duties (it is a fully staffed household, but ​they​ still expect the candidate to know what is going on as she would possibly be packing or assist with packing for travels)
Candidate will also be expected to find age appropriate activities whilst traveling and during school holidays
There is a significant amount of traveling​ worldwide​

Accommodation fully provided (villa shared with the other nanny – own en suite). Top notch conditions​, working days – ​6 ​full ​days per week. Offered salary £1​,​000+.
Interviewing now via ​Skype.​

Start: ASAP

TEMPORARY GOVERNESS, central London location

A ​UAE​ family will spend July and August in London and would like to hire a temporary governess. They have 6 children, 13, 11, 9, 6 and 3 year old twins. Two ​of their own​ nannies​ (Filipino) ​ will help ​on daily basis​. Typical governess duties – organise activities for the children​ (mainly in Hyde Park)​, teach them etiquette and manners. The governess should be fluent in English (additional language is a bonus), active, energetic​, patient​. Driver beneficial​ but not necessary​. This is a live out role​, ​5 or 6 full working days​ per week​. Offered salary £120-£150 per day (to be discussed). If everything goes well, the client is willing to offer a long term contract​ in UAE​. ​ ​Interviewing now via ​WhattsApp ​video call.

Start: July 2018

GOVERNESS, Amman, Jordan

VIP family is looking for a fully qualified governess, native English speaker, for their boy aged 11 and girl aged 8. Family will send the boy to a Boarding School from age 13 and main duty will be to prepare him for a common entrance exam in the UK. All family speak fluent English and they have a fully staffed household. This is live in position with separate, 4 bedroom apartment provided. Travelling with the family during Mid term and School Holidays will be required. Candidate must be a driver. Salary offered: £700 – £800/week. Long term contract. Interviewing now.

Start: ​beginning of September 2018​