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LIVE-OUT MATERNITY NURSE, Bethnal Green, London E1
(closest tube Bethnal Green)

Ref: LG8920

A family is looking  for a live out night maternity nurse, working hours from 9pm – 6am for a 3 days old baby. Duration 4 – 6 weeks. Please let us know your nightly fee.

This is suitable for London based candidates.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Al Bateen area, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ref: LG8919

Royal  family is looking for a governess for their 4 year old daughter (5 children but each has its own nanny and governess required only for a 4 year old girl). Fully staffed household. Driver not required. Accommodation provided, separate bedroom and bathroom staying with the family, or could be live out, very flexible. The family frequently goes to Dubai, over night stay. Working days will be 6 days a week (in the morning 6:30am – 7:30am, a girl is at school from 7:30am – 2:30pm, bed time at 8pm). Driver provided. Duties will be school run, activities, homework. Salary offered: £1,000 – £1,500 per week.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG8918

A family is looking for a live-out, native English speaking governess for two children (a 9 year old boy and 11 years old girl). Duties will be planning and scheduling their day/week in relation to school and after school or extracurricular activities, planing travel for holidays and accompanying the children. The governess will be responsible for helping them to complete their school work, for broadening their learning trough exposure to books, activities, ensuring holistic and well-rounded development. Promoting their mental, physical and emotional well being. Fully staffed household. Driver not needed. Working 6 days per week. Salary offered: 16 000 AED/ month.

This is suitable for Dubai based candidates.

Start: ASAP

LIVE – OUT NANNY, Wimbledon, London

(closest tube Wimbledon Park)

Ref: LG8917

A family is looking for a live-out nanny for a 5 year old boy and 1 1/2 year old girl. This is a sole charge position. No housekeeping duties, only children related. 5 year old needs to be taken to school and picked up (school is walking distance). No driver needed. Working days Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am – 7pm. Salary offered: £12 per hour.

Start: ASAP

LIVE – OUT GOVERNESS, Holland Park, London W11

(closest tube Holland Park )

Ref: LG8916

A family is looking for a live-out governess for a 4 1/2 year old daughter, who can become a friend to the child, but to teach her also. The family is looking for Monday to Friday from 3pm – 6:30pm (daughter is in school until 2pm) and one full weekend out of one month. Travel with the family will be requested, which is 2 months during summer and every half term they go back to Turkey. The family employ a housekeeper. No driving required. Salary offered: £20 – £25 p/h 3pm – 6:30pm, weekly travel salary to be arranged at a later stage.

Only for London based candidates.

Start: ASAP


(closest tube Angel)

Ref: LG8915

A family is looking for an experience maternity nanny, that could help over night with feeding the baby, helping at breast feeding and keeping the baby’s nursery tidy. Working days will be 6 or 7 days per week working hours 10pm – 6am. Live-out role. The baby is due approximately 11th October 2018. This is a two months job position. Please suggest your salary expectation.

Start: 1st November 2018


Ref: LG8914

The Saudi Royal princess is looking for a 6 personal trainers, 6 yoga instructors and 6 spa managers instructors (to work in shifts 24/7 as a team, in her own palace). The candidates will have to be a females only, English speakers. This is permanent position for one year, one month paid holiday. Accommodation will be in the palace, all expenses covered. The staff should help educate the Princess about fitness and healthy nutrition. Occasionally, will be a personal training session with her female relatives and friends.  Excellent package salary for the right candidates. Occasional international travel.

Start: ASAP

LIVE – IN  GOVERNESS, Jedah & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

(6 months Jedah and 6 months Riyadh)

Ref: LG8910

A  VIP family is looking for a highly qualified  and educated English native or excellent command of English speaker, with minimum of 8 years of experience, for a 7 years old boy. The governess must be flexible and a team player. Fully staffed household. Separate bedroom and bathroom provided. Occasional travel with the family. Working days will be 6 days a week 10 hours a day (occasionally longer hours). Salary offered: £1300 – £1700 per week.

This is a urgent hire, interviewing immediately over the phone (please confirm your availability for today and tomorrow and phone number).

Start: ASAP


(closest tube Sloane Square)

Ref: LG8911

A  family is looking for a live-out, fully fluent English speaking nanny, for three boys aged 7, 9 and 11 years. Duties will be helping with homework, playing with children and keeping them occupied. Driver not needed. Working days will be Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am until 8pm. Salary offered: £300 for the weekend.

This is ideal role for London based candidates.

Start: ASAP


(closest tube Holland Park)

Ref: LG898

A  family is looking for a live out, native English speaking weekend nanny for two boys age 6 and 10 years old. Duties will be helping with homework, playing with children and keep them occupied. Driver not needed. Fully staffed household. Travel with the family will not be requested. Working days will be Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 6pm (more working days would be required during the mid term breaks and school holidays). Salary offered: £12 – £15 net/per hour.

This is ideal role for London based candidates.

Start: ASAP

LIVE-OUT NANNY, Kensington Court W8

(closest tube High Street Kensington)

Ref: LG899

A  family is looking for a live out nanny, fully fluent in English (second language is a bonus) with minimum 5 years of experience, for the 13 months old baby boy. Boy is attending local activities, appropriate for his age.  The nanny should be a dog friendly. The family employs driver, housekeeper and the cook. Driver not needed. Occasional travel with the family will be requested. Working days will be Monday – Friday from 8am until 7pm (possibility to stay 3 nights longer per week, will be extra paid, to be discussed during the interview). Salary offered: £800- £900 per week.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG897

A VIP American family looking for an experienced maternity nanny. The baby is due approximately 25th February 2019. The family will be in London from January, they have driver, cleaner and assistant. Separate accommodation provided. Working 6 days a week 24 hours a day. Travel with the family will be requested. Salary £180+ per day.

Start: 26th February 2019, and will continue to the first week of May

LIVE IN NANNY, Knightsbridge, London SW1

Ref: LG894

A live in nanny is needed to look after a 8 year old girl. The family is looking for an experienced and creative (arts, crafts) candidate who is fully fluent in English. Working hours are Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm. The girl is in school from 8:15 until 3:30-4pm and goes to bed at 8pm. Additional babysitting in the evening will be required sometimes and will be extra paid. Typical nanny duties, including food preparation and laundry for the girl. The family travels a lot and the nanny will be requested to accompany them. UK, EU or USA passport is a must. Salary offered £500 net/week. Interviewing now.

Start: Immediate start

PART TIME GOVERNESS, St. John’s Wood, London

Ref: LG895

A family is searching for a qualified governess, native English speaker, to work with 2 boys, aged 8 and 11. Working hours 4 pm to 6:30pm and half a day on Saturdays or Sundays (to be discussed). Main responsibility – focus on educational needs of the boys. This is live out position. Offered salary £20-£25 per hour. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG893

A Russian family needs a qualified governess/governor to look after a 6 year old boy. This is rota system with 3 working days on/ 3 days off to start with later this can be negotiated to 7 days on/7 days off. During working days this is live in role and the governess/governor will share the room with the boy (he is extremely afraid of the dark), separate bed will be provided. When not working the candidate will leave the house. Duties will be to prepare the boy for the school and take him to the school, walking distance from the house. The boy is in the school form 8:30am to 3:45pm. After collecting from the school, the governess/governor will help with the homework and arrange appropriate activities for his age. The boy is in bed at 9pm-9:30pm. There are no housekeeping duties, no cooking, no cleaning as they have fully staffed household, only to manage boy’s room (wardrobe). No driver needed, no pets. Traveling with the family will be required. Salary offered £52,000 gross per year (£750 approx per week). Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Maxwell Road, Fulham, London SW6

(less than 5 min walk from Fulham Broadway tube)

Ref: LG9823

A family is looking for a Live-Out Governess, sole charge position, for their 4 years old boy. The boy is about to start school. The governess should be educated, fully fluent in English, and be able to help with a reading, writing and preparing the boy for a 7+ exam, also to support a busy mum with any school activities (bake sales, costumes). The family employs a full time housekeeper, so the focus would be on boys development and welfare, assisting with homework and getting organised for the next school day, school run, proactive about finding and organising activities, play dates and attending swimming classes. No traveling required. Driver not necessary. Working days Monday to Friday from 3pm – 7pm (could offer 5 morning per week from 7am – 9am, though mornings are not essential, longer working hours during mid term break and holidays). Salary offered  £15 net per hour. The contract is for one year. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG8819a

VIP Family needs fully fluent English speaking nanny, for their two children aged 2 and 4. They are based in Dubai, with regular international trips, mostly London. Six working days a week, local nannies employed to help. Fully staffed household. Accommodation provided. Interviewing next week in London. Salary offered £1.000 a week.

Start: ASAP

LIVE OUT GOVERNESS, Weybridge, Surrey

Ref: LG8817a

A family is looking for a live out Governess who can tend their 11-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl when they are at work. Both children study at ACS Cobham and will need the assistance after school hours. The Governess will have sole charge of the children outside of school hours and will be required to help with:

school runs (morning & afternoon ideally, afternoon only option is a possibility)
act as a PA for the children to oversee their general well being, plan educational activities, coordinate with the school and offer advice/guidance.
Working hours on an average 8 hours per day, 5 week with flexibility when needed. During school holidays, the family will require the Governess to work longer hours if they are not taking vacations or to accompany them when traveling.

The role is live out, suitable for a governess who lives near Weybridge. The Governess must have a valid driver’s licence and be willing to use her own car for transport (fuel and parking will be reimbursed accordingly). If a candidate does not own a car, the family may rent a car for her use. The family has two large dogs.

The governess must be lively, cheerful and energetic, flexible on work hours as the timings will be closely tied to the children’s commitments. Long term contract, 4 weeks paid holiday. Salary £900 – £1,300 per week. Interviewing now.

Start: September 2018


Ref: LG8816

A family in Dubai is looking for a Live-in Nanny, fully fluent in English, to look after a 10 months old baby. Typical nanny duties, driver not necessary but beneficial. Traveling with the family will be required. From January 2019, the boy is in nursery from 8am – 12:30pm. Working 6 full days a week, accommodation shared with the baby (bedroom and bathroom). Salary offered:  £700-£800 per week.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Amman, Jordan

Ref: LG831a

VIP family is looking for a fully qualified governess, native English speaker, for their boy aged 11 and girl aged 8. Family will send the boy to a Boarding School from age 13 and main duty will be to prepare him for a common entrance exam in the UK. All family speak fluent English and they have a fully staffed household. This is live in position with separate, 4 bedroom apartment provided. Travelling with the family during Mid term and School Holidays will be required. Candidate must be a driver. Salary offered: £900/week. Long term contract. Interviewing now.

Start: ​beginning of September 2018​

LIVE IN NANNY, Boulogne Billancourt​, Paris​

Ref: LG865a

VIP ​French family is looking for a native English speaking nanny. They have ​8​-month-old twins ​(boy and girl) ​and are expecting a new child by the end of the year. Typical nanny duties, focus on the twins – no housekeeping. Occasional traveling with the family will be required. Separate bedroom and bathroom will be provided. Top notch conditions. The family has a dog​ (labrador)​. Driv​ing ​​not​ necessary for the job​ but beneficial.​ 6 ​working day​s​ a week, Monday to Friday from 7​am-8​pm, Saturday 7am-12pm. Salary 3,​120 EUR net per month. Interviewing and trialing now.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG7113d

Russian family needs a bilingual governess, Italian & English. They have two boys aged 5 and 3. In Moscow working days will be 6 days on/1 day off and when the family is on holiday 7 days on 8-10 hours a day (at least 1 hour break on the middle of the day). Rota system, 28 days on and 28 days off. Accommodation provided. Salary depends of qualification, for highly qualified and motivated up to £350 per day.

Typical governess duties:

Assisting in all aspects of the children’s education

Creating weekly plans that schedule lessons and development co-ordinating with any other child carers’ existing schedules

Giving regular feedback to the children’s parents regarding the children’s progress and development

Providing all necessary nursery duties including keeping the children’s bedroom bathroom playroom and toys/equipment tidy and clean

Keeping the children active and stimulated with creative play and activities as age appropriate

Accompanying the family on weekends or vacations as and when required

Organising play dates and activities for the children and their guests as appropriate.

Providing an exemplary model for the children to follow

Interviewing now.


Start: September 2018