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Ref: LG20121

A family is looking for a live-out native English speaking nanny for their 8 months old daughter. Nanny must be Dubai based, with her own accommodation. Working days: five days a week, 8h – 10h a day. Please suggest your expected salary, long term contract.

Strat : ASAP


Ref: LG201113

VIP family is looking for a fully fluent English speaking nanny for their two children, 4 year old boy, and 21 months old girl. Typical nanny duties. Fully staffed household. Travel with the family will be requested. No driver needed. Accommodation provided, a separate bedroom and bathroom. Working 6 full days a week. Salary depends on experience and education. Long term contract. Interviewing now.  Please state the expected salary.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG201111

The Royal family is looking for a  live-in nanny to look after their 6 year old. Candidate needs to be fully fluent in English. Typical nanny duties, local nannies employed full time, plenty of help.  Working days are 6 days a week, 12h a day, one day off. Travel with the family will be expected. Fully staffed household. Accommodation provided. Salary £16,000 AED +  per month. Contract duration two month.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG201110

A family is looking for a English speaking House Manager (French is a bonus) to supervise and direct all Household staff. Ensure all policies and procedures are implemented and followed. Apply disciplinary procedures if required.

  • Organise and liaise with the Head of Housekeeping and other Sub Managers regarding their schedules, duties and staff rotation.
  • Organise & check the Housekeeping / cleaning team’s schedules and staff rotation.
  • Ensure the highest standard of cleaning is achieved at all times.
  • Coordinate and schedule staff leave throughout the year with ultimate approval from the Principal.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment to build effective team relations and retain good employees.
  • Have a good understanding of people from various cultures and backgrounds working together and apply to their strengths and weaknesses to encourage strong work ethics and team motivation.
  • Ensure and document the health and safety procedures for all staff under your supervision.
  • Ensure all staff members are properly trained and re-skilled as per the operation’s requirement.
  • Ensure that all cleaners are conducting their duties as per operation needs, working diligently and to the highest standards.

Working days will be 6 full days a week, one day off. Female candidates only. Four weeks paid holiday. Accommodation and medical insurance will be provided. Interviewing now.

Salary: £700 – £1,000 per week

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Doha, Qatar

Ref: LG20119

A family is looking for a fully fluent in English and French speaking Governess, to look after 4 children the youngest one is 8 year old and the oldest is 20 years old. Governess will support educational duties only, liaise with the children’s tutors and educational staff to ensure the children’s progress is being fully tracked and work with tutors to identify children’s strengths and weaknesses and encourage them in the correct areas. Help the children with their homework which will include languages (French, English and others as directed by the Principal), Mathematics and other staple subjects (and as directed by the Principal). Ensure that the children’s timekeeping and timetables are all extremely organised, that they go to the correct subjects on time and that their extra-curricular activities and homework are well organised. Fully staffed household.  Occasional travel with the family will be requested. Accommodation will be provided. Working days will be 6 days a week, one day off.  Medical insurance and 4 weeks paid holiday will be provided.

Salary offered  £800 – £1,000 per week. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

Russian Speaking Rota Nanny, Virginia Water, Surrey

(Closest train station Virginia Water)

Ref: LG2061c

Experienced Russian speaking nanny is needed for an eight month old girl, first aid is an absolute must. Working 2 days on/2 days off per week, 24/7 (on rota with another nanny). Driver is a must. Only child related duties. Experience with this age group is essential. Accommodation and food provided. Accommodation is a separate bedroom and bathroom within the main house, huge estate. Fully staffed household. Top salary offered, depends on experience and education.
Start: ASAP


Ref: LG20118

A family is looking for a  nanny to look after their children (2 year old and 10 months old). They will be staying for 12 days. Working hours are 8 hours per day. Please state the expected salary.

Start: 2nd December 2020

Suitable for Dubai based candidates  only. 


Ref: LG20117a

A family is looking for a fully fluent English speaking nanny to travel with them from Dubai to Paris, for 10 days and to look after their 1 year old boy. Sole charge position. Typical nanny duties. Accommodation provided, a room to share with the baby. All meals and travel expenses included. Please state the expected salary.

Start:  Dubai: 18th – 30th December  &  Paris: 20th – 29th December

LIVE – IN NANNY, Chelsea, London SW3

Ref: LG20115

A family is looking for a fully fluent English speaking nanny (Italian is a bonus) to look after their 3-month-old daughter (at the start of the position). Nanny must be experienced with 3 month – 2 year old children. Typical nanny duties. Must be a driver. Working days are Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7.30pm. Traveling with a family will be requested. Accommodation provided: suite on lower ground floor with private bedroom, en suite bathroom, sitting room area with own kitchen. Long term contract. Salary based on experience and qualifications. Must like dogs.

Start: 21st January 2021.

LIVE-OUT NANNY, Kensington Olympia, London W14
(between Kensington Olympia and Hammersmith tube)

Ref: LG20116b

Experienced nanny needed for a lovely family with three children, 4 1/2 (girl), 2 1/2 (girl) and 1 (boy). The eldest child goes to school 8.30am – 3.30pm, the middle child starts nursery from January 4th (walking distance). Typical nanny duties. Family employs a housekeeper who comes four times a week, the nanny will perform only children related duties. Both parents are working, sole charge. Knowledge of French is a bonus. The family lives in a lovely house with a big garden. Occasional travel (1 – 2 times a year). When the nanny is with all three children the family pays taxi. Working days Monday – Friday from 7.30am – 7pm. Salary offered £50,000 – £60,000 gross per annum, depending on experience and qualification. Trial in December, start in January. Interviewing now.

Start: January 2021

Suitable for London based candidates only.


Ref: LG20113

A family is looking for a fully fluent French speaking governess to look after their three children boy 6, girl 4 and boy 2 year old.  Two year old has a full time nanny. Candidate need to have knowledge of Montessori. Governess is expected to home tutor children, teach social graces and table manners. Help the children to become independent and more self confident. Driver preferred. Fully staffed household. Family has a dog. Traveling with a family will be expected. Working days are 5 or 6 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Separate bedroom and en-suite bathroom will  be provided. Candidate must be a swimmer and have a valid First Aid Certificate.  Salary offered £1,000 per week.  One year contract.
Start: ASAP

LIVE – IN GOVERNESS, Mexico City, Mexico

Ref: LG201013

A family is looking for highly educated and experienced Governess, fully fluent in English (French is a bonus). Main focus will be on the education of an 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy. Separate bedroom with bathroom will be provided. Occasional travel with the family will be requested.  Working days Monday – Friday, full days, school is online and when the children are back to school it will be after school hours. Fully staffed household. Salary offered £800 – £1,000  per week.

Start: January 2021

GOVERNESS, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Ref: LG201012a

VIP family is looking for highly educated and experienced Governess, fully fluent in English (French or Russian is a bonus). Main focus will be on the education of nine year old girl who attends British school. Separate accommodation provided.  Working five or six days a week from 4pm – 9pm. Fully staffed household. Long term commitment. Salary offered £900 – £1,000  per week.

Kindly note, due to the current Covid-19 situation, all staff are expected to wear a mask.

Start: ASAP

LIVE – IN NANNY, Paris, France

Ref: LG201011

Lovely family is after a fluent in English and French speaking live-in nanny for their two boys aged 7 and 10. Typical nanny duties. Full time housekeeper employed. Working hours are after school,  from 4pm – 8pm, Monday – Friday, on Wednesdays school finishes at 12pm.
Occasional travel with the family. Salary offered £500 net per week.
Start: ASAP

LIVE-IN GOVERNESS, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ref: LG20103b

The family is looking for a fully fluent or native English speaking governess to look after their 2 children (boy is 6 and girl is 4). Both children are attending British school. Travel with family will be requested during school holidays. Preferably a driver. Separate accommodation provided near the family home. Working days Wednesday – Friday 6:30am-10am, 2:30pm-8pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-7pm. Off school (holidays, school closure) Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Salary offered £700 – £900 net per week.

Start: ASAP


(Closest tube  station Golders Green)

Ref: LG20910a

Governess needed for 3 girls, 5 year old twins, and a 3 year old. Family is after an experienced, fully qualified French native or fully fluent speaking governess. Montessori knowledge is a bonus. The role requires a governess who is very calm, gentle, patient, creative, active and to be able to build a nurturing bond with children, main focus will be on education, one of the twin has Down syndrome. Live-in or Liveout, both options possible, if Live-in lovely fully furnished accommodation will be provided within a family residence (kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom). Working days: Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm/6.30pm. No driver needed. Travel with the family will be required. Trial will be expected prior to start day. Governess will firstly join the current nanny who stayed four years with the family, working one day a week then increasing to a few days per week. Governess will not have 3 children to look after as she will be at school with the child who has Down syndrome. In the classroom she is supporting the teacher. So, during term time, for the majority of the time she will be with one child. After school she would accompany the children (with another nanny) to their activities. Again, she would not have all 3 children in her sole charge. After that she would come home with the kids, give them their bath  and that is it. No cooking for kids at all, maybe warming up their food. No driving. During the term time, she has no washing or ironing the kids  clothes,  no tidying up after the kids, as she will be at school all day. So Nanny duties are minimal, hours are regular 8am to 6/6.30. The governess side is limited to supporting their learning in French  all the materials  in French will be provided by the family.  The new governess will start over full time from January 2021.  Long term contract. Salary 40k gross per year.

Start: January 2021.
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