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MATERNITY NURSE, Bexleyheath, Bexley

Ref: LG2071

First time mother is after a very experienced Maternity Nurse. Live-in, period of five to seven days.  Interviewing now.
Please quote your expected salary. Due date is 5th August.
Start: 5th August – 10th/12th August (approx).

GOVERNOR, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Ref: LG2069

The family is after a well qualified governor for their seven year old son.  Most probably from September school will be on line and they would like a bit of structure and supervision regarding the education of their son.  Governor should also be a role model for the child. Separate accommodation will be provided ½ mile to a mile from the family.  Driver is a must, the family is willing to give their Range Rover for a governor to drive. Housekeeper employed. Working 5 full days a week, working hours to be discussed with the client during the interview.  Salary offered £1,000 – £1,500/week.


Start: August 2020.

LIVE-IN NANNY, Fulham, London SW6

Ref: LG2068

Family is after an experienced and creative nanny for a five year old girl. Typical nanny duties.  Five days a week –  Saturday and Sunday are working days, two days off to be taken during the week.  Working hours are 7am – 7pm.

Mother is expecting, baby is due in August.  Primary duty is five year old, nanny will be expected to give support/help the mother with the newborn.Separate one bedroom apartment provided, walking distance from family home (10 min walk).  Salary offered £600/week.  Interviewing now.


Start: beginning of August

GOVERNESS, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Ref: LG2067

Native English or Russian speaking governess needed for a nine year old girl who attends British School. Live-in, separate bedroom with en suite bathroom within family home provided.  Until September five full working days (no school at the moment, hours to be discussed, family is flexible), from September after school hours only from 3pm – 10pm (girl is at school until 4pm).  Working days are Monday – Friday.  Fully staffed household. Family is after well educated/qualified governess who can teach manners and etiquette.  Family is after long term commitment. Salary offered £900 – £950 per week.  

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Merida, Mexico

Ref: LG2066

A family is looking for a native or fully fluent English speaking governess to look after their three children boy 6, girl 4 and boy 2 year old.  Two year old has a full time nanny. Candidate need to have knowledge of Montessori and French language is a bonus. Governess is expected to home tutor children, teach social graces and table manners. Help the children to become independent and more self confident. Driver preferred. Fully staffed household. Family has a dog. Traveling with a family will be expected. Working days are 5 or 6 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Separate bedroom and en-suite bathroom will  be provided. Candidate must be a swimmer and have a valid First Aid Certificate.  Salary offered £1,000 per week.  One year contract.
Start: 15th August 2020

WEEKEND NANNY/PA, Fulham, London SW10

Ref: LG2065

A family is looking for a Live – in weekend Nanny/PA  to look after their 2 children (11 year old boy and 13 year old girl). Typical nanny duties, housekeeper employed. Working days Friday 4 – 6h a day, Saturday and Sunday 12h shift. Salary offered £20 per hour. Family has a dog. Interviewing now.
Start: ASAP


Ref: LG2054b

A family is looking for a highly educated native English speaking  Governess, French is a bonus, for their 4 children, girls aged 7, 9 and 12, and a 5 year old boy. The candidate will have a full responsibility for overseeing a formal, social and cultural education of the children. Fully staffed household, each child having their own nanny. Travel with the family will be requested. The family will provide an apartment 3 minutes walk from the family home. Working days Monday – Friday, from 7am to assist the drivers with the school drop, then have free time until 12.30pm when a school pick up will commence, finish at 7pm, and a Saturday 10am – 1pm. Salary offered from £1,200 – £1,500 net per week depends on qualification and experience.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS, Abuja, Nigeria

Ref: LG2053

A family based in Abuja, Nigeria is looking for a highly educated native English speaking Live-in Governess, French is a bonus, for their 4 1/2 year old twins (boy and a girl). Duties will include, supporting the twins, getting them ready for school and teaching early years British curriculum. Driver not necessary. Separate bedroom and en-suite bathroom will  be provided. Fully staffed household. Occasional travel with the family will be requested. Working six days a week, one day off. Working hours vary at present, the children have online school, but when back to school, it will be 6.30am with 2 to 3 hours break and then finish at 8pm. Salary offered £800 – £1,000 per week depends on qualification and experience.

Start: from August 2020


Ref: LG9115c

The Royal family is looking for a  live-in governess/nanny to look after their three children aged 2, 4 and 6. Help will be provided, they are looking to hire few governesses/nannies. Candidate needs to be fully fluent in English. Typical nanny duties, local nannies employed full time, plenty of help.  Working days are 6 days a week, 12h a day, one day off. Family is  based in Dubai, but often stays in London. Fully staffed household. Accommodation provided. Salary £16,000 AED +  per month.

Start: ASAP

GOVERNESS/TUTOR, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7

(Radlett railway station)

Ref: LG2051

A family is looking for a highly educated, fully fluent or native English speaking live-out Governess/Tutor to look after their 8 year old girl. Duties will include pick up from school, help with the homework, take her to after school activities. The girl plays violin. Must be a driver, the family will provide a car. Travel with the family will not be requested. The family has three dogs, and employs a housekeeper. Working days Monday to Friday from 3pm – 6.30pm, sometimes during the school holidays longer hours will be needed from 10am – 5.30pm. Salary offered £40 net per hour.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG2033a

A family is looking for live-out native English speaking governess to look after  their two children girls age 3 and 6 year old. Separate accommodation will be provided, the family will rent an apartment near their home. Meals will not be provided during the working hours. Driver not required. Traveling will be requested, the family has a residence in Spain and they spend 2 -3 month per year there. Working days Monday – Friday, 8 hours a day. Salary offered £900+ per week.

Start: ASAP

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