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NANNY, Parsons Green, London SW6

Ref: LG9112

A nanny is needed to look after three children, a girl aged 6, a boy 3 and 1/2 and a baby boy 7 months old. Typical nanny duties – prepare older children for school/nursery and take the boy for to the nursery (walking distance), sometimes prepare food only for the children, arrange and take to activities. Additional help will be provided by one more part time nanny each day from 3pm-6:30pm. The family employs full time housekeeper. Working hours are from 6:30am-6:45am until 6:30pm-6:45pm , Monday to Friday. This can be live-in (superb accommodation, separate bedroom and bathroom) or live-out role (the candidate must live nearby). No driver needed. Offered salary £600+ net per week. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG9111

Two temporary/holiday nannies are need to look after two children, aged 3 and a half and 4 months. One nanny will look after the boy aged 3 and take him to the beach and kids club as he is too young to be left in the kids club. They would also like a second nanny who could help looking after the baby, so would need to have experience with new born. Also required evening babysitting – only one nanny will do this. This is live out, 10 days role – suitable only for local candidates. 10 working days, working hours: for the boy: 4-5 hours per day, for the baby: 3-4 hours in the day plus evening babysitting. Salary negotiable. Interviewing now.

Start: 9th February 2019

End: 18th February 2019


Ref: LG9110

A bilingual governess, fully fluent in English and French, is needed to work with 2 boys and 2 girls, aged 6, 9, 13 and 15. The governess shall normally work the following days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and every other Saturday. Working hours will be: From Sunday to Thursday 2 PM – 10 PM; Saturday one straight shift of 10 hours (flexible timing). Above starting time or end time could be changed subject to family needs.

Educational objectives: homework assistance, English/French language mastering, developing educational skills (daily reading of books, stories, articles, etc. suitable to children’s age).

Social development objectives: organise play dates, teach social skills, develop self-confidence and ability to find solutions to any problem, build teamwork and collaboration, develop etiquette, table manners, keep daily habits/routine of teeth brushing, cloth tiding, room arranging, toys organizing.

Entertainment objectives: organizing sports activities and accompanying to all various sports activities, organizing movies, museum outings.

School Days (Sunday to Thursday): dressing the children, take them to school, bring back from school, homework assistance, cooking healthy meals for kids, some activities or entertainment, prepare for bed and prepare their school bags and lunch box for next day. Saturdays/Fridays: breakfast, outdoor activities, play dates, sports activities, prepare bags for following school day.

Other Examples of duties and responsibilities:

Oversee children’s activities to ensure that they are safe and secure, and arrange for a safe environment for them;

Teach manners, etiquette and right code of conduct, safety and discipline;

Engage children in conversation to determine their specific likes and dislikes;

Ensure the child’s timetable is adequate and allow for the day to run smoothly;

Liaise with school and educate the children at home by assisting with their homework, PT meetings, home class teachers coordination regarding homework and education;

Prepare children for exams and school assessments;

Encourage children to behave appropriately and complete their studies;

Staying overnight with the children when required;

Travelling with the family when needed and sharing accommodation with family when required;

Driving the kids for/from school and to their outdoors activities and playdates;

Driver is a must. Salary offered AED 20,000 per month (£4,228 current exchange rate), visa, insurance, and annual plane ticket to home country. Long term contract. Interviewing now.

Start: 30th April 2019

PART TIME FRENCH GOVERNESS, Compton Avenue, Hampstead, London N6

Ref: LG919

An after school part time governess is needed to work work with a 5 year old Russian girl. The governess must be a native French speaker and she should talk to the girl only French. The goal is to teach the girl to speak French on a native level. The girl goes to school and speaks basic French. This is live out role, Friday 3:30pm – 9pm, Saturday all day. If all is well, the family will add another working day. Salary £20 – £25/hour. One year contract. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

MATERNITY NURSE, Regent’s Park, London NW1

Ref: LG918

A VIP family is looking for a top notch maternity nurse. Due date is 1st August 2019, contract length 3-6 months. They are expecting following:

  • Basic medical qualification and experience with premature / C section etc babies required
  • Familiar with dealing with basic illness common to babies
  • Structured and focused on setting a schedule from the outset
  • A good balance between being fun with activities and helping develop the baby
  • Stamina
  • Knowledgeable and willing to help guide parents
  • Fluent in English
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Trustworthy and discrete
  • Calm under pressure and in an emergency
  • Punctual
  • Nurturing.

This is live-in role and offered salary is £250 per day. Interviewing now.

Start day: 1st August 2019

LIVE-IN & LIVE-OUT (ROTA), Richmond, London TW9

Ref: LG917

The family is looking for a nanny 5 days per week including weekends on a rota basis – must be flexible and understanding of the needs of a private household. Working primarily in main residence in Richmond – will be required to travel to other UK residences on a regular basis (some weekends, school holidays) and overseas. Joining a team of nannies working on rotating schedules to allow 2 / 3 nannies to be on duty at all times with 1 living in each day. The nanny must live locally. Looking after 4 children aged 8(G),  5(B),  4(B) and 23 months(G). Salary: £60,000 gross per year. Working hours: 8am -7pm (Day Shift) / 8am – 8pm (Live In Shift).

(Rota is agreed in advance with the House Manager as part of a weekly rota).

Daily duties:

  • Supervising playtime
  • Escorting children on trips out
  • Planning and leading educational activities and assisting with homework as necessary
  • Keeping track of all school related matters – parents evenings, trips, activities
  • Maintaining children’s timetables (following routines, planning activities)
  • Keeping children’s bedrooms/nursery tidy and ensuring they have clean clothes, school uniforms, any specific hair/skin products/medicines are in stock and ensuring they are well cared for in all respects
  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks, feeding and cleaning up after meal times
  • Packing suitable clothing/toys and any other personal effects for all travel/visits
  • Arranging appointments and keeping up to date records at all times (e.g. Medical appointments and vaccinations, haircuts, extracurricular activities) Ad hoc errands.


  • Be a fluent English speaker – it is a key requirement of the role that the candidate must be able to communicate effectively and have an excellent comprehension of the English language
  • Have solid previous nanny experience in a similar role with references
  • Be flexible
  • Be free and willing to travel abroad from 2 weeks – 2 months around school holiday time
  • Be punctual, organised and a good team player
  • Maintain a professional demeanor whilst being approachable, welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic
  • Hold up to date DBS and first aid training
  • Be well presented, discreet and articulate
  • Be fit, active and able to join in with the children’s games
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Pet friendly
  • Be able to do light, healthy home cooking
  • Be IT literate, able to communicate with the office via email

Driver provided, when on duty.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LG98129b

A native English speaking governor needed to work with two boys aged 3 and 1 1/2. Typical governess duties – education, structure, etiquette and manners. They have fully staffed household (2 nannies, 2 domestic helpers and 3 drivers). The family speaks Mandarin, but the children’s first language is English. No pets, no driving. Working hours will be approx 30/week, 5 working days per week. This is shared care, live out role (accommodation will be provided). Long term contract. Salary £1,000-£1,500 per week. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

LIVE OUT GOVERNESS, 5 minutes walk from Gloucester Road and South Kensington tube stations, London

Ref: LG98126

A part time governess is need to work with a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 6. The children go to school and have no problems there. The parents would like to hire someone who can help them to establish discipline and structure at home, set boundaries, teach them to be independent. The governess must be fully fluent English speaker. 2 or 3 times per week, 2pm -7pm. Offered salary £20 per hour. Interviewing now.

Start: beginning of January 2019

NANNY / MATERNITY NANNY, Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia), Los Angeles (USA), London (UK)

Ref: LG8112b

VIP Saudi family is looking for an experienced nanny/maternity nurse. They have 8 month old baby boy and are expecting new baby in May 2019. The family would like to hire a nanny experienced with newborns. When the baby is born the nanny should work for the next three months as a maternity nanny – the salary during this period will be amended (maternity nurse salary) and agreed in advance. After 3 months, when routines are established, the role will switch back to nanny duties. The nanny will always have her own Filipino assistant to help her and must be fully fluent in English, experienced with VIP fully staffed (formal) households, educated and up to date. Thy have 3 fully staffed residences in Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia), Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK). The role will start in Al Khobar. This is live-in, 6 days a week role. One year contract with one month paid holiday. Offer salary £900+ per week. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

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