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What Is a Nanny?

A nanny is a person, usually a woman, whose job it is to look after one or more children of a single family, preferably for a period of a few years.

Nannies can be live-in or live-out, depending on their employer’s needs. To become a professional nanny, it is usually required to have a degree or training in a child development field such as an Early Years, Child Psychology or Montessori course, and First Aid certificate.

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There are two common types of nanny:

  1. A live-in nanny is usually responsible for the complete care of this family’s children. Getting the children up, feeding them, keeping them amused and active, taking them to the park or doctor’s appointment, cleaning their room and play area, and washing and ironing their clothes are just some of many tasks required of a live-in nanny. A nanny of this type usually has a separate apartment – sometimes referred to as a “nanny flat” – in the home of the family she is servicing, or at least a room with separate bathroom.
  2. A live-out nanny provides childcare in your private home for set hours during the day. Within her working hours, your live-out nanny will assume all of the responsibilities and duties of a live-in nanny. The main difference is no requirement to provide her with accommodation throughout your collaboration.
  3. A night nanny is a recent addition to the nanny’s roles. She is present to help parents with their newborn baby. As her name suggests, this nanny is usually required to work during the night and helps to establish good sleeping patterns, both for the child and new parents. In contrast to a maternity nurse who is a live-in nanny, a night nanny is usually a live-out nanny working night shifts.

Why hire a nanny?

If you are you an accomplished person with one or more children and a career, you may benefit from day-to-day help in running both aspects of your life smoothly. Hiring a nanny may be the best solution and London Governess can provide the best candidates to resolve your problem.

Your nanny will perform the following tasks:

  • Getting the children up and dressed
  • Supervising children’s meals
  • Washing and ironing children’s laundry
  • Keeping children active and entertained
  • Arranging play dates
  • Taking the children to the park or zoo
  • Creating arts and crafts projects

  • Reading to the children
  • Accompanying children to music or dance lessons
  • Taking the children to doctor’s or dentist’s appointments
  • Tidying play area at end of day
  • Keeping toys clean and organised
  • Helping children undress
  • Bathing the children and prepare them for bed


Why hire London Governess nannies?

Leaving your children to a stranger can be a hard decision. We champion your peace of mind by performing all necessary background checks and working with only the best-regarded nannies. We also supply you with extensive information on your nanny-to-be, so that you already know her like the back of your hand when hiring her. Our general standards of choosing a nanny are listed below.

  1. Native language skill: We are proud to offer a wide range of native British and, more importantly, native English-speaking nannies.
  2. Education and work experience: Our agency hires only top-notch nannies, which means they have respected UK qualifications supported by years of experience in the field.
  3. Age range variety: Whether you are looking for a younger nanny from 25-45, or a more experienced nanny (45+), we will provide the perfect choice for your specific requirement.
  4. Reliability: Our nannies are hardworking, dedicated employees with a great love for their work and high sense of responsibility for the families they assist.
  5. Caring and outgoing personality: Our nannies are pleasant and enthusiastic no matter their age, with a genuine interest in children and their well-being.


Can London Governess address my specific requirements?

Yes – at London Governess, we understand that every family is unique, and we are more than happy to take up the challenge and provide for your specific request. We can find a live-in, live-out or part-time nanny. If you are not sure what kind of nanny you need, let us suggest three types proven to be of great help to many of our clients.

  1. A temporary nanny will assist you for a few days, week or months of your choosing. If you need to attend an important event, or your permanent nanny is taking a vacation – whatever the reason – our temporary nannies will be there to provide you with the best childcare during the time you require.
  2. A holiday nanny is a good choice if you intend on having a relaxed family vacation yet with some time just for yourself. Apart from being a helping hand to and from the destination, a holiday nanny plans educational and cultural activities for your children and generally makes their stay in a new environment more enjoyable.
  3. A bilingual nanny is someone who can teach your children to speak or master a new language. This service is more than welcome if you have just moved, or plan to move to a new country and want your children to adapt easily. It is not just the language the nanny will instruct your children in but the country’s customs, history and traditions.

We can also look for a nanny with a specific set of skills or knowledge. For example, London Governess nannies can teach your children to swim or ski, and can help with homework. Our nannies are of great help with house chores, can prepare meals and clean dishes, wash and iron children’s clothes, and clean children’s rooms.


What are the stages of hiring a London Governess nanny?

Choosing a nanny can be a demanding task for any parent, which is why we like to guide you through every stage of the process.

  1. The first stage is a telephone conversation with our representative that enables you to be open about your needs and expectations when it comes to your future nanny. Please do not omit any details because seemingly little things can make a significant difference, and bring you one step closer to finding a perfect nanny.
  2. The second stage is to send you a collection of suitable Curriculum Vitae to consider.
  3. The third stage includes you interviewing your shortlisted candidates. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to see a nanny at work before you make your offer. A trial could be a day or two, or a week – as long as you believe necessary. Again, it is essential for both parties to be as honest as possible, because this will determine the success of your future collaboration.
  4. The last stage is when you make your final decision. Take your time to consider all of the aspects of the candidates you have met. Diplomas and recommendations aside, the most important factor is that you feel this person is the right fit for your family.

It goes without saying that all of our nannies have undergone extensive reference and police checks before being recommended to you.


I am too busy – can my assistant do all the arrangements?

At our agency, we are more than aware that your time is precious, and want you to make the best of it.

With proof of your authorisation, your assistant can do all the work for you and, in no time, you will feel the benefits of a perfect nanny in your home.


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