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Apply to join our rapidly growing team of top-tier male nannies. Accept only the finest manny positions in London and abroad, and make the most of your sought-after skill set.

Join the London Governess as an Esteemed Male Nanny

The demand for male nannies has been steadily increasing over the past few decades, as many families have come to appreciate the unique skills mannies bring to the table. The London Governess offers incredible opportunities locally and abroad for skilled male nannies looking to join our expanding team.

Gain valuable experience, travel the world, and make the most of top-tier employee benefits you can't say "no" to.

What is a Male Nanny?

A male nanny, is a professional caregiver responsible for children's care and well-being. Like a traditional nanny, a male nanny provides childcare services, which usually include daily duties such as feeding, bathing, supervising playtime, helping with homework, and ensuring the safety and comfort of the children under their care.

Male nannies have chosen a career in childcare, breaking traditional gender stereotypes in the profession. They are highly favoured by families looking to introduce a positive male role model into the household who sets an example for healthy masculinity.

The Responsibilities of a Male Nanny

How to Apply

To apply for local or international nanny positions, complete the free registration process by clicking the link below. Then, fill in the application, attach your CV, and submit it.

We'll thoroughly assess your details, and if your qualifications align with our requirements, we'll reach out for an initial interview. Rest assured, the registration is obligation-free, offering flexibility if plans change.

Grab this chance to embark on a rewarding nanny career. Your journey begins by registering via the link below, opening doors to diverse childcare opportunities both locally and abroad.

About London Governess

The London Governess is a highly reputable childcare agency that provides top-quality governesses, nannies, and tutoring services. Established in 2011, we have earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional services to high-status families and influential leaders worldwide.

Our success is attributed to the dedicated team of professional consultants and childcare providers who have consistently elevated industry standards. Trusted by some of the world's most distinguished families, including business executives, industry leaders, political figures, and royalty, The London Governess has become synonymous with reliability and excellence.

Over the past decade, we have successfully enrolled over 1000 highly accomplished candidates, each contributing unparalleled skills and embracing an authentically English childcare approach. Likewise, we are committed to upholding traditional British standards for nannies, ensuring that our clients receive an authentic English approach.

Understanding that our clients seek more than just a perfect nanny, we recognize the importance of native English speakers who can instil core British values in their children. These values include courage, self-reliance, discipline, and excellent manners.

Registering with The London Governess gives you access to incredible opportunities and aligns you with a reputable and reliable image.

Why Start Your Career with The London Governess?

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    If you're ready to pursue a unique work experience, work with distinguished households, and take your manny-ing skills to the next level, apply as a candidate below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What distinguishes a male nanny from a traditional female nanny or governess?
    There is absolutely no difference regarding qualifications and childcare abilities. Male nannies are just as capable of providing exceptional childcare as female nannies are. However, some families may prefer to hire a manny for several reasons. For example, households where the father is a high-ranking executive or political figure with a very demanding job or single-mother households often seek to hire specifically male childcare providers. Male nannies act as positive male role models for children and can effectively teach young boys about healthy masculinity.
    2Are male nannies only hired to look after boys?
    Not at all. As a manny, you will often be requested to work for diverse households and look after children of all genders. Some households may include only boys, and others - a combination of boys and girls. If you have valuable experience and a genuine interest in childcare, you will find a successful approach to communicating with all children.