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Become a London Governess private tutor

A tutor is, as it is well known, a private teacher for a specific subject/skill. Private tutors are mostly hired by parents to improve their children’s knowledge or to prepare them for some important exams


Tutors in London Governess Agency

If you are a well-educated teacher seeking a full time or part time private tutor vacancy in England, you are at the right place. London Governess has everything you need to become a prestigious highly paid tutor.

Nowadays, private tutoring is a must if parents want to make their children’s academic performance better. So, here is the opportunity to show your teaching knowledge. London Governess is always in search for professional:

  • English language tutors
  • Maths tutors
  • Science tutors
  • Tutors for 11+ exams
  • Tutors for any other (entrance) exams
  • Tutors for multiple subjects
  • TEFL tutors


What is expected from you?

Our clients are outstanding, from royalty to captains of industry, VIP and high net worth families and individuals, so the tutor service should be in accordance with that.

If you want to be classified as a number one tutor in our registration database, the following documents and information should be delivered:

  • – A proof of your degree obtained
  • – Previous experience stated
  • – Recommendation letters from your former employers
  • – DBS check

All our tutors are well mannered, caring and hard-working people who are ready to work with dedication and love (We are proud to say that our private tutors get nice compensation for that). The place of teaching is usually our clients’ homes.


What can be expected from an employer?

As mentioned before, London Governess clients are VIP and high net worth families which means that you will get a lot of benefits in return for your hard work and dedication: on time competitive salary, resecting agreed working hours, a chance to meet people from all around the world and become more acquainted with new cultures.


The cost of private tutoring

Tutors can be hired full time or by hour.

When hiring a tutor from our company full time (35 – 40 hours per week), our clients usually pay between £800 to £1500. More experience and more impressive or wide-ranging qualifications will command higher rates and it is up to you to arrange the final salary with the employer.

When hired by hour, a tutor will be paid between £30 and £80, again depending on experience, qualifications and subject.

One more important thing about private tuition is that we guarantee a top professional service to our clients which means that you should respect your mutual terms and conditions as well as privacy policy which you will be familiar with from the start of your cooperation.


How to apply for a tutor position?

We would like to guide you through every phase of the process in order to know what should be expected from all of us during this period:

  1. The first phase is to fill in the form on our web site – our HR will reply to you and request to send relevant documents (C. V., cover letter, DBS check, education diplomas and certificates, references) as well as to arrange an interview. You can apply either if you have seen an interesting job position or you want to be in our system for some future vacancies.
  2. After that, we send your C. V. to our clients and if they like it, we will arrange an interview with a possible employer.
  3. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to see a family before you make your decision. A trial could be a day or two or a week as long as an employer/employee believes it is necessary.
  4. The last stage is when the client and you make your final decision. Both of you should take your time to consider all the aspects.


Call us: +44 207 581 2612  and + 44 7740 462 463