Maternity Nurse

The arrival of a new baby is a proud and exciting moment. When you hire a skilled and experienced maternity nurse from London Governess, you are free to relax, you are free to relax, knowing that mother and baby are in the best possible hands. Your maternity nurse will be there right after the birth offering essential postnatal and newborn baby care, breastfeeding advice and support. She will be your family’s professional ally, ensuring that the experience is as rewarding as possible and free of exhaustion or stress.

Maternity Nurse for Hire in London

Duties of a maternity nurse:

A maternity nurse will help establish daytime and night-time routines, supervise and tidy the baby’s room, do baby’s laundry, bathe baby, sterilise and prepare bottles, and settle baby after feeds. If you have multiple babies, she will help establish a natural, easy routine that allows you to spend plenty of one-on-one time with each child.

Not only will she offer all the advice you need on baby related matters, she will give valuable support night and day to let your family rest, and let mum recover from the birth and any health issues that might follow.

Maternity nurse hours

Working hours are typically between 8 and 12 hours per day, 5 or 6 days per week. But whatever your schedule, we can find a maternity nurse to fit.

You can hire a daytime-only maternity nurse, or a maternity nurse who lives-in and is on call at night too, ensuring that you have a full night’s sleep without interruption.

Choose the best maternity nurses from London Governess

Our maternity nurses are all highly trained British professionals, with extensive experience, valid references, a strong British education and a warm, loving and respectful personality. We meet each nurse in person to verify their working history, check their references and confirm they have full enhanced DBS checks.

  • Your maternity nurse will be British educated, and a native English speaker
  • Respected British qualifications, and excellent references.

With a London Governess maternity nurse you’ll receive the highest quality care, and be certain your baby is in safe, experienced hands.