Hire Teacher in London

Hiring a teacher companion from London Governess is the flexible solution for anyone who needs to perfect their English or other skills. From students to busy executives, a teacher companion provides skilled tuition in a convenient way. Lessons can last a day, an hour, or any length of time in between, and can take place anywhere that suits you. London Governess can provide teacher companions to help you improve your English or to cover a wide range of other subjects. Teacher companions are perfect for keeping children occupied, informed and educated all at the same time.

A fun day out? Or a working lunch? The choice is yours

Why not hire a teacher companion to accompany your children on a day’s shopping or sightseeing? That way you can be sure they are safe, while improving their spoken English in a fun and relaxing way. Alternatively, if you are a busy executive who needs to enhance your business or legal English, or any other academic skill, but only have a short slot in your schedule, a teacher companion will meet you at the office and work with you through your lunch hour.

Our teacher companions are all highly trained and experienced teachers who have supreme patience, excellent communication skills, and true depth of knowledge in their chosen subject. Whether you are readying yourself to sit an exam, practising for interviews, or just keen to progress in a particular field, a teacher companion makes it easy to improve your skills and knowledge. Flexible and convenient, teacher companions will prepare lessons that are appropriate to the age and experience of the student, and will adapt to your needs.

The cost of hiring a teacher companion

Teacher companions can be hired full time or by the hour.

Hiring a teacher companion full time for a 35-40 hour week costs between £800 to £1300. More experience and more impressive or wide ranging qualifications will command higher rates.

When hired by the hour a teacher companion costs between £30 and £100, again depending on experience, qualifications and subject.