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8 Best English-Speaking Schools in Dubai

Many families are finding themselves relocating to Dubai. This could be for the weather, the quality of life, the culture, for family reasons, or for work. Whatever your reason for moving to Dubai, finding the best school for your children is vital. 

Moving to another country can be a huge upheaval for a child and it’s important to identify a school which is going to help them settle in easily, support them throughout the transition, and also help them to achieve their academic potential. The good news is that there are many high quality English-speaking schools in Dubai, many of which rank excellently year after year. 

The search can be difficult and some schools have waiting lists and very specific entry requirements to meet. To help you find the best school for your child, let’s look at 8 of the best primary and secondary schools in the Dubai area. 

Best Primary & Secondary Schools in Dubai (English-Speaking)

Regent International School, Emirate Hills Community, Dubai 

Regent International School consistently ranks excellently amongst families and performs extremely highly in tests. The school has a primary and secondary department and children are encouraged to learn the 5 C’s, which are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and commitment. The school focuses upon helping children to meet their potential and become the very best of the best. The focus is also on helping children to build up strength of character, focusing on wellbeing and personal growth. 

This is a mixed school with just over 1000 students and has been in operation for more than 40 years. 

Kings’ School, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai 

This is another mixed school which consistently ranks highly, with both a primary and a secondary department. This is classed as quite a prestigious school and there are several key tests and interviews which need to be met before a child is accepted into the school. 

Kings’ School follows the English national curriculum and focuses upon children becoming independent and learners throughout their lives. The school has been open since 2014 and has quickly established itself in the city as one of the best international schools in the area. 

Children are encouraged to use their creativity to come up with innovative ideas, whilst also focusing upon technology and sporting excellence. The school has fantastic facilities in a very modern setting. 

Pristine Private School, Al Nahda, Dubai

This is a mixed primary and secondary school with just under 1500 students on its register. Regularly ranked highly, Pristine Private School follows the English national curriculum to A Level point. The school opened its doors in 1992 and has a huge campus which is modern and set in natural surroundings. With state of the art technology and classroom equipment, Pristine Private School challenges children to learn and enjoy the process, focusing upon their wellbeing, happiness and academic excellence. 

This school focuses heavily upon performing arts and sports, with a heavy influence of culture and tradition. There is also a large swimming pool on site and plenty of sporting facilities too. With a truly ‘hands on’ approach to learning, children are encouraged to do their best and help others, building respect for those around them and independence along the way. 

Nord Anglia International School, Al Barsha South, Dubai

This particular school opened its doors in 2013 and is a mixed primary and secondary school, following the English national curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma too. By attending this school, children will have a focus upon making worldwide change, with determination to be openminded and independent. 

Part of a larger group of schools worldwide, the school also has many global partnerships which give opportunities to children during their learning. The school consistently ranks as high quality and children are taught to focus upon their wellbeing and happiness whilst learning, as well as learning respect for others. 

Nord Anglia encourages children to be consistently ambitious in their learning and to strive to reach their very best standard.

Repton School, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai

Having opened its doors in 2007, Repton School is in the heart of the city and one of the most prestigious in the area. This is a mixed school which consist of a primary and secondary school, with a sixth form on site also. Repton School offers boarding options for children wishing to stay over and also has extremely modern and comfortable surroundings for both day and boarding students. 

As with all our chosen Dubai schools, Repton School has consistently high rankings and has been rated as ‘outstanding’ more the once. There are currently around 1800 students at the school, with a large campus meaning low class sizes. Focused upon academic excellence, Repton School also has outstanding pastoral care programmes for their children and encourages children to be independent, innovative, creative, and of course, happy in their studies. 

Students attending Repton School are often the envy of many and this school often sees former students go on to achieve great success in their chosen careers. 

Newlands School, Al Warqa, Dubai

Newlands School has just 750 students, meaning a low teacher to student ratio, low class sizes, and greater attention to detail. This is a consistently rated school and one which accepts mixed students at both primary and secondary level.

The focus at Newlands is on a collaborative approach, encouraging children to work together to problem solve and come up with new and creative ideas. Classes are often innovative and hands on, rather than constantly theory based, and students are encouraged to speak out and improve their confidence levels on a regular basis. As a result, children at Newlands are confident, happy, and creative. 

The school follows the English national curriculum in stages and also includes local areas of interest to study such as Arabic, which allows children to understand their surroundings and become open-minded and well-rounded adults. 

Horizon English School, Al Safa Area, Dubai

Horizon English School is a fantastic choice for primary school children and regularly ranks as ‘outstanding’ in reviews. The school accommodates children from 3 to 11 years and has an international feel, with children hailing from around 50 different countries worldwide. Lessons are taught in English but early years and year 1 students are often taken by children who do not have English as their first language also. 

The school hosts many different sporting and cultural events throughout the year, which parents are encouraged to attend, and the whole feel is very hands on and communicative, to ensure everyone feels part of the Horizons family. 

There is a strong focus upon music, with state of the arts studios and instruments to learn. In addition, children are encouraged to strive for sporting excellence too, with many events taking part throughout the year, including swimming lessons, rugby and cricket. 

With low class sizes, children are able to fully immerse themselves into their academic learning, with just 900 students on the register currently. 

GEMS Wellington Primary School, 308 Road, Dubai

GEMS Wellington Primary School is a mixed school for primary school children that regularly rates as excellent. The campus is modern, sleek and located in a  very central position. The school follows the English national curriculum and is committed to helping children to achieve their full potential in a fun, inclusive, and practical way.

With low class sizes, children aged between 3 to 11 years can learn in comfortable surroundings, with a strong focus upon wellbeing and independence throughout. The school has a full calendar of events and trips to help bring greater variation to their children’s learning and to help them become more aware of their surroundings and culture too. 

Regularly rated highly, this school has a strong focus on the staple subjects of English, maths and science.

How Could a Governess Help You?

These 8 schools in Dubai are amongst the very best of the best and will help to set your child up for life. However, choosing the right school can be a tough decision as every single child is different to the next. In addition, each school has different entry requirements, including academic records, entrance exams, tests, and there are varying amounts of homework and practical elements required of each child if they do achieve a place at their first choice of school.

In addition to all of this, children moving to another country may be nervous about starting a new school, regardless of the fact that the school teaches in their home language. All of this can make a child very nervous and it helps to do everything you can to smooth over the process and help them to feel as supported and comfortable as possible. 

We all know that relocating to another city is hard, or even another country. Perhaps as parents you have work commitments or other children to care for too, and a helping hand is always useful in any situation. For that reason, a governess could be the ideal option for you and your family. 

A governess can be either on a live in or live out basis and will help to support your child through their transition to a new location and to a new school. Perhaps you’re not even moving and your child is simply ready to attend a different school. In that case, a governess will help to prepare your child for that move and support them alongside the parental support that you provide.

Here at London Governess, all of our governesses are highly trained and experienced. We have governesses who speak several languages, and many of whom are happy to work overseas, many already in the Dubai area. A governess can help to support your children though the process of moving schools by acting as a caring and listening ear, helping them to develop resilience and independence, and also helping them with homework during their school week. 

Even before your child manages to obtain a place at their school of choice, a governess can help to prepare them for them for any admission tests. Many schools ask for exams, some ask for interviews, and others have completely different entry requirements. Our governesses have plenty of experience in what schools want from students and they can help them share that knowledge and prepare your child in advance. This gives you the very best chance of a success for your child in obtaining a place at the very best school for them, their ultimate fit.

There’s no denying that moving school in any location is difficult but if you’re in a location which your child isn’t completely familiar with, the whole experience becomes far more stressful and potentially upsetting for your child. A governess smooths over the process and helps your child to look forward to the chance as a positive thing – which it is!

Attending School in Dubai 

For sure, Dubai is a fantastic city to go to school in. A truly international location, your child will met people from all over the world, make friends, and grow up to be an open-minded, tolerant, and positive person. With a rich culture all around them, as well as the comfort blanket of learning in their home language, your child will feel free to express themselves fully and to really dedicate their time and attention to learning. In this type of situation, a child really does come into their own, whether they’re away from their original home setting or not.

By finding the very best school for your child’s needs, you are setting them up for the best future. A governess can help advise you on anything you’re not sure of and can give their professional opinion on schools and their potential best fit. From there, preparing together can help your child work towards success, and take the stress and worry away from the situation.