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Are You in Need of a Holiday Nanny?

Summer is almost upon us and that means you may be thinking about your family holiday. 

For sure, spending time with your family is a great thing to do and when you’re in a new location entirely, that means lots of different activities to try. However, we can’t escape the fact that children can be hard work! 

It might also be that you need to do work while you’re away and you need someone on hand to occupy your children and make sure that they’re having a great time while you’re completing any tasks you need to do. 

In that case, you simply need to employ the services of a holiday nanny. 

What is a Holiday Nanny?

Exactly what it says on the tin! A holiday nanny is a short-term arrangement with a highly qualified nanny who will stay with you during your holiday, be it for a week, two weeks, or even three months. These short-term contracts are very easy for us to arrange and you will have peace of mind that your child is well looked after and supported during your time away. 

Some children don’t take well to being out of their normal surroundings, even if it is for a fun-filled holiday occasion. That can often mean that they’re a little clingy or even have tantrums or act out simply because they’re a little anxious at being away from home. When you have a trusted nanny with you, they can help handle those outbursts and calm the situation. In the end, your child will focus on fun only and everyone will be much happier and more relaxed as a result. 

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, we have a highly qualified and experienced nanny to help you out. They can take your child to the beach, to the swimming pool, to the local park, and head out to enjoy the sights. You can rest in total serenity, knowing that they’re taken care of and having a great time. That frees you up to get on with any work you need to do, or simply to relax and enjoy a little ‘me’ time – it’s something everyone needs to do from time to time. 

Your holiday nanny will usually stay with you at your holiday accommodation, meaning that they’re on hand to look after your child during their set working hours. You can also arrange with them to work extra hours, if you want to go out one evening or perhaps even head to another resort for an overnight stay. Our nannies are all very experienced travellers and have no problem with being as flexible as possible. 

Family Holidays Mean Memories Made 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us never got the chance to travel. Holiday were quite low on our priority list at the time and that meant that spending time in a new, fun-filled location with the family was put away until a later time. Now the world is starting to open up again in the post-pandemic period, we’re all looking at visiting somewhere new for a few weeks or maybe a little longer. 

Spending time with family in new places means that you’re going to make brand new memories. These are things that will stick with your child for the rest of their days. If you think back to your own family holidays back in the day, you can probably remember the emotions as well – that’s how strong these memories can be. 

But, it’s also true that travel can be stressful, no matter how much you all want to enjoy your time together. Employing the services of a holiday nanny can take the stress out of the equation and leave you free to focus on the fun side of things instead. 

If you have more than one child, the stress can double or even triple. As we mentioned earlier, not all children enjoy travel and some become quite nervous and anxious when they’re away from home. Sticking to a routine as much as possible is important, but that can be hard when you’re not in your usual surroundings. A holiday nanny can help you with that aspect and make sure that your child focuses on the positives and forms those important memories they will look back on in many years to come. 

What Can We Offer You?

Here at London Governess, we have a wide range of childcare professionals on our books, suitable for all situations and ages. In fact, we have more than 4000 registered candidates available for different assignments, including holiday nanny posts. 

Whether you’re coming to the UK for a short-work break or a holiday itself, or you’re going somewhere else, such as France, Italy, or Dubai as a few examples, we can provide you with a holiday nanny to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether your trip is long organised or it’s a last minute thing – we can easily provide you with a highly qualified holiday nanny with very little notice. 

We even have nannie suitable for all ages and for multiple children. The bottom line is that our nannies are highly qualified, experienced, they have had all their checks performed, and they’re all extremely professional and flexible. All you need to do is let us know your requirements and we can get to work on matching you up with the perfect nanny for your needs, regardless of the location you’re heading to. 

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, having a holiday nanny with you means that you can relax and as a result, your child will relax too. Our nannies will quickly build up a rapport and trust bond with your child and that will enable them to be much calmer in their new surroundings, regardless of how long the location is going to be their temporary home for. 

Our temporary contracts are available for many different durations, we simply need to know your requirements and we can find the best match for you. 

Travel Doesn’t Have to be Stressful 

Having a holiday nanny around is perhaps even more useful if your child hasn’t travelled before, or if they’re a nervous traveller. During the getting from A to B phase of your travel, your holiday nanny can ease their worries and once you arrive, your nanny will cover their basic needs while also helping to distract them and keep them occupied in the most fun-filled of ways during their time in your temporary location. 

Holiday nannies are especially useful for business travellers who need to visit a specific location for a set amount of time. You may not want to leave your family at home and you’ll want to have them by your side. That’s completely doable with a holiday nanny – don’t let the word ‘holiday’ fool you! There’s no requirement to actually be on holiday, you can use this type of service for any travel needs. 

In this situation, you’ll need to work, attend meetings and perhaps conduct video calls. While you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your child, it’s not particularly the time and place when you’re supposed to be working. In that case, your holiday nanny can take your child out to enjoy the local area, helping them to learn something new about the place they’re visiting. In that situation, everyone wins and your child will be able to tell you all about everything they’ve seen and done when they return. 

All You Need to do is Contact Us 

If a holiday nanny seems like the perfect answer to your latest quandary, all you need to do is reach out and contact us. Let us know your requirements, including how long you’ll need the services of a nanny for, where you’re intending to go, and any other specific requirements you need. Then, you leave the hard work to us. 

If you only have a few days before you need to depart, that’s still no problem. Simply let us know as soon as you can and we’ll be able to match you up with a highly experienced and qualified nanny at short notice. We have countless childcare professionals in many different worldwide locations so it’s never a problem for us to find you someone who fits the bill. 

Whether it’s London, Paris, Dubai, Milan, the list goes on, we can find you the very best childcare professional for whatever you require. Your travel needs can be for holiday childcare cover, travelling for work, perhaps even moving around an area – it doesn’t matter what your travel is for, we can help you out and allow you to feel relaxed and calmer during your travels. 

Simply contact us today and we will do the rest.