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Best Gifts for A One-Year-Old Child

It’s that time again, and one of your best friends is throwing a party for their one-year-old child. Whatever comes may, you must be in attendance, but you are at a loss on what to gift the kid. You most likely have a thousand and one questions running through your mind. What can I buy a one-year-old? Is he or she talking yet? They can’t tell me what they want, right? Have they started walking? Ideally, what you want to buy is something that will help the child develop. Since it’s that stage they are beginning to learn and try new things through trial and error, you might want to think of toys that will help them experiment their new world.

It might sound obvious yes, that children want similar toys or play items at that age, but you might be wrong. It is important noting that each child will have a different taste. Also, you should be looking for something that will not be posing any hazards. Here is a list of probable gifts you can grab for them.


Starting with the most basic, balls should be number on your shopping list. While shopping, think of the much you can do with a bouncing ball. If it is that much, how about when it’s in the hands of a baby who is one year old? It will wow them and it would be a great start to their hard-earned skills of bouncing, catching, throwing, and dropping. A soft textured ball will blow their minds off.

Push and Pull Toys

A push toy works well with unsteady new walkers. With it, they will feel a bit safer and walk a little more stable. The same case applies to a push toy if especially the baby is not yet a confident walker. With such toys supporting their still fragile walking trials, the kids will be motivated to start walking knowing there are no risks of doing it after all.

Toy Phone

In such an era where everyone owns a mobile handset, it will be a mistake not to buy your child a toy phone. They are already touchy and if anything happens and your phone is within reach, only God knows where it will end up next, either in a basin full of water or the toilet bowl. Help that mommy friend of yours by grabbing her little one a mobile phone imitating toy. The child is most likely copying the parents pretending to be on the phone too, and with a mini-version of their own, you will have found something to blow their minds off. Also, it will be a good motivation for them to improve their talking.

Board Book

One-year-olds love books with funny squiggles, drawings, and the writings. Before they learn how to get through to Harry Porter or Tom and Jerry, books with thick pages will occupy them for a while. Since board books are hard to destroy, they will be their companion for a longer time. Also, your friend will have better chances of spending time with her kid perusing through the pages and helping them to nurture their language and observation skills.

Bath Toys

At one year, the baby no longer needs to be convinced that taking a bath is fun. More than often, they love the realisation that lingering in the tub is enjoyable than playing with toys. Now, after the parent has done washing, your bath toys will turn the bath time into play. The mother can, after that, have enough time to prepare food for the kid. While looking for such toys, you should ensure you get something that will need the baby to be more active and engaged while also making them learn new ways of doing new things.

Music Toys

Making noise is one of the things that a one-year-old will be best at. It is on their to-do list all the time unless when deep asleep. If the parents can stand them, music instruments will be fabulous for the baby to learn new sounds casually. Get them a variety of the instruments.

Nesting and Stacking Toys

For a one-year-old, collecting objects and fitting them into each other is more fun. If you would get them a fully packed box with different objects of varied shapes, it will give the baby a kick. It will also work their motor skills better. Also, stacking objects can build imagination for the one-year-old. How does that happen? It is easy to build it by taking them apart then allowing the kid to fit, stack them together, or knock them down and rechallenge themselves.


Remember it’s all about making the baby happy. It is, therefore, better to look for something that will delight them at seeing it, engage them during play time, and also help in their development. A point to note is that not all toys are friendly at such a tender age. It is important therefore to get what you are sure will be safer for them to use.