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Find a household staff vacancy in London Governess agency

Work as a part of a household staff in the outstanding homes of VIP and high net worth families and individuals either in the UK or abroad.

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Housekeeping is demanding work and a household’s many duties include cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry and home maintenance. Since our candidates have a busy life, many are in search for someone reliable to help with house work. If you are a person who will work with high professionalism, you should register with our agency and expect our call.

London Governess provides more than just governesses and childcare professionals. We help our clients keep their household running smoothly with a full range of household staff, including house managers, butlers, cooks, housekeepers, fitness instructors and domestic couples. In fact, we can provide almost any domestic staff a client requests. This means that you can reach out to us and offer your household services if you have found yourself above, as well as if your offering is not listed. Our consultants will inform you if the type of work you offer is acceptable.

What we offer to our clients is the following:

Our experienced household managers take care of managing a home and, in this way, free up time for the employer to do other things. Our personal assistants range from home-based secretary to household manager assistant. Our personal assistants can easily coordinate many important household functions.

Our English butlers are world-famous – they are often in uniform and have proper British manners. They are charged with managing the household staff, reception of guests, serving of meals, maintaining the fine silver and china, and various other duties. Our private chefs are well-known cooks with a good understanding of various styles of table service, party protocols and kitchen stuff duties.

We apply the same rigorous standards to all of our domestic professionals since we at London Governess guarantee that all household staff provided are discreet, properly trained, respectful and honest.

As with our governesses and nannies, we offer only the finest candidates, so we will pre-screen you to ensure you meet our demanding standards.

Our general standards of choosing proper household staff are the following:

  1. Professional employees (all our registered clients’ diplomas and certificates have been checked)
  2. Education and work experience (most of our candidates have references/proof of previous education and employment, what has also been double checked by London Governess)
  3. Reliability (all candidates are hard-working and dedicated with a high sense of responsibility)
  4. Caring and outgoing personality (our candidates are pleasant with a genuine interest in their work)


Why choose to be a part of household staff from London Governess?

We have extensive experience catering to the needs of VIP and high net worth families, both in the UK and abroad.  We do everything we can to minimise the inconvenience and time our clients have to invest in finding the perfect staff members for their home.

How to apply for a household staff job position?

We would like to guide you through every phase of the process so that you know what should be expected from all parties during this period:

  1. The first phase is to fill in the form on our website – our HR will reply to you and request you to send relevant documents (CV, cover letter, DBS check, First Aid Certificate, education diplomas and certificates, references…) as well as to arrange an interview. Please, do not omit any details because those seemingly little things can make all the difference, and bring you one step closer to finding a perfect employer. You can apply either if you have seen an interesting job position or wish to be included in our database and considered for all relevant future vacancies.
  2. After that, we send your CV to our clients and if they like it, we will arrange an interview with a possible employer.
  3. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to see a future employer before you make your decision. A trial could be one day or one week – as long as an employer and you deem it necessary. All trials are paid.
  4. The last stage is when the client and you make your final decision. Both of you should take your time to consider all the aspects as these will directly affect the quality of your future collaboration.

We will be more than happy to see your application soon!


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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