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British Governess in Doha Qatar

London Governess is your premier and go-to London Nanny Agency. With decades of industrial experience serving clients from multiple countries in the world, the agency has continually offered clients in need of governesses with the best personnel. Wherever the client is, they can get a British governess who is highly trained, qualified, and licensed to operate in that area. For your particular case, we can send you one all the way to your home wherever it is in Doha, Qatar.

Highly Qualified Governess

London Governess boasts of the broadest pool of highly accomplished and experienced candidates. They are all fully registered and qualified to offer all the academic services you are looking for for your kids. If you are in Doha, you can choose our unique services and hire our British governesses to assist your children in learning the UK English accent and curriculum. We shall make the necessary arrangements for them to get there within the agreed time.

All our candidates pass through strict vetting procedures. They are scanned for past engagements, submit all the necessary documents and certifications, and provide valid references. We go through their references well to confirm their previous works and get their background.

Services Offered by London Governesses in Doha

Apart from helping your children learn and speak fluent UK English, the governess will also perform any other academic-related duty. They include responsibilities as tutors and teachers. They will also mentor your children and supplement their educational needs. In addition, they will be tasked with promoting the kids’ intellectual and social development needs.

Also, you can assign them other duties depending on the need. They include coordinating and providing leisure and extra curriculum activities for the children and educational excursions. Also, they can teach the children an additional language, sporting activities, and playing musical instruments like the guitar. Sporting activities could include swimming and other indoor activities that promote the child’s mental and real-life capabilities.

In addition, the personnel will be helping your kids with homework, assignments, and in preparing for exams. If you have a busy schedule, they can visit your children’s school on your behalf.

Bi and Multilingual

Most of our candidates are bi-lingual while others are multilingual. Therefore, they can speak additional languages apart from English. If you, therefore, have been looking for a tutor to take your children through French, Mandarin, German, Portuguese, Italian, or any other language, London Governess has your back.

Additional Benefits

There are other benefits of engaging our British governesses in Doha. Despite being born and educated in the UK, many have a Muslim origin. Therefore, you can expect them to bond well with your kids without religious complications. They have spent much of their time growing up in the United Kingdom and have a mastery of the UK English. Through the education system, they have garnered invaluable skills and can help impact them on your children.

The governesses have gone through the UK education system. They have graduated from here, but since Qatar is a favourite for many, they are willing to relocate and provide their services in Doha and other localities. If you have had a wish to get the UK or US curriculum for your kids, they can help you with that. They will also offer advice regarding further education in the United Kingdom or other countries abroad.

Working Arrangements

Immediately you contact us and explain your situation to our executives we set out to get you the right candidate. With their documents on the ready, we send them to you while you are still in Doha for review and shortlisting. Depending on your needs, you can then filter them out and settle for the best. We shall then plan to have them travel to Doha after you have completed all the necessary steps.

The working hours for our candidates vary according to your needs and the agreed terms. If you prefer a live-in governess, you will need to provide them with food and living and sleeping space. If you prefer a live-out one, you can work out an eight-hour shift. The working days are usually from Monday to Friday.

It is important to note that their duties do not include nursing. They only focus on development and learning needs. For other tasks, you are encouraged to have a nanny at your home.


London Governess offers you the best talent with the necessary industrial skills and experience. We get you strictly vetted candidates with a surety of getting the services you need from them. It is our understanding that your schedules might never allow you to have time with your children when they need you to help, for instance, with their homework. We, therefore, send you a helping hand in the name of a governess.