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Are you a Kuwaiti parent looking for a British governess in Kuwait City? Do you need someone who is reliable, experienced in dealing with kids and educating them in a home setup? If your answers are yes, then you need the services of the leading British governess agency – London Governess. We are a fully-fledged, trusted, and certified governess agency that seeks to build a strong academic foundation for your kids by offering you a professional home tutor.

Professionalism Redefined

Our candidates are duly qualified to offer the services at your home. They have undergone the requisite training, possess the needful certifications, and have been duly registered to work anywhere with us. As such, it would be an easy one sending someone to your home in Kuwait City.

Before we send our candidate to you, we make sure they undergo a thorough vetting process. We ensure to check all their credentials, verify their past engagements, and authenticate their references. It is a procedure we have to take them through to make sure we have a thorough background about each and that their referees can provide proof of their past jobs.

Duties of a British Governess in Kuwait City

The duties of a British governess are mainly academically related. They are not responsible for the day-to-day upbringing of your kids. It is, therefore, advisable that you have a nanny alongside the governess.

The governess is a thoroughly trained and certified education caregiver. She will be honing your kids’ academic skills, help them acquire life skills, and other tasks like training them in good manners. The best thing about them is that some are of Kuwait origin but born, raised, and educated in the UK. As such, they will have no issues bonding with your kids who are preparing to get into the Kuwait or UK customs and education systems.

Also, if you are looking forward to enrolling your kids into a United Kingdom school, we got your back. The governess can help with UK school selection, application, enrollment, and reporting. Before that, she will be taking them through some sessions on the UK education system, curriculum, and the UK English accent.

Other tasks include extracurricular activities. The governesses will be glad to take your kid through such lessons as life skills. They will also train them to play musical instruments like the guitar, activities like swimming, and singing.

Naturally Fit to Be with Kids

Our governesses are not random home educators. These are professionals who have experience dealing with young children for many years. It is, therefore, easy for them bonding with the young children. They are also trustworthy and exercise the highest levels of responsibility, integrity, and love for what they do. If you trust us to send you one in Kuwait, you have no doubt you will be getting real professionals.

The governesses are also trained in different aspects of dealing with children. She will, therefore, be the best bet on to instil good values, morals, and attributes to them. They will help them attain critical attributes like self-reliance, self-independence, courage, strong personalities, and high self-esteem. With such role models, your kids will for sure have someone worth spending their time with even when you travel outside Kuwait City.

When you want to travel out of Kuwait City, you can either go with the kids or leave them with the governess. If you wish to travel with them, the governess will come in handy and be with them while you go about with your schedules. She will be with them throughout the journey, take them to different places like libraries, recreational facilities, learning centres, zoos, and museums.

Things to Do with Kids in Kuwait City

When you want some time off with your spouse, and the kids are not in school, our governess can step in and allow you the free time you desire. She can walk or drive with the kids around Kuwait City for leisure and educational purposes. As Kuwait has many parks for children, they can start with the Corniche and let the kids enjoy the climbing frames, inflatable slides, and a variety of other arcade amusements.

Other places they can visit include the Magical Planet. This is one children’s fun place that offers them a thousand reasons to stay out and give you some free time. They can spend their time around the mall, enjoy the rides and games, and even take their lunch outside on the Food Court.

Bi and Multi-lingual

This is an essential aspect of our British governesses. Most of them are either bi-lingual or multi-lingual. Therefore, apart from teaching your kids the UK English and accent, they can also teach them an additional language. With varieties of extra languages including Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Italian, and German, your kids can learn any of your or their choices.


It is the wishing of London Governess that every parent gets a reliable governess for the kid’s educational needs. As a result, we have pooled together top talents with years of experience who are ready to relocate to any part of the world to work for our clients. With a growing list of clients from Kuwait City, you can bet on us that we have a package for you.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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