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Monaco is a busy city. As such, people are always on the move attending to their business ventures, meetings, and other daily schedules. Regardless, they must ensure that their children are getting the best, albeit not their full attention, but this is always a hard one for many. If you have been wondering what to do to ensure your kids do not go astray when you are away or that their education would not be curtailed due to your movements in or out of Monaco, this is for you. This is London Governess, your premier, and London’s go-to agency for governesses and nannies.

We Offer Highly Qualified Governesses and Nannies

London Governess maintains an extensive database of highly qualified and skilled governesses and nannies. We have been sending them around the UK and across the globe with positive reviews and feedbacks from our clients. Since they undergo a thorough vetting process, we are always sure of getting our clients nothing but the best.

The database has more talent for everyone’s needs. Many of them are UK native candidates but willing to relocate and work in Monaco. Since Monaco is close by, it has been a good trend for us with hundreds of them having left the UK to most cities in France. As such, we can offer you relief with our pool of talented governesses and nannies.

We thoroughly filter our candidates beforehand. We engage only those who have the requisite educational qualifications and work experience. They must also be licensed by the necessary bodies to practice. We check all their documents, verify their references, and send their documents to you for review while still in Monaco. If one catches your eye, we get to the travel arrangements and ensure they get to you in around 48 hours.

Why You Need a Governess/Nanny

With a governess or nanny at your place, you are at peace whenever you are working from home. With one from London Governess, you can always be assured that everything is in order. Whether you are working in or outside Monaco, you will have a peace of mind, make you feel secure and happy that your apples of the eye are getting the right care. You can also go on with your chores with the assurance that your kids are undergoing nurturing and their educational needs are well taken care of. All this happens while allowing you to travel far and wide, enjoy your career engagements, and earn the income to support your family without worry.

Leaving your children under the care of a nanny or governess does not change things around your place. Many parents fear that their position will be overridden, but this is not the case. It will never make you a lesser parent. Rather, it means you are giving your children additional care and attention when not around them.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Nannies and Governesses

Our nannies and governesses have undergone ample training and have invaluable experience in dealing with children. They are also well versed with childcare, regardless of the age of the child, safeguarding them, cooking, feeding, and nurturing them. They are also going to take your burden of ensuring your kids are kept active and entertained.

The candidate that we send you will also be pivotal in your child’s developmental and educational needs. They will be responsible for working out recreational timetables, taking the kids out to play, to the zoo, and other recreational facilities. They will also come in handy and help with preparation, bathing, dressing, and taking your kids to school. Come evening you will not need to worry either that your children will not find anyone at home. The staff will be home to bathe them again, prepare their meals, feed them, help with their homework, and take them to sleep.

Come the weekend or holidays and again, the staffers will be your ultimate source of help. When the kids are free, they would want you to spend more time with you, but your schedules might never allow. Since our governesses and nannies have it easy creating and maintain good rapport with kids, it will be easy for them to take the attention of your children from you until when you are free. With that, you can enjoy your private time with your spouse, travel outside Monaco, or attend to your other duties.

Apart from taking care of their personal needs, the governess or nanny we assign you will present other opportunities to your kids. They can take them through extra-curricular activities, teach them life lessons, additional languages, new games, and playing musical instruments.

Children’s Activities in Monaco

In addition to the usual governess or nanny duties, our candidates will scout for the best activities your kids can be involved in. With recreational centres like the Larvotto Beach, Stade Nautique Rainier III, and Jardin des Animalier, your kids can have a day out when not in school.

Other places include kids clubs, a good example being The Marmorata Club at the Monte-Carlo Beach. When you’re enjoying your vacation, the nanny can take your kids around the place. The place has fun activities for the kids like drums and guitar music sessions, swimming, and cookery workshops.

Bi and Multi-lingual

Our staff are bi and multilingual. If you want your kids to learn a new language, your wish will be coming true soon. Engage us today and get your kids the best care.


Your kids are the apples of your eye. You would want to give them the best attention and care regardless of your busy schedules. However, if this is not possible all the time, London Governess has a solution for. We can send you a British governess or nanny to Monaco to help you with your kids when you have time constraints.