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Dubai is without a doubt a hotspot for expats these days. With a forward thinking attitude, countless job opportunities, and a high standard of living, many British families are choosing to move their lives over to the UAE, and experience a life in Dubai.

Of course, that brings its own challenges, and when you have children, these decisions are even more challenging. Here at London Governess, we have an answer to your problems. We have a range of high quality, professional and extremely experienced British maternity nurses on hand to help calm the waters of your move, and provide you with the help and care you need for your newborn baby.

What Our British Maternity Nurses Can Offer You

We understand that as a British family, or perhaps as a family who wants to have a British presence in the house for the other children, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Our maternity nurses are highly experienced in their field and have all the correct qualifications to back up their credentials. Our vetting process is stringent and rigorous, so you can rest assured that your chosen maternity nurse is not only experienced and high quality, but has also passed all strict checks, to work for our agency.

What our British maternity nurses can offer you:

  • Our maternity nurses are highly educated and highly experienced
  • Many of our maternity nurses have worked for celebrities, royalties, and those of VIP standing, and understand the importance of confidentiality and discreetness
  • Our professional standards mean our maternity nurses are all experts in their role and exert professionalism in every task
  • Our maternity nurses specialise in caring for newborn babies, including feeding (both bottles and breastfeeding routes), bathing, cleaning, and ensuring a sleeping routine is put into place
  • Our maternity nurses are also experienced in early milestones, ensuring your baby’s development from as young as possible
  • All our maternity nurses have passed a rigorous vetting process, and meet our very high standards
  • Native British speakers, who are able to bring a feeling of home into your new Dubai household

In most cases we are able to match you up with your ideal British maternity nurse within 48 hours, and all we need to know is your list of specific requirements. Many of our maternity nurses have travelled with families in the past, and this is something which is more than possible for your chosen candidate. You can also choose a variety of different working practices, including live in and live out, part time and full time, according to your specific needs.

Dubai’s Baby Hotspots

Dubai is a busy and large city, so it makes sense that there are countless facilities and amenities which link to babies. We’re talking about areas such as hospitals, baby stores, toy stores, etc. Your British maternity nurse will be able to source all of these out for you, and visit them on your behalf. For instance, the NMC Royal Hospital and Dubai Hospital both have paediatric departments, and English speaking staff. There are also countless baby stores in the huge malls, such as Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall.

A History of Happy Clients

We have matched many families in Dubai with their ideal British maternity nurse, and all have been very happy and more than satisfied with their choice. As Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for our staff to travel to these days, we can easily find you the perfect fit for your young family, ensuring peace and harmony in your household.

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