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Whether you are a new parent or have had other births before, a time comes when you need a helping hand. Especially when either the baby is in their early days, or you must leave them to go see your doctor. If that happens to you and you get a dire need for a helper, do not look anywhere else beyond London Governess. We are in no doubt your source of relief with our highly reliable, tested, and proven maternity nurses.

We have served a countless number of clients both in the UK and across the globe. Our clients always express their gratitude since we gave them a reliable person. Even for your case, you will live to tell the good news about our maternity nurses. The best news is that we can send one to your place in Mayfair and the service is just smooth.

Why You Need a Maternity Nurse

Why would you need a maternity nurse? You are looking for an extra set of eyes to look after your new-born kid. They are your most important people, and you would never imagine them getting into any sort of trouble when you are away, either working in or away from Mayfair.

For a new mother, you need the support of an experienced caregiver. You will require new basics on parenting as it is an overwhelming experience. It will also be a great way of helping you to build the confidence needed to thrive through the first few months with the new baby.

We Provide Qualified Personnel

London Governess believes everyone deserves the best service that equals the value of the money they are investing in it. To make that work, we ensure our candidates undergo an in-depth screening process. The procedures involve verifying their academic and professional documents, going through and verifying their referrals, and checking their past records. When we are sure they are fit for the roles we recruit them for, that’s the only time we allow for their registration.

On affiliation, our nurses have worked for different clients in the past. They have served royal families, celebrities, and VIPs’ families, gaining excellent references. Some have also had their nurseries.

How Our Maternity Nurses Help

We have been in this field for a better while now. We have served clients in Mayfair, the larger United Kingdom and beyond. As a result, we have managed to build ourselves a name in and beyond Mayfair out of giving our clients the best. When we assign you a maternity nurse, therefore, we are sure they will be your ultimate source of help from different perspectives.

The roles of the maternity nurse will include the general caregiving of the baby, assisting with preparing and sterilising bottles, and assisting with breastfeeding. Also, the nurse will be responsible for establishing good feeding habits, assist in crafting a routine that fits your needs, and do laundry for the baby. In addition, they can also do the tidying or supervise the tidying of the baby’s rooms and help if you need to create a sleeping pattern for the baby. Since in most cases they are live-in, they will also help you at night when you need to catch some sleep, but the baby is up and won’t allow you to.

Our nurses can also help you in locating maternity hospitals in Mayfair. These include the St. George’s Hospital and other high-end private and public facilities.

When the baby comes, the nurse can help with initial preparations. You can have them go for baby things clothes, pram, and play items from baby shops. Baby and pram shops include Carry Me Home, Jigsaw Junior, Little N’s Children’s Wear, and Mothercare.

Qualities to Look for in a Maternity Nurse

When you are looking for a maternity nurse, there are several qualities worth investing on. The personality of that nurse plays a considerable role and should be your top consideration. If you need to get the best, it is important to start searching early to ensure you get the best yet to be booked.

Also, try and make a list of the key attributes you desire from a potential nurse. The points will help us filter the most fitting candidates for your review. Openly state your expectations well to the candidate and us too to narrow down the number you have to interview.

Terms of Engagement

When you contact us, we listen to your needs and filter the available candidates to the fittest. Regardless of the number, we shall send you their documents and proof of past engagements for you to review. After you review them, and you have a choice among them, you will make us know of your decision, and within the shortest time possible, that candidate will be on the way to your place in Mayfair.

A maternity nurse is usually a live-in staff. Therefore, it is upon the client to provide them with essential amenities. That means you will provide meals, a separate room, and bathroom. A private room is necessary for them to spend their private time uninterrupted and also to allow the family to enjoy their time alone, per the need.

Most of the day the nurses are on duty, for up to six days a week. As this is not a doubt a tight and exhausting schedule, it is advisable that you give them sufficient time to rest properly. With enough rest, they will be entirely revamped and ready for the next shift.

A maternity nurse spends most of her time on nursery duties. You should, therefore, not expect her to take care of your other grown-up kids.


Welcoming a new baby, regardless of whether you are a new or old parent is overwhelming. It is everyone wishes to have the process flow smoothly until the baby can learn to do most things or until the mother is fit enough. However, this is not always an easy task and calls for the help of a maternity nurse. That is where London Governess comes in, and with our maternity nurses, you can rest assured you have a helper.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463