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Due to popular demand, we are now offering virtual online courses via Zoom or Whatsapp etc. for those who wish to attend our courses but who cannot be there in person. The online courses are exactly the same as the face-to-face courses; expert tuition and advice, the opportunity to ask questions, and each candidate receives a certificate following the course. All courses include a practical component and can be arranged at times to suit you.

We are offering the following courses online:

Governess training course – suited to experienced nannies and teachers who want to work in high-profile households

£200 – three hours

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Become a Governess Now – Start a new career

complete governess course

Our Governess Training Course explains everything you need to know about working as a governess with a high-profile family in the UK or overseas.

Teachers or nannies who have the experience to graduate to a governess role, but who have not worked as a governess in a VIP household, will find this course especially valuable. The recruitment process will be explained in full and you will have a one-on-one session, where you can ask as many questions as you like. Attending will also improve your prospects of being selected by clients for interview (many tell us they prefer candidates who have completed the course). Attending our one-day training session can give you the best chance of gaining one of our top positions.

Salaries for governesses are higher than those for nannies and can typically be around £1,000 a week. This reflects the high standards offered in care and education by a governess, with good candidates in constant demand from our clients. Conditions of work and additional perks are often standard, and many households are fully staffed.

On completion of this course, every candidate is provided with a certificate and handbook containing valuable information.

Topics covered on the course:

  1. The role and duties of a governess
  2. Salary expectations, holidays, hours, and free time
  3. Travel with the family or children, and staying in multiple locations
  4. Private jets, yachts, and staying in hotels
  5. Special factors when working for VIP families, including royalty
  6. Security, bodyguards, privacy, and confidentiality
  1. Understanding different cultures and working in overseas locations
  2. Working with other household staff
  3. Understanding boundaries and communicating with your employer
  4. Proxy parenting
  5. Teaching good manners and behaviour
  6. Etiquette and cultural awareness

The way we lead the governess course:

  • We introduce a topic
  • Ask you how you would deal with a situation/problem
  • You present your opinion
  • The leader will explain the best options on how to behave in the given situation

To register for a course, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time.

    We have a select number of roles in the UK and overseas, please see our job section for details of current vacancies. Please note that when selecting candidates for interview, clients often give priority to those who have attended our training courses.

    Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463