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Most Popular Boys’ Independent Primary Schools in London

London has a wide range of independent boys’ schools, so it’s sometimes difficult to find the right one for your child. 

Of course, you want to give your child the very best start in life and that means a focus upon their education. Independent schools are, of course, private schools. That means they aren’t funded by the Government and you therefore pay tuition fees on a yearly or term basis. These schools are often extremely popular and have a lot of competition in terms of admission. 

It’s best to think about your child’s schooling as early as possible, especially if you want to send him to one of the best independent schools in London. Many of these schools have long waiting lists and you will need to register your interest in a place early. For some, that means around your child’s 2nd or 3rd birthday, and for others, even earlier. 

The good news is that there are many independent schools in Central London and towards the outer Greater London regions. But, if you want to choose the very best, that means looking at the most popular. If you’re happy to face competition and ensure that you register interest and fees early, you’ll stand a much better chance at your child being admitted to your first choice of school. 

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Below you’ll find some of the most popular boy’s independent primary schools in London. While many are oversubscribed, again, registering early will allow you to be in with a good chance at acceptance. 

Arnold House School, St John’s Wood 

Arnold House School is one of the most popular boys’ primary schools in London and as such, it’s often oversubscribed. You can normally wait for around 2.5 years for a place so it’s vital that you register your interest in a place as early as possible. Much of the rush for places comes down to the fact that there are only 272 students in the school at any one time, which means smaller class sizes and a focus upon independent learning for each pupil. 

The school accepts boys from 5 to 14 years of age and it’s motto of “Conquer We Shall” focuses upon building resilience and independence. Dating back to 1905, this is not only one of the most popular boys’ independent primary schools in London, but also none of the oldest. As you would expect, pupils are expected to excel academically. 

Durston House, Ealing 

Durston House is an independent boys’ school that opened its doors in 1886. It has a strong reputation for excellence in academia as well as firm links to sporting success. The school aims to help boys to become curious and enthusiastic about learning, therefore creating a natural drive and motivation. 

Small class sizes average 16 boys per class, which ensures that all pupils are given ample one-on-one time with the teacher and can thrive independently within each class they take. 

Again, this school is extremely popular so you will need to register your interest early. There is also a need for interviews and tests before your child will be accepted. 

Lyndhurst House Prep School, Hampstead

Dating back to 1952, Lyndhurst House Prep School has long been one of the most popular schools in the area for boys in primary education. Class sizes are around 15 boys per class, allowing an independent focus upon each child’s specific educational needs. 

Lyndhurst House Prep School aims to encourage boys to grow as individuals and to be as confident and focused upon learning as possible. There is also a drive to ensure hat pupils are respectful to one another. As such, many students go on to learn at some of the best secondary schools in London after their time at Lyndhurst House Prep School ends, including Eton, to name just one of the possible options for those who excel during their studies and end of year tests. 

Northcote Lodge, Bolingbroke Grove, SW11

With just 260 pupils in the whole school, Northcote Lodge has small class sizes which allows pupils to excel in their educational needs. Many pupils go on to be accepted in some of the best secondary schools in London. The school also has a strong focus-Jon sports, while also having a strong enjoyment of arts, music, and creative elements. 

The school’s motto is “the whole child is the whole point’ ensuring that a well-rounded education is the best approach to ensuring each child grows up to reach their potential. With a laser-point approach to ensuring each child gets what they need to grow and learn, this school is gaining a reputation as one of the best in London for primary education. 

The Hall School, Crossfield Road, NW3

The Hall School is a very popular preparatory school for boys that has only 470 students in the whole school. There are countless options available to students, including coding, pottery, sports, fencing, and arts. While academia is obviously the main focus, the school believes that pupils branching out their interest into other areas helps them to develop socially and allows them to grow in confidence at the same time. This builds resilience and independence over time. 

Students are expected to excel both academically and in any extra-curricular option they choose, with singing one of the most popular. There is a real drive to immerse pupils in different skills they could learn and take further once they leave the school. Overall, this positive approach to education is one of the reasons why The Hall School is one of the most popular in London. 

St Philip’s School, Wetherby Place, SW7

Many of the boys who excel at St Philip’s School often go on to scholarships with schools such as Eton or St Paul’s. That is the standard of excellence you’re looking at with this particular prep school. With just 100 students at any one time, there is a real focus upon independent and unique learning, ensuring that every pupil gets the help and assistance they need on a day to day basis. 

Of course, low numbers means high competition for places and you will need to register extremely early if you want to be in with a chance of your child being accepted into St Philip’s School. 

There is a strong focus upon sports and there are many extra-curricular events held throughout the year, as well as seasonal events for all pupils to enjoy. With an enjoyment attached to learning, boys are encouraged to become curious and independent through their learning endeavours.

Sussex House School, Cadogan Square, SW1

Sussex House is a school that prides itself on excellence in all fields, not only academically but in any activity pupils take on. Almost all boys who attend Sussex House School play a musical instrument and there are several concerts held throughout the year. There are also plays on a regular basis, with a focus upon drama and creativity. 

This is a very popular school so you can expect a waiting list. That means registering your interest in your child attending Sussex House very early on indeed.

Westminster Under School, Vincent Square, SW1P

Very centrally located, it’s no wonder that Westminster Under School is one of the most popular boys’ independent primary schools in the city. To date, there are 15 boys each competing for just one spot in the school, so that means not only registering your interest in a place as early as possible but expecting interviews and tests beforehand too. 

Many of the boys who leave this particular school end up gaining places at school such as Westminster and Eton, while the school has also won many awards including the Townsend-Warner History Competition. Extra-curricular activities are plentiful and there are many concerts and sports events held throughout the year. 

Wetherby Prep School, Bryanstone Square, W1H

Wetherby Prep School has the feel of a very exclusive club and that’s because that’s what it is – this is an extremely popular and oversubscribed school that will require early registration, interviews, tests, etc before your child is accepted. Then, they will need to show academic excellence throughout their school career. 

Each child is focused upon individually, with just 379 pupils in the whole school. Again, that means low class sizes and a careful focus upon each child’s unique education. Boys are also expected to dedicate five hours per week to sports, along with art and other extra-curricular events, including a visit to a care home recently.