Moving Abroad With Children

Sometimes life takes us in directions we never expected. Perhaps you always knew that you would move abroad at some point in your life, or perhaps it’s a new event that’s taken you by surprise. Whatever the circumstance, if you’re moving abroad with children, it’s important to cover all bases. 

While children are incredibly adaptable, any major upheaval can cause them stress and anxiety if not handled correctly. It’s stressful for an adult to move overseas but you will understand where you’re going, you’ll have planned everything, and you’ll have an idea of what it’s going to be like. A child doesn’t have that information and all they can see is moving away from their home and perhaps their friends, if they’ve already started school. 

That’s not to saying moving abroad is a bad thing. In many cases, it’s a very good situation that can greatly enhance a child’s view of the world and open them up to new situations, cultures, languages, people, and opportunities. But, it has to be managed correctly to minimise negative outcomes. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Child Informed 

Assuming your child is old enough to understand what is happening, it’s a good idea to talk to them about the move and keep them informed about what’s happening. Do your best to speak in positive tones about the move and talk about all the amazing things they’re going to see and do, and the people they’re going to meet. 

It’s normal for your child to have concerns about leaving their home behind but you should also try to keep this as upbeat as possible. You could tell them that you can always come back to visit old friends and stay in contact on social media, etc. 

Keeping a positive spin on things is vital if you want your child to start looking forward to the move and not start to develop anxiety about the situation. 

Very young children are far less likely to be impacted as much as slightly older children but don’t underestimate how a small change to their routine can cause them to act out or become a little stressed. Handling this situation with positivity and care is vital. 

If your child is old enough to understand, let them know what’s happening every step of the way, speaking in an age appropriate way. When children feel out of the loop and they’re not sure what’s happening, that’s a major hint towards stress and anxiety. As a result, they may start to behave badly and go backwards in their developmental milestones, rather than forwards. 

Why It’s Important to Settle in Quickly 

Of course, once the move has taken place, it’s a good idea to settle your child in as quickly as possible. This helps to minimise any anxiety again and it helps them to find their feet. It’s impossible to expect zero upheaval; even moving from one house to another in the same country is a major situation. However, if you have everything in place to help your child settle in as quickly as possible, that will help to soothe the waters and get everything back to normal far faster. 

It’s a good idea to show your child the property you’re going to be moving to online or show them pictures at least. That way, they can visualise their new home and start to plan their room. When moving, make sure you have all your child’s belongings, especially their toys, labelled in separate boxes and have them placed into their room first. That way, they can find their things easily and not feel like everything is in disarray. 

It’s also vital to make sure that you give your child plenty of time and attention during the move and in the time immediately afterwards. For sure, you’re busy and moving house is a super-stressful event anyway, but your child may have questions or not really understand what is going on. By giving them attention, you’re showing them that nothing has changed except for the location and that will help them to feel much calmer as a result. 

If you’re moving to a new country that doesn’t speak your language as their first choice, you could spend some time before the moving help your child to learn a few words in the language. Simple words, such as hello, goodbye, please, and thank you will help them settle in a little and will give them a sense of excitement rather than fear. 

How a Governess or Nanny Can Help Your Child Settle in a New Location

Here at London Governess we have years of experience in matching families with their perfect childcare professional. We also have a lot of experience in sending our governesses and nannies to various locations around the world, to help families just like you. We have sent our professionals to locations such as Dubai, Singapore, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, the list goes on. 

As such, we understand the need for your child to settle in to their new location as quickly and possible and the role that a governess or nanny can play within that. 

Upon understanding your needs and learning a little about your family, we can get started on matching you with your perfect professional. We can do that in a relatively short amount of time and if you need your professional urgently, that’s no problem. 

Once your governess or nanny has been chosen, you don’t need to worry about background checks or anything of the sort; this is already done prior to them being signed to our books. You can rest assured that everything is covered and they have the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to help you smooth out the waters of a new move. 

Once your child meets your new nanny or governess, they will quickly starts to form a bond of trust. This is invaluable in helping a child to settle in. This is someone they can talk to, ask questions, trust, and feel able to explore with. That’s a major weight off your mind as you’re trying to settle in yourself and sort out all the paperwork and other issues that need to be ironed out after a move overseas. 

You can continue knowing that your child is looked after, supported and they’re busy exploring the local area and learning about the culture and perhaps even the language. Many of our governesses can teach your child a second language, so that means they’ll be able to settle in much faster and start to make brand new friends from many different backgrounds. 

Once your child starts to find their feet, which you’ll be surprised how quickly they can do, you’ll quickly understand why a move overseas was such a great call. Your governess or nanny will help your child to thrive in their new location and if your child is of school age, their governess will help them with their studies and make sure they catch up to the level of the other children in their class, and can even help with home schooling if a school place is awaited. 

In many cases, our healthcare professionals can help you to find the best nurseries and schools, as well as doctors, dentists and other necessary services you need when moving to a new location. 

Any Move is an Upheaval 

We all know that moving house in the same town is stressful and a major upheaval but when you move to another country entirely, the stress and worry goes through the roof. It’s important not to pass that onto your child, but having the right childcare professional in place can make sure that doesn’t happen and can keep a positive spin on the situation for your child. 

Moves mean change and no child enjoys change. For sure, most children can adapt to change very quickly but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel worry and anxiety like adults do. Remember that a child has a very active imagination and when they feel stressed, that imagination goes into overdrive. 

By helping to keep a positive spin on the move and allowing them to settle in quickly, all of that will fall by the wayside and you can start to look forward to a long and happy future in your new location, wherever that may be. 

If you’re looking to relocate soon, or you’ve recently relocated and you need childcare help, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your requirements. We can then start to put a plan into place to match you with your ideal professional. Whether you need a live in nanny or governess or a live out arrangement, we can find the perfect choice for you.

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