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Support For Families Relocating to Dubai

Moving to another country is never an easy task. 

You need to think carefully about the impact the move is going to have on your general life. But, when you have children, it’s even more important to be very careful about making such moves. Choosing the wrong option could lead to disaster. 

However, it’s likely that by this point, you’ve already made your decision and you know that  a move to Dubai is in the works. It’s likely to be down to work and in that case, to make your life easier, you need to know that the smaller details are taken care of. When you do that, and when you move with caution, you can be sure that it’s to only going to work out, but it will turn into a positive move for you and your family. 

However, there’s no denying that moving with children is harder than any other situation. You need to be sure that your little ones are able to fit into a new society that perhaps has a totally different culture and language to what they are used to. They will also need to go to a different school, perhaps with a totally different curriculum, and they will need to make new friends. 

This is a huge upheaval for anyone, but for a child, it can be life-changing on every level. 

The good news is that there is help, you simply need to ask for it. 

Here at London Governess we have helped countless families just like you. When making the move from perhaps the UK or the US to Dubai, you’ll have countless questions and we’re on hand to help you out. Our highly experienced local nannies and governesses know every inch of local Dubai life, so they’re easily able to help you settle in. 

In addition, they can help you to: 

  • Find the best schools for your children
  • Show you around the area and find the best spots for entertainment and shopping
  • Help you to register with local doctors and find dentists, etc
  • Give you confidence in your move 

Of course, anyone can hit Google and find schools and shops, but such searches only really show you the tip of the iceberg. When you have a local professional who knows the area well, they’re able to tell you the insider secrets, the best places to go for fresh foods and bargains, and they can show you life away from the regular tourist spots. 

Put simply, they’ll make your life easier and they’ll give you ultimate confidence in your move. This will also help your child to settle in much easier, which, let’s be honest, makes your life a million times easier too!

A Childcare Professional to Suit Your Needs

We understand that moving is a huge deal, but moving to another country with a totally different culture is on another level. That’s why you need to make your life as easy as possible during the transition period, and the weeks beforehand. 

We have many years of experience in matching up families with their ideal childcare professional. Whether you need a nanny or a governess, we have a professional to suit your needs. We can also match you with a professional from the UK to travel over to Dubai with you, but we often find that being matched with a local nanny or governess gives you ultimate benefits. 

When you have someone working alongside you who understands the local area, everything is easier. You can ask them where to go for food, where to go for clothes, and you can be sure that you’ll get the best advice – something the Internet doesn’t always give!

Of course, a nanny or governess can be employed on a live in or out basis. You can also come to an arrangement around working hours too; our childcare professionals are all highly experienced and flexible, which means that with prior notice they’re able to work extra hours and they’re able to travel with you too. That’s hugely beneficial if you need to go away for work and you want your family to go with you. Then, you can go about your working business and know that your children are happy and taken care of while you do your work. 

We know that moving is difficult and the upheaval can take its toll on children. That’s why we do our best to alleviate some of that pressure and try to make the process fun and exciting for your children. When we do that, you’ll be able to focus on the move and not worry about the impact its having on your child – that will be reduced thanks to the experience of our nannies and governesses. 

Of course, it goes without saying that we only offer the very best childcare professionals around. We pride ourselves on our record of offering the best of the best. Our nannies and governesses are highly educated, respectable, hard working, and of course, they know how to support children through times of change. By striving to create a supportive and caring relationship with your child, they’re able to turn this time of change into something hugely positive for all concerned. Then, you can see the move as a real opportunity and not something that causes stress and upheaval. 

Our Home Schooling Options 

It could be that you’ve not chosen a school before you arrive in Dubai. This is a perfectly acceptable and quite common situation that many families find themselves in. There are many English-speaking schools in Dubai and some are very highly acclaimed. That means you need to apply for a place well ahead of time, but it also means you need to do your research to find the very best option for your child. 

This can be a long process. 

In the meantime, how about considering home schooling?

If you’re not sure which school to choose just yet or your child is awaiting a place at your chosen school, home schooling means that your little one won’t lose ground and will continue to learn while waiting to start school. Of course, it might be that you want your child to be home schooled indefinitely and you don’t want to look for a school at all. In that case, our highly experienced governesses are qualified teachers who can ensure your child gets the best quality education necessary. 

We have a wide range of governesses who are also fully qualified teachers, based in Dubai. We can also arrange for a governess to relocate over to the UK or from another part of the world, should you request this. 

For many children, home schooling is the ideal option and as parents, this is your decision to look into and make according to your child’s needs. However, as a short-term method, this can be a great way to ensure that your child doesn’t fall behind in their learning needs and it also gives them confidence when they’re ready to start their new school. Your highly experienced governess will ensure that your child is up to date on the local curriculum, although many schools in Dubai also teach the standard UK and US curriculums too. 

You’ll find that many International schools in Dubai also teach Arabic as a second language. This is something your governess can help your child with. Aside from teaching the language, your governess can help your child to practice. Arabic isn’t the easiest language in the world to learn if you’ve never heard it before, so this is where home schooling and general educational support can come in very useful indeed. 

A Friendly Face in a New Place 

Perhaps the most valuable thing a nanny or a governess can offer to your child during a move is a friendly face in a place that feels alien to them at first. Of course, children are very adaptable and they’re sure to settle in very quickly and make new friends, but in the first couple of weeks, having someone they can trust and relate to will be invaluable. 

That also helps to make the initial moving process much easier for you too. When your child is happy, you’re happy – that’s a standard deal for all parents. When you know that your child is supported and happy, you’ll be able to get on with the nuts and bolts of moving to another country for work, or whatever other reason you have for moving. 

It’s also going to be easier for your child to make new friends thanks to your nanny or governess too. While you’re working or fixing up your new home, they can take your child out to the local parks and play areas to meet other children. Dubai is full of families from all walks of life, different parts of the world, and this is the ideal spot for your child to learn more about their new home and to meet people who will become life-long friends. 

Whenever a problem arises, of course you want to be the one to solve it, but having another person there to offer support means that your child is far more likely to overcome challenges much faster. These always seem ten times harder to a child when they’re away from their usual surroundings and their old friends, but with support and help from their nanny or governess, these challenges will become learning curves. 

What We Can Offer You 

Let’s sum up. What can we, here at London Governess, offer you during this time of change for you and your family? Plenty. 

A move is a time of transition and that can be hard in some ways, yet very exciting in others. By focusing upon the excitement and less on the stress and challenges, you can help your child adjust to life in Dubai much faster than otherwise. By choosing us to help you find the best nanny or governess for your family, you’ll find the move much easier and the time that comes afterwards, the immediate transitional period. 

Here at London Governess we can offer you:

  • The very best nannies and governesses, all highly trained and educated to the highest standard
  • Governesses that are fully qualified teachers, able to home school your child and support them in their education generally 
  • Support in settling into a new area, including showing you around and helping you find the best spots for shopping and entertainment
  • Supporting help you to find the best school for your child 
  • Knowledge of the local area in all regards, allowing you to feel at home much faster than otherwise 
  • A friendly face in a place that is perhaps a little alien to you at the start
  • Peace of mind that your child is looked after and supported when you’re at work or running errands. 

Moving to Dubai is an exciting and fascinating time. It’s full of wonder, new things, and a whole new life. But, it’s still a move and nobody particularly enjoys change. With a professional by your side, you can limit any negative impact on your child and help make the move easier for all concerned. 

As a parent, you simply want to make life easy and enjoyable for your child, and moving to Dubai will be both of those things, however perhaps not immediately. With one of our highly trained and experienced nannies or governesses by your side, the pressure will be eased and you’ll be able to work towards making the future as bright as possible for all of you. They will also be an invaluable source of information during the first few weeks of your new life in Dubai, offering help and advice on where is good to go for shopping, entertainment, and necessary facilities, such as doctors and dentists. 

We can help you find the perfect childcare professional for your family. Simply contact us today and we will start work on matching you with the ideal governess or nanny for you.