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Types of Kids’ Characteristics

Every child is different, and they grow and evolve as they hit developmental milestones and  as each birthday comes along. It’s fun to watch their character quirks developing, changing and evolving, and it’s important to encourage them to continue to do so as they grow. 

Whilst you cannot put any child into a type box, they’re far too complex for that, there are thought to be specific types which most children fit into loosely. It could be that your child is borderline, e.g. they swing between types depending upon their mood, but learning about these types will allow you to help your child to develop as best they can, and to help them deal with difficult situations that arise over the years. 

Let’s look at the four loose types of kids’ characteristics; see which one your child predominantly falls into. 

The Adventurous/Sociable Child 

This type of child is usually at the centre of everything, and they’re quite bubbly and energetic most of the time. If your child falls into this type, they’ll normally be quite creative and full of new ideas, very playful and always wanting to get up and do something. They’re very energetic, which can be very tiring to watch! 

With this type of child it’s important not to see their energy as a negative. Of course, that can be difficult when you’re trying to concentrate on something or you have a long to-do list to compete and your child is running around and wanting you to play. By allowing them to express themselves however, you can help them become a happy and outgoing child into adolescent and adult. 

An adventurous and sociable child is very curious and lots to touch things, exploring with their senses and mind. They play a lot and one to laugh and they usually make up stories with their strong imagination. This type of child is likely to have a lot of friends and probably makes friends very easily, but they’re easily bored and can jump from project to project very easily. 

The Child With High Sensitivity 

This type of child is very sensitive and emotional, but they’re also very calm and very easy to get along with too. This child hates any type of argument or conflict, but they’re also good in a crisis as they can remain calm. A child this sensitive can sometimes come over as lazy, but they’re simply taking their time and processing what is going on. They can also sometimes be a little shy or quiet, but this should be seen as part of their personality and not a failing or negative side. 

A child such as this tends to watch and listen, coming to their own conclusion on what is going on, however they’re also very creative and imaginative as a result. If you have a sensitive child it’s important to always make them feel safe as they have a natural tendency to worry about things. 

The Child With a Strong Will 

Most children are quite hard to shift when they’ve made their mind up about something, but this type of child is extremely determined and has a strong will for whatever they want to achieve. The good thing is that they rarely give up, and that is a great positive if it’s in their education or a sporting activity. This type of child is very driven and doesn’t give up without a fight!

If you have a child in this particular type, they’ll be quite adventurous and they’ll often want to do everything at once. It’s important to try and help them manage deadlines and not take on too much, to stop them becoming overwhelmed. They’re also very natural leaders, which can sometimes come over as boisterous. This can occasionally cause problems with friendships, so that’s something to watch out for. You should encourage your child in this category, but try and help them to manage their exceptions to stop them becoming disappointed or annoyed when things don’t work out the way they want them to. 

The Logical Child 

This type of child is very serious and focused. They’re very independent, which can mean that they think they can do more than they’re really able to. They’re usually quite grown up for their age, but they can sometimes try and do more than they’re really ready for, which means you need to be there to catch them. 

Perfection is quite important to this type of child, and it’s important to help them realise that perfection really doesn’t exist! Doing your best is all you can do and that’s something that a child as serious as this needs to understand. However, they’re very driven and are likely to do well at school. You may worry that your child doesn’t seem quite as boisterous or playful as the other children in their social circle, but this isn’t anything to worry about, it’s simply part of their personality. 

When connecting with this type of person you should focus more on their thoughts than their feelings, because that is how you’re better able to communicate with them. 

Of course, we should point out once more that no child is able to be type-cast in such a rigid way. You may have a child who is a mixture of two different types, but by understanding the main categories, you can learn to connect with them and help to develop and grow in a more meaningful and happy way. 

All children learn in their own way and if you have a child who is quite shy, it’s important not to push them or see this as something that is negative. It is just part of their personality and their make up and they will make their own moves away from shyness, if they want to, in their own time. In the meantime, simply support them and gently encourage them take baby steps towards being more open with friends and social settings. 

What type does your child fall into?