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What Kids Really Want for Christmas

Remember those years back when kids used to ask for iPads and smartphones? The days are long gone, and kids in the UK are demanding completely different things for Christmas. If you desire to get the very best for your child, you might want to go through the letters they have written to Santa and Father Christmas and fetch ideas from there.

If you are running around looking for something to shop for them as the perfect Christmas Day gift, this post will be more helpful. Take a minute or two and list what you feel your kids will want more and get it. Do not wait for the kids to complain to their teachers or schoolmates next year that you didn’t buy them what they wanted or how you bought them an iPad yet they wanted an iPod.

  1. Traditional Toys

Among the list, toppers are traditional toys including scooters and Lego. The Lego toys are the famous coloured construction bricks that have made a strong point that they aren’t running out of fashion. Since they were introduced by The Lego Group around 1949, the bricks have been topping the list of the top Christmas gifts kids want for quite a while.

  1. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express and Harry Potter Colouring Books

For this year, the Harry Potter Lego is hitting the wish lists harder than ever before. They are highly suitable and preferred by kids between ages eight and 14, and they not only transport the kids to the magic of Christmas but also the magic of Potterdom. Several ranges have been hard to get a hold at for a long while but not now.

The current experience is of an improved supply as well as an influx of new ranges. Since the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express are highly coveted by kids, there will be a huge demand for the same.

The Harry Potter colouring books, on their side, keep the kids entertained, lively, quiet, yet active. With four different books to choose from, even older kids can immerse themselves in the world of Hogwarts and end up with stunning pieces, for example, when travelling.

  1. Fingerlings Untamed Dinos and Zoomer Dinos

For primary aged kids, such gifts as fingerling toys are great presents. Since they nowadays have a perfect dinosaur range or a unicorn’s appearance for kids that are still stuck in glitter and rainbows, they can make for good memories.

At the moment, you can choose the dinos from four different coloured options. However, there are also emerging whisperings on the retail scenes that there might be T-Rex releases just in time for Christmas. Similar to the previous fingerlings, the current dinos are fitted with sensors to respond to movement and will also let you know that “they are not extinct”.

  1. Ricky the Trick-Lovin Pup

If you’ve heard of this Ricky, you know it’s not a cheap deal. However, it is a common gift preference for many kids from aged four and above. With it, it is almost like having an own canine best friend for the child. Ricky, the Trick-Lovin Pup, offers full-time fun for the child. He can even balance some biscuits on his nose, cuddle the kid, and make even some pretty realistic sounds too.

Santa Claus

  1. GraviTrax Starter Set

With a GraviTrax Starter Set, your kid’s fun time is taken to a whole new level of humble marble fun, quite literary. The set is made and geared towards levelling fun for over-8s, and it means it’s all about fun learning of the STEM concepts such as engineering, gravity, magnetism, and kinetic energy. Depending on the spirit or innovativeness of the child, they can follow the suggested designs.

The free thinkers can also create own tracks and innovatively find their intriguing patterns or nurture their talents. Also, it is a great problem-solving companion, away from the phone, computer, and TV screens that turn them into zombies.

  1. The Thames and Kosmos Happy Atoms Set

This is a great magnetic and molecular modelling set that can help a child to jumpstart their Chemistry education. It is also a perfect asset for young scientists who want to explore more at their tender ages.

With the set, they can get an early introduction to the world of Chemistry. It can also get them to an early interaction with atoms. Also, the set allows the child to build molecules and wait to capture their creations using the free app provided for the set. In conclusion, the set makes for great fun and educational gift for any grade school and above kid.

  1. Chow Crown Game

Among the most hilarious games of the recent years for the kids is the Chow Crown game. As it’s a winner for the entire family, you can be assured of unending giggles and guffaws. It will also keep the children engaged and keep them from engaging in other and non-beneficial activities.

  1. Personalized Children’s Books

Children across all ages are highly delighted by personalized books. Back then when we were in school, hearing or reading your name in your favourite book was delighting by itself. That is not about to change, and when a kid hears their name or reads it in their favourite stories, their joy is immeasurable. For kids who love reading or being read to, any personalized writing that makes them feel a part of it will be theirs to treasure for quite a while in their lifetime.

  1. Giant Microbes

The microbes are a great way of keeping the kids engaged and entertained with fatally adorable stuffed animals. They are cute and soft, and the children will not even know they are learning as they play with them. For anyone who is interested in the medical field, the giant microbes are a fantastic option for gifts.

  1. Squishy Human Body

With a Squishy Human Body, learning about the human body and organs is all fun. The kid can, for example, learn what happens to the body when they eat food using the Squishy Human Bodypack.

  1. Chalktrails

Riding a bicycle could never be more fun than it is already. But with such a gift as chalk trail, it gets better and funnier. You can attach it to the kid’s bike and let them cycle while enjoying making coloured trails behind them, like an artist. This can provide up to 15 miles of awesome cycling fun.

  1. Memory Match Wooden Travel Game

This pack contains handmade wooden pieces that are made of wood-burned designs and packed in their drawstring bags. There is a total of 20 wooden tiles, and the kids can play with them by putting them face down and then challenge themselves by matching up their pairs by memorizing their position. This can be a great gift to trigger the kids’ memories and make them even better.

  1. Magnetic Thinking Putties

The best way around your kids is by freeing their minds. This can be done by getting them the Magnetic Thinking Putty that will inspire them to think creatively and also help them relax at the same time. The child can pop, tear, bounce, or bend their way to a world of endless possibilities.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies Oven

A girl’s scout cookies oven would be a great companion for a girl child. It is a great asset for her and offers a good way to make her favourites. It also has refill packs available so that she can make as many as she wants.

  1. 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

If you have a mini geologist in your home, the 4M Crystal Growing Experiment would be a perfect Christmas gift for them. They will not a doubt draw much fascination from the growing kit. The kit will also allow them to perform up to seven crystal growing experiments in their different and beautiful glory.


Christmas Presents


  1. Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow

Give your kid a chance to be a trail blazer when it comes to bow and arrows actions. The Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow gives them the chance to experiment their skills and nurture their talents.

The kit is easy to use as it only needs the child to hook the arrow into the loop, pull it back as a real one does, and let it fly. As it flies, the arrow streaks a light across the sky for up to 125ft and also screams as it goes. It’s the perfect Christmas gift you have been looking for.

  1. Grow ‘n Glow Terranium

Bring out the creativity if your kids this Christmas and after that by getting them the creativity for kids Grow ‘n Glow Terranium pack. This is the pack that brings science and art together for your child and makes them acquire both skills at a go.

The pack has everything that is needed for two complete life cycles and will yield wheatgrass and chia too. Thanks to the stickers included, the kit will also glow in the dark. Among the items included in the kit are decorative sand and stones and figurines.

  1. Sketching and Drawing Art Sets

If you have a 10-year-old kid whose soul and mind you need to feed, the sketching and drawing art sets are the way to go. The kits are presented in stylish cantilevered artist’s chest.

The set also contains all the pencils the kid might need for rick sketching and drawing. It also has charcoal sticks and blending stumps. This Christmas, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your young artist, this is the perfect one to buy them.

  1. How to Tell A Story Blocks

Do you have a desire to help your child in creating fantastic new worlds through the power of storytelling? If so, this is the block to get them this Christmas. The beautifully done book prompts the child to weave a story by throwing the 20 six-sided story blocks over the surface. Using the pictures on the blocks, the child can create a tale that will excite and intrigue a reader. The kit gives the kid truly endless possibilities.

  1. Travel Fishing Set

Fishing is one of the oldest games up to date. As you go about it yourself, you can have a handmade version of your fishing kit for the child. It will be another classic game for them that will for sure keep them entertained and active.

The kit is packed with little handmade fish. The little fish are scattered around on a surface, for example, a table, water in a basin, or floor and then the kid uses the magnetic fishing rod supplied to “catch” them. Also, the fishing line can be extended or shortened per the need making it perfect for travel situations.

  1. Optimus Prime Age of Extinction

With the many sci-fiction movies produced in recent years, many inspirations have come up from them. These include the Optimus Prime Age Extinction fun games and items. If the child, for example, has watched any of the Transformers movies, they’ll be intrigued by anything that resembles the characters.

This Christmas, get them to re-live the memories of Transformers: Age of Extinction or other similar ones by buying them figures inspired by the productions. Such a figure is the Optimus Prime figure that will keep them intrigued and fixated to the play area. The figure also has a special feature that makes it mimic the actual figures in the movies.


Always remember that even though it’s Santa who is reading the letters sent to him, it’s the kids who write them. It is all about how they feel and what they want for Christmas. Another point to remember is that it not about what you think will make them happy. Get some time and listen to them talk about their desires and go ahead to get them for the kids.