Are You Ready to Start Your Own Nanny Agency?

The world is full of opportunities but a lot of the time, we overlook them. We assume that what we fleetingly think about is too big for us, or too out of reach. But, with 2022 on the horizon, why not start thinking beyond your own limitations and dare to dream about a successful future, doing something you love?

Both 2020 and 2021 have made most of us stop and take stock of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people into different jobs, perhaps working from home when they never thought they would before. For some, this may have been a welcome change but for others, it may have caused them to think about a career change. 

If you’ve long wanted to try something different and you have an interest in building your own business, why not consider starting your own nanny agency?

We know what you’re thinking – “where would I even start?” Handily, we’ve got all the information you need to make 2022 the year you do something amazing and start your own go-getting business in the nanny agency world. 

What Does a Nanny Agency Do?

A nanny agency helps to match families looking for childcare with a high qualified and experienced nanny. However, it goes far beyond that. An experienced nanny agency will look to find the right nanny, i.e. someone who has all the extras the family are looking for, the right level of experience, and they will go the extra mile to cover all checks. This helps put the family at ease and ensures that the nanny doesn’t have her professional time wasted.

You could consider it a matchmaking service of sorts, but one which has a far more serious edge. Finding the right nanny for a family goes beyond putting the pieces of a jigsaw together. This is about finding the right childcare professional to look after a child, or children, and help them to develop, grow, and increase in confidence. 

We all know that no parent on the planet would ever consider leaving their child with someone they don’t know unless they’re very sure of their qualifications, experience, and they’ve met them and felt a connection. As a nanny agency, your role is to find that person and to go above and beyond to ensure that the connection is right. 

By deciding to start your own nanny agency, you should first understand the weight of this responsibility and have a passion to help families find their ideal nanny match. 

Why Should You Consider Starting Your Own Nanny Agency?

For sure, starting a nanny agency sounds like a tall order and in many ways, it is. There’s a lot of ground to cover if you want to develop into a reputable and reliable service for families and nannies across the country, and perhaps even internationally with a little time for growth. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

As with any new opportunity, you need to put forth the time and effort. You need to be sure that it’s what you want and then you need to dedicate yourself to covering all the bases and making sure you miss nothing out. 

Starting your own nanny agency is an excellent opportunity. It’s a great chance to start your very own business and work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable online connection and you can easily carry out all your tasks. These days, the world of technology has advanced to such a point that there are very few things that can’t be done via the online realm. 

If you’re someone who has spent time working from home in your current role and you think that it’s something you’d like to continue, perhaps starting your own nanny agency could be a great next step. You’ll have a great level of home and work-life balance and you can arrange your working hours to ensure that you’re available for clients but to also suit your lifestyle. 

Who Would This Opportunity Suit Best?

You might assume that to be able to start your own nanny agency you would need specific qualifications or knowledge. That’s not the case. Our course will give you all the information you need to get started – the rest is up to you.

So, who would this opportunity suit best? Anyone who would like to work from home and has a love of childcare and problem solving. It’s a great chance for nannies, teachers, at home parents, and professionals who have simply decided that they want a change and would like to start their own business with the freedom to work online. 

You don’t necessarily need to have any starting knowledge about the duties of a nanny or the qualifications required to do the job. This can all be learned very quickly before you launch your business. However, it’s true that understanding the role of a nanny will allow you to find the right nannies for your families once your business is up and running. By dedicating yourself to learning more, you’ll find that this opportunity suits you wonderfully well. 

What Does The Course Entail?

Our course covers everything you could possibly need to know to start your own nanny agency. Of course, you should read up on the role of a nanny and the qualifications a nanny would require beforehand, but that’s something that can be done in your own time. Our course is focused upon giving you all the business information you need to get your business off the ground. Then, you have all you need to know to get started and launch your own agency. 

You might wonder why we would want to help develop new agencies, considering the fact that you may end up in competition with us here at London Governess. Well, we believe in competition and we want to give all families the best options available to them when it comes to finding the best nanny for their needs. We also like to see people succeed and if you feel that starting your own nanny agency is a great move for you, then we want to help you!

Our course is completed online in one full day and is a one-to-one taught course. I will sit with you and guide you through all the information you need to know, allowing you time to ask any questions that come to mind. Feel free to make as many notes as you like as the course progresses. 

The course will include:

  • Basic information on what a nanny agency is and what it does
  • Information on how to obtain clients
  • Information on recruiting and interviewing nannies, to make sure that you find the very best, qualified, and experienced nannies to sign up to your agency 
  • Everything you need to know about the financial side of running your own nanny agency
  • Your financial responsibilities and information on following rules and relegations pertinent to the childcare niche 
  • How to find finance options to help get your business started 
  • In-depth information on set-up costs and insurance you will need
  • How to choose your business name
  • Creating your business plan 
  • Planning business model and setting fees
  • How to brand your business to ensure success
  • Creating a website for your business 

It sounds like a lot of information, but the course is delivered in an easy to understand, personalised way. Due to the one-to-one nature of the course, you’re able to stop and ask questions or clarify anything you’re not sure about. We want you to understand everything perfectly well, so you can move forward and start putting your own agency plans into action once the course has finished. 

Why Choose Our Course?

You might wonder why you should choose our course. There are many courses out there, so why choose ours? 

Well, we believe that our course is one of the best. In fact, we believe it is the best. You won’t find many courses that are delivered in such a personalised way and it is delivered by Vesna Godart herself, with ten years of running a super-successful agency. This is a professional who understands her art and will give you all the secrets you need to know to perhaps be just as successful yourself. 

Far too many courses simply ask you to read a text book or join a group of other people. That’s fine, but maybe you want something more personal and a chance to ask questions. That’s exactly what our course allows you to do. 

The fact that our course takes just one full day means that it’s pretty intensive, but it’s often the best way to learn. By immersing yourself completely in the world of nanny agencies, you won’t have time to become distracted or start to second guess your ideas. You’ll be so excited by the future once the course is over that you’ll want to get started straightway! That’s our aim, and that’s why we believe you should choose our course over any other you may stumble upon. 

London Governess is based in London and it is personally owned and managed. That completely hands-on approach to our agency has served us well over the years and we have matched families up with their perfect nanny time and time again. With over ten years of successful matches, we have expanded our reach to countries overseas, matching families who have travelled for work with nannies who are qualified and experienced in all the specific niches requested by the families in question. 

We take great pride in our ability to find the best childcare professionals for the families we serve. We’re also totally committed to helping to find stable and high quality placements for the nannies we have on our books. When the right match is found and everyone is happy and satisfied, the rush is like no other. That’s what we want you to experience and our course will give you all the information you need to get started on your journey. 

What Comes Next?

We’re not going to tell you that as soon as you finish the course you’re going to start your business and take over the world. It simply doesn’t work like that. We’re realistic, if nothing else. However, we do give you everything you need to get started. You’ll have all the knowledge and tools to make a success of your business, provided you follow our advice and understand that building a business does take a little time.

With patience and perseverance, you may soon be rivalling the success of London Governess itself!

If you’re reading all of this and thinking that starting your own nanny agency is a step you’d like to take, or perhaps simply something you’re interested in learning more about, reach out to us. Why not make 2022 the year when you do something amazing? All you need to do is email us and we’ll get back to you with any answers to questions you have, or to book your place. As the course is one-to-one, you’ll need to give us a few dates when you’re available and we can then find a mutually convenient day to set up your training course. 

Simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Dates are available throughout the year and we will work around your availability to set up your course date as soon as we can. 

So, if you’re keen to make 2022 your year, why not start it with a bang? Reach out and set up your training course – by the end of the year, who knows, maybe you’ll have your very own established nanny agency and be looking to expand overseas in 2023! Stranger things have happened and there are very few businesses which offer the same level of satisfaction as setting up a family with their perfect nanny needs. 

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