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The Best English Speaking Nurseries in Dubai

Moving with your family to another country means plenty of things to think about. Not only do you need to find a suitable place to live, close to all the necessary amenities, but you also need to consider your child’s schooling. 

There are many families that move to Dubai every single year. It’s no surprise when you consider the weather, the surroundings, and the business opportunities. The good news is that there are also plenty of high quality English speaking schools in Dubai too. 

If your child is preschool age and you’re looking for a great English speaking nursery in the Dubai area, there are many to choose from. Of course, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the best education for your child, alongside other children who are all in similar situations. 

To help you out, let’s look at some of the best English speaking nurseries in Dubai, so you can whittle down your choice a little more easily. 

Creative Nest Nursery

Located in the Al Mizhar region of Dubai, you will find Creative Nest Nursery. This is consistently considered one of the best English speaking preschool nurseries in the whole of Dubai. The building itself is large and has indoor play areas that are designed to connect with your child’s creativity and desire to explore. There is also a very large outdoor play area that has different zones to explore, including a huge splash area. 

Classrooms are large and the nursery has a unique approach to teaching, allowing the child to lead their own experiences with the guidance of highly qualified teachers. The nursery caters for both English and Arabic speakers, allowing your child to be immersed in both languages from a very early age. 

Little Land Nursery And Montessori Centre

Little Land Nursery And Montessori Centre is one of the best Montessori nurseries in the whole of Dubai and it is based in the Umm Sugeim region of the city. This nursery has worn several awards, including the Top Schools Award for Best early Childhood Centre in the UAE in the academic 21-22 year. 

The school has been in existence since 1994 and is a warm and welcoming place for your child to learn. With the Montessori way enshrined in every aspect of your child’s experience and education, the nursery is extremely interactive and hands-on. The centre feels like home to children, which allows them to feel comfortable as they explore and learn along with their peers. 

Classrooms are large and the outdoor play area is packed with activities for your child to enjoy.

Kangaroo Kids Nursery 

Another very popular choice in the Dubai area is Kangaroo Kids Nursery, located in Al Safa 2. The nursery is immediately impressive as you walk in, with huge classrooms that are designed in a calming and natural manner. There is also a huge outdoor play area which has activities to enjoy, including a sensory trail. 

The major benefit of Kangaroo Kids Nursery is not that it was just designed with kids in mind, as most nurseries are, but that it goes above and beyond. The small details are easy to spot, which will immediately jump out to inquisitive minds. There are also pets on site, so children can learn how to respect and care for animals from a young age. 

Kangaroo Kids Nursery is also the first English speaking nursery in the region to be awarded the Curiosity Approach title. 

Future International Nursery 

Located in Al Wargaa you will find another excellent English speaking nursery – Future International Nursery. 

If your child loves the great outdoors, this nursery is the perfect choice as a lot of it located in a huge green space. The nursery has a large garden that encourages children to get their hands dirty and learn about nature. They can grow flowers, do a spot of gardening and help tend to the space. There are also several pets on site too. 

Inside the main building you will find large classrooms and a Discovery Centre which is designed to get your child thinking with their creative mind. The nursery is keen to learn about each child’s own personal interests and then works to support and develop them. Both Arabic and English area spoken widely in the nursery, again immersing your child in both languages as early as possible. 

Home Grown Nursery 

This fantastic English speaking nursery in the Dubai area has two locations, one in Umm Sugeim and another in Al Safa 2. Both nurseries are large, comfortable, welcoming, and have a home-away-from-home feel to them. The nursery as a whole is focused on learning about the environment and helping children to respect the world from a young age. You will find recycling and gardening are very strong subjects around both sites and there is a parrot mascot, called Pedro, who is there to help children learn more about the environment. 

Both nursery sites are large and have plenty of activities for children to explore with their friends and teachers alike. Both Arabic and English are spoken at both sites. 

Children’s Oasis Nursery 

Located in Umm Sugeim you will find the ever popular Children’s Oasis Nursery. This is another nursery that speaks both Arabic and English to children, as well as an extra option for Spanish. It is also a nursery that likes to focus on the green aspects of life, helping children to understand the environment and their responsibility within it. 

The other plus point of Children’s Oasis Nursery is the outdoor space that children can enjoy and explore. There is a huge garden and hill that children can run around and play in and even trees to climb. The large garden also has a section for planting vegetables, which children are encouraged to help with. 

Many nurseries focus on in-classroom learning and exploration but this particular nursery is more about heading outdoors and learning through experience. However, the classrooms themselves are very large and have a lot of natural light, packed with activities for children to learn from. 

Ladybird Nursery & Early Learning Centre

This nursery is another top class Montessori centre in the Dubai area and its central location in Jumeirah makes it ideal for busy working parents. The centre has been open since 1996 and it’s a firm favourite amongst English speaking families in the area. 

The nursery has been renovated several times, to help keep it modern and up to date. There is a focus on the environment and green issues once more and the classrooms themselves are very large and encourage children to learn through experience and lead their own interests and curiosity. 

Children who attend Ladybird Nursery & Early Learning Centre are also given priority for placements at the famed Arcadia School. 

IDEA Early Learning Centre 

IDEA Early Learning Centre is located in Sports City and is another very central location for parents and children. This nursery is set on just one level and is in the Victory Heights region. The nursery feels welcoming and like a home, with teachers who are always supportive and focused upon each child’s individual needs. The major difference with this particular nursery is that it doesn’t follow the EYFS curriculum and instead it follows the US ‘Creative Curriculum’. 

IDEA Early Learning Centre has a large indoor soft play area which encourages children to bound around, play and be as active as possible. There are slides and also an outdoor climbing frame, with bicycles and even a gardening planing area for children to help look after. 

Again, both Arabic and English are spoken at this nursery. 

British Rose Nursery 

British Rose Nursery is a long-standing favourite, located in Umm Al Shief, with a sister nursery in Sharjah too. The nursery was founded by the Basha family, consisting of a mother and daughter. They wanted to create a calm and loving environment for children to feel safe, allowing them to explore and learn without any restrictions. That’s exactly what they achieved. 

British Rose Nursery is situated inside a renovated villa and that helps to give it that homely feel. The nursery is quite low-key and doesn’t have a hugely modern appearance, which is what makes it so charming and another reason why so many parents choose to send their children to this nursery. 

The nursery also offers different activities as extras, including yoga and mindfulness. There is a large garden behind the villa which children can help to tend and plant flowers and vegetables. 

Kid’s Island Nursery 

Kid’s Island Nursery is located in Jumeirah and has been around for more than three decades. There aren’t so many English speaking nurseries in Dubai that have been in existence that long, so that should tell you a lot about its quality and popularity. 

The curriculum followed in this nursery is called the ‘Inspire Approach’ and it is designed to be as individual as each children. The nursery is run by a family who have a focus upon providing the very best early years education for children, with a warm and welcoming feel to the nursery as you walk inside. 

Both the indoor and outdoor areas are large and have a lot of attention to detail. The outdoor space is perfect for running and playing, while the indoor space is packed with activities to explore and learn from.