Are You a British Family Looking For an English Speaking Nanny in Dubai? Read This!

Relocating your life overseas is never an easy task, whether you have children in tow or not. Moving to another country brings a whole new set of challenges to the table, and some of them can seem insurmountable the time. Of course, nothing is impossible, and it is entirely do-able to move overseas and live relatively the same kind of life as you would at home, taking into account some possible cultural differences of course.


The favourable working climate in the UAE has led many professional families to move over to this region of the world, and Dubai is certainly one of the most popular areas to live. Soaked in sun, glittering in wealth, packed with attractions and sights to see, as well as having that wonderful old versus new culture, Dubai is a wonderful place to relocate to, and will allow your children to soak up that culture, enhancing their view of the world along with their own.


Of course, the UAE and Dubai in particular are very different to live in the UK, and there is also a language barrier to take into account. Many Dubai schools teach in English, but you may find that these schools don’t suit your child, or that they don’t offer the type of service and teaching style you prefer your child to have. In this case, how about hiring an English speaking nanny in Dubai?


Here a London Governess, we offer a fantastic matching service between British families and English-speaking nannies in Dubai and the UAE overall. All our nannies are native English speakers, and have years of experience and qualifications in looking after children, and some even in teaching children. This means you could have your child home-schooled by your English speaking nanny, if you would prefer.  


Dubai Life


We know that life in Dubai and in the UAE overall is quite conservative, and although there is a large international contingent which have relocated over to the city, the overall cultural theme is one of respect and conservativeness. It is important that your child is able to immerse himself or herself in the culture completely, in order to be able to not only fit in at school, if you choose to send them to a Dubai school, but also to make friends in the city too.


There are many things to see and do in Dubai, and many historical spots to allow your child to explore. This is an educational trip in itself, and one you should definitely factor some time aside for. It is unlikely that your life in Dubai will really venture towards the major tourist attractions and streets in Dubai, such as in Jumeirah, but showing your child the difference between daily life and culture in Dubai, and the tourist side of life could be invaluable, in order to help them develop a healthy respect between the differences.


Schools in Dubai


There are several English speaking schools in Dubai, and most of these are private. The costs can vary, so it’s certainly worth doing some research and listening to reviews and testimonials from other families in the area, and online too. The top English speaking schools are quite prestigious and teach the curriculum to a high standard.


Your English speaking nanny can also help to supplement your child’s education at home, by teaching the curriculum and allowing them to learn about not only the culture in the UAE, their new home, but also their roots in the UK and the culture there. It is important that your child learns both, to really allow him or her to develop as a well-rounded, internationally-focused, and open minded individual.


Attending a school in a totally different country may be difficult for your child at first, so it is important that you allow a period of adjustment before making any changes, if you believe something isn’t working. Your nanny can help this transitional period by using home study and going over any areas which aren’t quite clear. Of course, choosing and English speaking school, and the right one for your child, will also help in a huge way. Moving to Dubai can be a huge assault on the senses for an adult, so for a child this will be felt ten-fold. Having an English speaking continent around them, educationally-speaking, will help them learn and develop much better than otherwise.


Why Choose an English Speaking Nanny in Dubai?


We have highlighted many advantages so far for a nanny in a British family, including giving you peace of mind that someone you can trust is also helping your child settle into their new life in Dubai.


Here at London Governess, we vet every single one of our nannies to a high degree before they are hired by us, and this ensures the highest quality service to you as a family. Our nannies are also highly experienced, possess the appropriate qualifications, and many have experience in travel. Whether you opt for a full time or part time nanny, you can choose between a live in or live out arrangement, and it all comes down to what suits you the best.


Having a person there who your child can form a trusted bond with is vital to their development when moving overseas. Of course, their number one allies will always be their parents, but if you are away working, then the peace of mind that your nanny is there for your child is vitally important and hugely reassuring.


So, if you’re a British family in Dubai, looking for a native English speaking nanny, give us a call today and let us match you up with your ideal nanny.  


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